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Do you want to keep a journal, but you just don't know where to start? We are certain it’s not for a lack of trying. You want to fill up a notebook, but you are struggling to get the creative juices flowing!

You're stuck at the starting line staring at a blank page.

Don't worry… you are not alone. This happens sometimes. We all get that.  And we also know that you'll be able to fill up the pages in no time… you just need a jumpstart.

Lucky for you, we have filled this post with fun and creative things to fill a notebook with that are guaranteed to get things going.

What are Things to Fill a Notebook with?

Journal starters, or prompts, are ideas that help you to focus when writing in a journal or notebook. They urge you to write about a specific topic, place or person.  

One type of prompt can be to answer a specific question in your notebook… and take it from there. Something like, “What am I afraid of?”

While that's a very specific type of journal prompt, there are also broad categories of topics, such as your favorite songs or book. Honestly, what you choose to put in your notebook is not as important as why you choose to do it.

The Positive Effects of Keeping a Notebook or Journal

Journaling focuses on the inward journey. When you write in your notebook, you're writing for yourself. It records the process of self-discovery and self-appreciation.

What you put on these pages isn't meant for someone else's eyes.

Choosing What to Write About

Since this is your notebook, you're free to choose what you write about. With a wide-open playing field, it might be helpful to have some ideas about where to start.

Here are some general tips to help you choose what to write about:

  • Write about something that has special meaning for you
  • Choose topics that are fun for you
  • Don't let where to start stress you out
  • Focus on what you want to write about today
  • Have fun with it

19 Things to Fill a Notebook With

Now that we've shared some general tips for how to come up with ideas to fill a notebook, it's time to suggest some prompts to get you moving.

1. Favorite Quotes

Favorite quotes are a great source of ideas. Maybe you have some quotes that have inspired you. It resonates with your soul. You heard or saw it somewhere, and you felt connected to the meaning. If that's so, you can write about them one at a time or in a list. Go into detail about why each quote holds a special place in your heart.

2. Lists

There are so many lists you can create:

  • Favorite movies
  • People that inspire you
  • Things you've accomplished
  • Activities you want to try

In fact, you could even create a list of lists like I just did. Honestly, when it comes to writing lists, the possibilities are endless. Pick an idea that fascinates you and start your list.

3. Lessons Learned

Every day presents you with an opportunity to learn something new. More importantly, it doesn't have to be some grand discovery. It can be just a little factoid or tidbit of information that makes you go, “Huh. I didn't know that.”

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When you come across these moments, write them down in your notebook. Occasionally, look back over them to see how much you've learned. These life lessons will serve you well.

4. Creative Writing

Let your creative side shine. Are you feeling poetic? Put it in your notebook! Or take a whirl at writing stories, fiction or non-fiction. Maybe you have a children’s book idea?

Your goal here is to put your imagination to work. You can retell the story of a funny incident you experienced recently or search for story prompts online. Just be sure to pick something that engages your brain.

5. Dreams

Many experts say that your unconscious tries to tell you something through your dreams. Moreover, your dreams touch upon common themes like death. Whatever the meaning, dreams teach you about your inner self.

Whenever you have a vivid dream, write it down as soon as you wake up. Later, you can go back and reflect on it and process how it made you feel.

6. Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a mashup of a to-do list and diary. You record your goals, action steps to achieve them, and reflections all in one place. By doing this, you can track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress towards achieving your goals.

This can be an effective tool for creating a good habit or making a positive life change. It's a visual representation of the change you want to create.

7. Gratitudes

You can fill up your journal with a list of things you are grateful for. You can never have enough gratitude. Expressing gratitude has positive effects on your health and happiness.

The old saying, “Count your blessings” has truth to it. Simply, look for things to be thankful for and create your list. When you’re feeling down, look to it for a pick-me-up.

8. Pictures

Consider a visual notebook instead of a written one. This may be helpful if you struggle with writing or if you are a visual thinker. You can capture a scene from your day.

In addition, you can visualize your goals. For instance, if you're goal is getting a college degree, draw a picture of you receiving your diploma.

If you don’t fancy yourself an artist, you can use photographs or magazine cut-outs.

9. Daily Observations

So many things occur daily. In the hustle of life, you can get caught up in activities and miss out on precious moments. Take a moment to observe your surroundings.

Then, write about what you see. One way to do this is to become a people watcher. Notice what others are doing around you and record what you observe. Finally, reflect on what you have observed.

10. Book Reviews

Have you read a great book lately? If so, why not write a review? You can write about what you liked about it. Also, you can list the key takeaways.

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If you're not into reading, try it with an audiobook or a movie.

11. Meditations

Mindfulness requires being present in the moment and paying attention. Mindful meditation brings all of that focus to bear on something specific. It can be an object, a particular train of thought, or even your heartbeat.

Journaling your meditations helps you capture the moment. You can record what you experienced, any new insights you gained, and how this will help you grow personally.

12. Memories

To fill up a notebook with your memories, think of a special memory you have. It could be about a special time with loved ones. On the other hand, it might be about a special place.

Whatever the memory, describe it in detail. Capture the moment. Write down how you felt.

They can remind you of the positive experiences you've had.

13. Travel

If you love to travel, this is a great notebook idea for you! You can write about the places you've been, the things you saw and what you experienced.

Even if you've never been anywhere, but you want to travel, you can still write about travel plans by creating a list of the places you want to go. Be sure to include why you want to go there.

14. Your Thoughts on a Specific Topic

This will help you formalize your position. You can write about current events. They can be political or religious.

While doing this, be positive and look for the good. By the way, if you choose this idea, you just wrote an essay. The word's origin means “an attempt” at taking a position on a topic.

Looking at it this way, it doesn't have to be homework. It's a way of getting your thoughts out on a topic you might not feel comfortable saying out loud.

15. Brainstorming

Since your notebook is personal, it doesn't have to be so formalized. It can be a place for you to brainstorm ideas.

Simply jot down ideas as they come to you. They can be ideas for business or personal life. Whatever you need to brainstorm, write them down, so you don't forget them.

Whether you choose this idea or one of the others, it's a good idea to keep your notebook handy because you never know when inspiration will strike.

16. Hobbies

Hobbies can be fun and relaxing. They are great stress relievers, too.

Why not combine journaling with your hobby? Write about your hobby. You can include what you do. Moreover, you can write a to-do list. Most of all, you can reflect on how doing your hobby makes you feel.

Put into words the positive vibes that your hobby gives you.

17. Recipes

If you're a foodie, then you can write about recipes. Create a list of your favorite recipes or recipes you want to try. For more inspiration, write about why a particular recipe is your favorite.

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Describe a time when you used a specific recipe. You can record the memory of the occasion and reflect on why it was so special.

One word of warning- don't write this on an empty stomach. It might make you hungry.

18. Exercise

Keeping an exercise journal can help you achieve your goals of getting and staying in shape. You can write out your workout plan in your notebook. Then, you can track your progress. To extend the activity, you can include your goals and aspirations. Even better, write about the positive feelings exercising gives you.

19. Prayers

Prayers are a powerful source of positivity. Keeping a prayer notebook can help you in several ways. For one thing, you can see your journey in prayer. It will detail the things you prayed about.

Over time, you will notice how your prayers have changed. Maybe you grew more positive in your prayers. Also, you can see how prayer affects your life.

It may be helpful to include specific details, thoughts you have about what you are praying for, and any related scripture verses or quotes that come to mind.

Final Thoughts on Things to Fill a Notebook With

Keeping a notebook or journal provides so many healthy benefits, for the mind and soul. It helps you organize your thoughts, boost positivity and exercise your creativity. As you fill its pages, you'll gain self-confidence and grow in self-awareness. Plus, you'll feel inspired!

This is true no matter what you choose to put in your notebook. To get started, choose one of these things to fill a notebook with… and for more help with journaling or keeping a notebook, check out this guide How to Start a Journaling Habit and Stick to It.

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