200 Things to Be Thankful For (Improve your Life with Gratitude)

200 Things to Be Thankful For (Ideas for Improving your Life with Gratitude)

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We all take pause to be thankful for the big things in life:

  • Marriage
  • The birth of a child
  • A big promotion at work
  • Buying your first home.
  • Graduations
  • Christmas, Thanksgiving or other special days with loved ones.

Most people don’t take the time to think about the small things they encounter in life. The things that should fill their lives with joy and happiness on a daily basis.

This list of things to be thankful for is all about remembering those small things.

Expressing Gratitude:

  • Increases our personal happiness.
  • Helps us sleep better.
  • Increases our success at work.
  • Improves our relationships.
  • Makes you healthier.
  • Increases your energy.
  • Helps us relax.
  • Helps you live longer.

And these gratitude benefits are just the beginning. Check out this massive, well researched article on the 31 benefits of gratitude. See all the ways being thankful/grateful in life can improve your life. Each item on this page is well researched and backed by science.

In this post we are going to focus on those small things in life (and a few of the bigger ones) that are often overlooked.

The things that should fill our heart with gratitude but are all to often taken for granted.

To keep this massive list of things to be thankful for under control. I have chosen to break this list into 4 sections of 50 things to be grateful for.

Between each section we will give you a fun quote about thankfulness and say a few words on the topic of gratitude.

Sidebar: If you'd like to learn more about creating more thankfulness in your life and practicing daily gratitude​, then I suggest checking out this 90-day gratitude journal 

Without further ado let’s get started...

50 Things to Be Thankful For

  1. A new book
  2. Food on the table
  3. The ability to learn something new
  4. The kindness of strangers
  5. A warm campfire on a cold night camping
  6. Feeling of acceptance
  7. The beauty of a work of art that moves you
  8. Making a final payment on a loan
  9. A nice hot shower
  10. Healthy foods
  11. Equality and diversity
  12. The voice of a friend or relative you have not seen in a long time.
  13. The ability to work from home -in your pajamas
  14. A beautiful sunrise
  15. The sound of a song you love
  16. Simply relaxing and playing a board game with friends or family
  17. Catching up with your favorite blog
  18. Having a personal routine that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently
  19. The smell of freshly baked cookies
  20. Creating a gift for a family member with your own two hands. (crochet, woodworking, art etc.)
  21. Surprises
  22. Access to the medication you need to stay healthy.
  23. Free time on your “to do” list
  24. A hot cup of tea
  25. A home that is free of clutter
  26. The sincere appreciation of others
  27. A movie that makes you laugh
  28. Holidays
  29. The mother who gave you life, nurtured you, loved you, taught you and supported you.
  30. Seeing your favorite band in concert
  31. Todoist
  32. An ice cold beer after a hot day working in the yard.
  33. Questions in emails that can be resolved in a single sentence.
  34. New clothes
  35. The joy of rewarding yourself after completing a difficult task.
  36. The values handed down to you from your parents
  37. Electricity
  38. Love that lasts a lifetime
  39. A really comfortable chair
  40. Realizing it has been YEARS since you have wanted a cigarette
  41. Knowing how to make a budget - and sticking to it!
  42. Visiting an amusement park.
  43. Snow days
  44. Respect from others
  45. Paydays
  46. Dancing for the pure joy of life
  47. Someone enjoying your writing/art/creativity
  48. Supportive parents
  49. Thank you notes
  50. Popcorn
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Thinking of 200 things to be thankful for is a tough thing to do off the top of your head. I couldn’t do it, alone. So, I sent an email out to some of my subscribers to try to crowdsource the things people are thankful for.

The replies were many and generous. I want to thank everyone for their input.

There were over two thousand total ideas people sent.   Many ideas recurred. Many were close to other ideas. But I appreciate all the inputs and I could not have made this post without all this great input.

So, Thank YOU!  I am grateful for all the help I received from you all!

50 More Reasons to Feel Gratitude

  1. The memories of your favorite moment
  2. A job with a view
  3. Your family
  4. Pizza
  5. The sense of accomplishment when you complete a difficult task
  6. The ability to complete a bucket list.
  7. Puppies
  8. The feeling of uncontrollable laughter.
  9. Ted talks
  10. Being pushed to “think outside the box”
  11. A massage
  12. Teachers who spent the extra time to give you the knowledge you have today
  13. Taking a morning walk
  14. Bathing in a nice warm hot tub or thermal spring.
  15. Fuzzy socks
  16. Your dog or cat snuggling with you when you feel bad
  17. Faith
  18. Having easy access to clean drinking water
  19. Chocolate
  20. The ability to spend time on a hobby you love.
  21. Enjoying an episode of your favorite TV show.
  22. Hugs
  23. The ability to learn from your mistakes.
  24. A stranger opening the door for you when your hands are full
  25. The fresh smell of clean sheets
  26. Freedom of speech.
  27. Coloring to relieve stress
  28. A colorful sunset
  29. The honesty of a child
  30. Happy people who make us happier simply by their presence
  31. The feeling of accomplishment when you stop procrastinating and complete the task you have been avoiding
  32. Memories of your first kiss.
  33. Enjoying a movie marathon
  34. The freedom of choice
  35. Internal strength
  36. A child’s face after they get a present.
  37. Spellchecker
  38. Love
  39. Foreign cultures we can visit and learn from
  40. Imagination
  41. Meeting up with your friends for lunch
  42. New car smell.
  43. Being accountable for your actions
  44. Trying new things. (even if it is simple – like a new cup of coffee)
  45. Old photographs
  46. Technology - for allowing us to stay closely connected with friends and family regardless of distance
  47. Netflix
  48. The safe landing of a plane after a rough ride
  49. Positivity
  50. Visiting new places
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What Can You Do with this Gratitude List?

A gratitude list like this is nice, but what can it really do for you?

This list can be used at a time like Thanksgiving, when we all stop and think about all the things we should be thankful for. But how about for the rest of the year?

The answer is that by itself it does little. But if it helps inspire you to create your own gratitude list, it can be quite valuable.

Earlier I mentioned the many benefits of gratitude and how it can improve your life.

Gratitude can transform you. It can pull you from the vortex of negativity that is sucking the life out of you and give you a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

One of the best ways to practice gratitude is by journaling. At its simplest form this gratitude journaling is taking time out, every day to think about (and write down) things that you are grateful for.

It can be as simple as writing three things you are grateful for on post-it notes every single day. Or  a bit more formal and guided, like using our 90 day gratitude journal.

I discussed the advantages of gratitude earlier.

Simply taking time everyday to think about and write out the things you are grateful for is one of the biggest ways to improve your happiness and overall quality of life.

Let’s face it, you are probably not going to double your income in the next year, and even if you could, studies show that above a family income of $75,000 per year money has ZERO effect on happiness.

So if getting ahead at work and making more money will not make you happier, what will?

The answer, of course, is thankfulness and gratitude.

So I highly encourage you to make a habit out of making a habit out of daily gratitude journaling. It doesn’t matter if you write it on yellow stickies, add it to an existing bullet journal, or use our book as a framework. Spending daily time thinking about gratitude will improve your life in a way few other things can.

So hopefully you can use this thankfulness list  as a idea generator for creating your own daily ideas of things you are grateful for. Write them down every day and make it a habit.
120 Gratitude Journal Prompts

Another 50 Reasons to Be Thankful 

  1. Home cooked meals
  2. The pride of owning a home.
  3. The first flower of Spring
  4. Having a morning routine that gives you energy throughout your day.
  5. The weekend
  6. Happy memories from your childhood
  7. A unseasonably warm winter day
  8. Long drives listening to a great podcast or audiobook
  9. Therapy
  10. Real honesty
  11. People who care about (the environment, human rights, animals, etc.)
  12. Meditation
  13. Your car after it has been cleaned and detailed
  14. Getting a facial
  15. Grandparents
  16. Being forgiven for my mistakes
  17. Finding unexpected money in your pockets
  18. Sitting down for dinner time with family
  19. Aromatherapy
  20. The fresh smell of a Christmas tree
  21. The snooze button
  22. A sibling who listens to your problems without judgement
  23. Kittens
  24. Acting like a kid again
  25. Sharing a smile with a stranger
  26. Overcoming fears
  27. Fall when the leaves change color
  28. Going for a swim
  29. People who go out of their way to try to make us happy
  30. Clean air
  31. Dreamers who never give up
  32. The ocean
  33. Fresh healthy smoothies
  34. Good hair days
  35. Uncontrollable laughter
  36. Having a mental health day
  37. The heavy ozone scent right before and after a thunderstorm
  38. Driving and getting nothing but green lights
  39. Cell phones
  40. Having a night in a fancy hotel
  41. God
  42. Blinkist
  43. A warm cup of coffee
  44. Doing something spontaneous
  45. Getting your most important task completed early
  46. Cheering for your favorite team
  47. Having a picnic with your family
  48. Wearing something that makes your feel confident
  49. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes
  50. Getting positive feedback from others
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Thankfulness Vs Gratitude: what’s the Difference

In this post we use the terms thankfulness and gratitude interchangeability. But are they really the same thing? What are the differences between being thankful and being grateful?

The differences are actually minor, but I do think there are differences.

Thankfulness is in the moment. Gratitude  is lasting.

When someone opens the door for you when you hands are full, you are thankful. You appreciate the action, but it is quickly forgotten.

On the other hand, when you are grateful it is a feeling that should last. You may not have true gratitude toward a single person opening the door, but you could feel a gratitude toward all of the people as a group who politely take the time to think of others and open doors.

Like the ‘being thankful’ quotes on this page? Why not check out this larger list of gratitude quotes.

124 Best Gratitude Quotes

A Final 50 Things to Be Thankful For 

  1. Poetry
  2. Having a roof over your head
  3. Doing work that matters
  4. Power naps
  5. Discussing old time times with an old friend
  6. Participating in a hobby you enjoy
  7. Funny Youtube videos
  8. Having the ability to read
  9. Good friends
  10. Quirky family traditions
  11. Craft beer
  12. Freedom of speech
  13. The convenience of Amazon shopping
  14. Hope
  15. Feeling inspired
  16. Laughing so hard it makes you cry
  17. Healthy children
  18. Forgiving others
  19. The perfect playlist
  20. The smell of lavender
  21. My Fitbit pedometer
  22. Peace of mind
  23. The success I have achieved
  24. Money in the bank
  25. Family vacations
  26. Good health
  27. Time to practice mindfulness
  28. The amazing scale of the universe
  29. Flying a kite
  30. Hearing good news
  31. Lists and organization
  32. Kindle
  33. Refreshing herbal teas
  34. Air conditioning
  35. Hiking trails
  36. Sincere apologies
  37. Honest conversations
  38. Showers with strong water pressure
  39. Walking on the beach
  40. Quiet time
  41. Free Wifi
  42. Overcoming anxieties
  43. Journaling
  44. Farmers markets
  45. Books so awesome they keep you up all night reading
  46. Apple pie
  47. Feeling like a kid again
  48. The billions of stars on a clear night sky
  49. Remembering the people I have loved
  50. People sharing your stuff on social media
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What are the Best Gratitude Journals?

A final word on gratitude and thankfulness

I hope you enjoyed this list of things to be thankful for.

Hopefully you will consider making a list of your own. Writing out your personal feelings of gratitude on a daily basis can do quite a bit to improve your life. Hopefully you will consider journaling your gratitude feelings every day.

Remember that being thankful/grateful is not just something for Thanksgiving, but something that should be practiced every day of your life. Realizing the blessings that abound in your life will make you happier and healthier.

If you enjoyed this list of thankfulness ideas, I hope you will consider sharing it. Pin it. Tweet it. Email it.

It will be appreciated and I will be thankful!

​Finally, if you'd like to learn more about creating more thankfulness in your life and practicing daily gratitude​, then I suggest checking out this 90-day gratitude journal 

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