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On this blog, I have discussed journaling quite a bit. But I have never shown how cool some bullet journal layouts can be.

I have talked about how important journaling can be to both mental health and productivity. How it can make you smarter, healthier, happier and more mindful.

I gave details on how to start journaling and make it a habit that lasts.

I wrote about the many benefits of gratitude and wrote a small guide to help you find the best gratitude journals for your needs.

I even wrote a book called Effortless Journaling: How to Start a Journal, Make It a Habit, and Find Endless Writing Topics designed start journaling and make it a habit that lasts.

But…. when it came to bullet journaling, specifically, all I have written is a fairly basic article describing, “what is bullet journaling”.

While that article might be great if you have never heard of the concept of bullet journaling before, it does not give any great ideas to anyone who is looking to improve their journaling efforts with some cool bullet journal page ideas.

With this post I mean to change that. On this page I will show some of the best bullet journal layouts. It will give you some bullet journal page ideas that you can take to your own journaling efforts and improve the look of your bullet journal weekly spreads and daily spreads.

I will also link to a lot of great sites where you can learn a lot more details on bullet journaling specifically.

It is my opinion that bullet journaling is an art form. While the basic idea is simple and quite efficient as a method of keeping track of many cool ideas, that is just the beginning.

Many people have truly elevated the idea of bullet journaling layouts into an art-form by using various bullet journal supplies to personalize their journals.

I am no artist. While I appreciate the effort many have put into making bullet journals their own thing, when I try it myself, the results are less than spectacular. So I will just share with you what I think are the best bullet journal layouts from others.


One thing: As with all art there is no “best” on this list. The numbering of this list is completely arbitrary. I would be interested to learn YOUR favorite bullet journal layout in the comments section at the end of this post.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

As you might imagine, being a blog about changing your habits, I started with a collection of habit trackers.

I love these all four of these habit tracker layouts. I love the way rachelbujo makes her habit tracker into an artistic masterpiece with the lemon art and the lemon colored “moods” of the week.

I enjoyed the way icecreamioplans broke her bullet journal into three sections, for morning, workday and evening. Such a great idea.

My favorites however are the two minimalist designs. Simple monthly tracking of multiple tasks that looks incredible. Looking for bullet journal spread ideas? Check out this roundup of monthly bullet journal spread examples.

If you want to change your habits, unless you are an artist, I recommend keeping it simple.

Complicated designs could make you less likely to stick to the habit and less likely to diligently keep track of your progress.

If you're interested in more, check out our roundup of the best bullet journal habit tracker ideas and examples.

Health Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Health and fitness tracking is another great reason to keep a bullet journal, and the four choices above are some great looking examples of how good you can make these bullet journal layouts look.

I like the way that these trackers above keep track of so many important aspects of good health.

What a great mix of “small” things to track and major life improvements. They all lead to a better (and healthier) life.

Bullet Journal Layouts with Stickers

The three bullet journal layouts above are all from eyedeeekae on Instagram. These are excellent examples of what can be done with a bit of creativity, some stickers and a fairly simple monthly calendar.

If you want to try your hand at this type of journaling, here are some places you can check out:

Minimalist Designs

Check out the layouts at:

As I mentioned earlier, I have a fondness for minimalist design in bullet journal weekly layouts. I love the clean lines and think there are few enough “frills” that these bullet journal layouts would not only be great looking but also practical. You don’t have to spend all day creating fantastic artwork to make these look great. Just keep it neat and simple.

Simplicity has an elegance of its own.

Epic Art Bullet Journal Layouts

Check out the layouts at:

The three bullet journal layout ideas in this section are certainly far beyond my artistic abilities to ever duplicate – but they look great.

They transform a few fairly simple lists into a work of art that is truly unique.

I specifically love the packing checklist. I keep a packing checklist of my own and I have found it to be invaluable. This pick mixes a highly practical and useful list with some great looking design and art, making this bullet journal idea very special.

17 Bullet Journal Examples

So far I have given you 17 very different examples of epic bullet journal layouts you can use for your own bullet journaling efforts.

Bullet journaling can be simple and minimalist or it can be quite complex and artistic.

It is all what you make of it.

Being a practical guy, I have to remind you that the purpose of bullet journaling should be keeping track of the things you need to keep track of, not necessarily creating a work of art. It is easy to get caught up in the idea you need to make a fancy bullet journal when you see some of these stunning examples of bullet journals. But fancy journals are not needed.

In the section below I will give you a pretty massive list of bullet journal ideas you can use to make many different lists and ideas for your own personal bullet journaling. Use the above examples as ways you can make the ideas below sand out – or just use the ideas to make simple lists.

Consider it a bullet journal cheat sheet for ideas.

115 MORE Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

What you can write about in your bullet journal: simple ideas for some cool bullet journal lists.

(If you're tracking goals, use these bullet journal goal page ideas.)


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly To do lists
  • Call schedule
  • Task list
  • Conference schedules
  • Lead lists
  • Co-workers/Employees birthday/anniversary
  • Daily pomodoros
  • Deadlines
  • Hours worked
  • Short Term Goals
  • Long term goals
  • Project lists
  • List of contacts
  • Contingency plans
  • Done list

Personal life

  • Bucket list
  • Braindump
  • Movies to see
  • Restaurants to try
  • Had me time/fun time
  • Important dates
  • Relationship goals
  • Places to see
  • New skills to learn
  • Countries and places to visit
  • Passwords
  • List of prescription drugs
  • SMART goals list
  • Medical info
  • Doctor/dentist appointments
  • Favorite blog/websites list
  • Podcasts to try list
  • Called parent/family/friend to connect
  • Music list
  • TV shows to try
  • Social media task list
  • Less than 1 hour spent on social media daily
  • Books read
  • Back up’s done (phone, PC, Laptop)
  • No TV days

Home Life

  • DIY projects
  • Home improvement projects
  • Cleaning supplies checklist
  • Shopping list
  • Cleaning Schedule (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Vehicle maintenance log
  • Household management checklist
  • Garden/yard chores

Self Improvement

Financial Tracking

  • (Weekly/monthly) Budget
  • Monthly bills
  • Tax deductible expenses
  • List of things to buy in bulk
  • Grocery budget
  • Cash envelope system
  • Investments
  • Expense tracking

Crafts and Hobbies

  • Hobbies to try
  • Craft supplies list
  • Best websites related to your hobby
  • Best websites related to your craft
  • DIY ideas
  • DIY project idea “someday” list


  • Daily study plan / schedule
  • Test/quiz dates
  • Assignment progress tracker
  • Project progress chart
  • Project notes
  • Extracurricular meetings tracker
  • Grade tracker
  • School supplies checklist


  • Kids activities
  • Ideas of things to do with kids
  • Kids daily schedule
  • KIds important information
  • Book ideas for your kids
  • Craft ideas for kids
  • Things your child says
  • Kids chore chart
  • Child merit/demerit chart
  • Healthy snack ideas for kids
  • Spend time with kids


  • Packing checklist
  • Travel checklist
  • Vacation ideas
  • Camping list
  • Trip itinerary
  • Countries visited
  • Pre-travel checksheet (Hotels, flights, rentals)

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Water log
  • Home workout routine
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Food tracker
  • Daily supplements log
  • Strength training log
  • Daily gym routine
  • Electronics off 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Daily steps
  • Activity tracker
  • Daily mood
  • Sleep tracking
  • Migraine tracking
  • Daily medications
  • Yoga/stretching/flexibility
  • Daily Carbs (for keto diets)
  • Exercise log

Bullet Journaling Layouts: They Are What You Make of Them

In this post I have shared many ideas for bullet journaling layouts. I have shared 17 awesome layout ideas from other people. These ideas mix the artistic aspects of bullet journaling with some of the practical applications on how to make your bullet journal as efficient as possible.

I have also shared an additional collection of 115 lists you can make for your bullet journal. YOU can use one of the stylistic ideas or create your own for these lists. For even more ideas, here are more bullet journal printables you can check out.

If you create your own, unique bullet journal layout style, I would love it if you shared them in the comments below.

Bullet journaling can be a lot of fun, it can be a great artistic expression, but at its heart is it all about an efficient method to keep track of a LOT OF THINGS.

Let me know your thoughts about these layouts, bullet journaling ideas and/or bullet journaling in general in the comments section below.

If you like some of these bullet journal layout ideas, please share them on your favorite social media platform (like Pinterest).

Finally, if you don’t know the “right” way to journal, then check out this seven-step process for building a journaling habit that sticks.

Here are some ideas on what you can write about in your bullet journal simple ideas for some cool bullet journal lists.