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Need some bujo layout ideas for your daily spread?

We’ve got you covered. Today, we’re sharing our collection of bullet journal daily spread examples.

If you’re a newbie, we look forward to how these spreads will inspire you to create the core of your bullet journal for the first time.

And if you’ve been using bullet journals for some time now, this collection could provide ideas to create future spreads.

The Purpose of the Daily Spread

Your bujo’s daily spread is more than a to-do list.

While you do use the daily log to keep track of the things you’re supposed to get done for the day, this section of your bullet journal can also contain:

  • Ideas
  • Notes
  • Important reminders
  • Significant happenings

Many bullet journal owners also include some form of tracker in their daily spreads to keep track of habits that they are either making a part of their daily routine or getting rid of.

Before gathering your favorite bullet journal supplies, read on for awesome examples to make the daily spread work for you.

1. Rapid Daily Log

Let’s start with a very basic layout. This example is known as rapid logging.

Here, all pieces of information you’re recording about the day are written down on the page in a bulleted list.

However, it’s not an ordinary bullet list.

Each bullet represents something. For example, a dash is an appointment, a filled dot is a to-do, a filled square can be a personal note, and a triangle can be an activity related to fitness.

You can customize the symbols according to your preferences. A “journal key” is also helpful to decipher the symbols in your daily log.

2. Daily Organizing

This layout shows the versatility of a daily spread.

For example, it has space for a reminder about self-care. (Check out 200+ self-care ideas here.)

It also has ample space for writing notes, with bullets to designate what type of information is recorded.

The journal creator also allocated spaces for lecture highlights and a playlist.

Another cool feature worth noting in this layout is the daily plan bar, which we’ll discuss in more detail later on.

3. Keep Calm and Jingle All the Way

You can decorate your daily spread in keeping with the holidays, as demonstrated in this example.

In this layout, the creator used the page as one would a journal or diary. If you’re wondering if that’s allowed in bujoing, we’d say why not?

4. Tickled Pink Daily Spread

Love pink? Here is an example of a pink-themed daily spread. It features stickers as the main design element on an A5 journal.

The A5 journal is the most popular size, appreciated for its convenient size and portability. It is the perfect journal to take with you if you plan to do bujo work while traveling.

5. Brain Dump + To-Do

This daily spread contains several interesting features that you might want to try in your own bullet journal if you want to spend each day with intention.

In addition to a food tracker, happiness tracker, and to-do list, it has space for a “brain dump.” This is a process for getting information out of your head and onto paper, clearing your thoughts and quieting the monkey mind.

A brain dump is guaranteed to help you regain focus on what is happening in the present.

6. Sticker Charm

Perhaps you’d like to feature your favorite cartoon character in your bullet journal spread. The sample above uses stickers to pull this off in a very cute way.

Stickers are awesome for adding visual interest to planners and journals. If you’re looking for more resources, check out this post for more sticker ideas to organize your life.

7. Autumn Headers

Earlier, we included a sample of a daily spread that incorporates a holiday theme into the layout. This example features seasonal elements.

Creating a daily spread is a chance to unleash your creativity. You can decorate the headers of your daily spreads for the whole month, with the seasons as your theme.

8. The Daily Plan Bar

Keeping a simple bullet journal does not mean it should lack information about the day. In this example, we introduce a bujo component known as the daily plan bar. You can see the vertical bar on the left side of the journal.

This bar has hourly blocks of time. You can texturize each block to distinguish between the hours. You can then write the day’s activities beside the bar, according to your schedule.

9. Strawberries and Fairies

If you prefer a more freestyle approach to creating your bullet journal spread, this example might be what you’re looking for.

The spread is pretty empty except for some printables used to decorate the pages. To achieve an “old paper” look, bits of vintage paper, stamps, and other ephemera have been used.

10. List and Stickers

Elevate your daily to-do list by using fancy calligraphy with mildliners or highlighters for your header and cute stickers for the page border.

Meanwhile, for a digital version of to-do lists, you might want to check out some apps to help get things done.

11. Blu

One of the wonderful benefits of bullet journals is that they encourage you to be more creative.

In this case, the bullet journal owner was inspired by the color blue and made that the overall theme of this daily spread.

How about you? What color do you think would make for an awesome daily spread theme?

12. Arrows and Boxes

If you are looking for daily log ideas that feature:

  • Cuteness
  • Minimalism
  • Details
  • Organization

Then you might want to consider the sample above.

In this example, you can find almost everything you need in a daily spread, such as a goals box, grocery list, reminders, to-dos, and work-related concerns.

Everything is laid out on dot-grid paper in an uncluttered, charmingly minimalistic spread.

13. Grids and Trackers

This layout uses scraps of paper as trackers for several activities. It can be incorporated into your monthly spread or used as a component of your bullet journal’s daily log layout. (For more monthly theme inspiration, check out these posts on September, October, and November bullet journal theme ideas.)

14. Frosted

Speaking of scraps, here is another example of a bullet journal spread that uses scrap paper to wonderful effect.

In this case, scraps of wrapping paper are cut and glued as borders for every daily log page.

You can use the same paper design for the entire month for uniformity, or you can use different kinds of scrap paper to create design elements.

These then serve as interesting visuals each day of the month.

15. Thermal Prints

Some bullet journal enthusiasts invest a lot in journaling supplies to create awesome spreads. A thermal printer is one such investment.

This example shows the interesting possibilities of using thermal prints as design components for your bujo spreads.

Many bullet journal devotees like this printer for the potential to print black-and-white images to enhance their design capabilities.

16. A Birthday Spread

Looking for something festive? Here’s one with a birthday theme.

It highlights the creator’s favorite things by creating a layout made with fashion and makeup stickers, birthday-themed stickers, and washi tapes.

You can incorporate anything that makes your soul sing and represents what celebration means to you.

17. Opulent Floral

This spread’s opulent design was achieved in a very simple way—the creator only used washi tape chosen for its relevance to the theme.

While using a ton of supplies to create a daily spread design is okay, it’s also acceptable to go the simple route and create something phenomenal with the basic materials you have on hand.

18. A Mini July 4th Tribute

Here’s an example of a dark page spread. This one was created as a tribute to July 4th.

To achieve this design, the creator used a couple of washi tapes for the borders of the page. Scrap paper was repurposed as the header, and the date was handwritten.

Gel pens were used for writing the other sections/components of this daily spread, such three types of lists (gratitude, tasks, and priority) and Notes.

19. Daily Expressions

This spread has an outstanding feature that immediately grabs your attention when you look at the page: In the top right corner is an illustration representing the creator of the journal.

This drawing depicts the journal creator’s main emotion of the day. In some instances, the creator has drawn the highlight activity of the day. The rest of the page is designated for writing down details of how her day went.

If you’re looking for something simple yet eye-catching, you might want to try recreating this spread for your next daily entry.

20. Sketch While Waiting for a Friend

Bullet journals can also be a catch-all for your creative ideas. Some creatives use them as a portable sketchbook, in addition to helping them organize their schedules.

Here’s an example of a hand-sketched daily spread design. The creator of the journal drew it while waiting for a friend in a café.

In addition to the sketch, there are some stickers that are part of the two-page spread’s border.

21. Cute Harry Potter Theme

As you’ve probably seen in other examples of bullet journal spreads, you can design them based on your favorite themes, whether they’re movies, video games, TV shows, etc.

This example features a cute Harry Potter theme. There are hand-drawn illustrations of objects related to Harry Potter lore.

If you want to recreate this design, you’ll need to gather some coloring and drawing materials. This design was created using colored pencils and gel pens.

22. Sunday Spread

If a certain day of the week holds special significance for you, you might want to try creating a journal spread like this next example. You can draw images that depict the personal significance of that certain day.

You can also adapt this idea. The creator used a sticker set and washi tape to embellish a daily spread for “Lord’s Day” (generally Sunday). For your own bullet journal, you can choose any sticker set that resonates with the theme you have in mind.

23. Greenery

This spread, in a green theme, is divided into various sections for an organized look. There are dedicated sections for Tasks, Notes, Reflection, and a Currently Reading list.

Washi tape in a dark green color serves as a page border. Cute tiny stickers chosen for their color scheme are strategically placed across the pages, giving an overall cozy look.

24. Ephemera Borders

Looking for a unique or eye-catching way to create borders for your daily spread? Try using ephemera, as shown in this example.

In this journal, vintage stamps, picture cutouts, stickers, and golden-inked pens are used to create beautiful and ethereal page borders.

25. Doodles

Doodles are a fun way to decorate your daily spread. In this example, the creator made spooky-themed doodles for the month of February.

This spread also has a detachable task list. It can be moved around and is very convenient when you need more space to write on as the day progresses.

Final Thoughts on Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas

The daily spread is the core of your bullet journal, where you keep track of your activities for the day.

But this part of your journal is not only for keeping you organized and productive. It is also an awesome way of setting intention and being mindful about how you spend each of your waking hours.

We hope that the collection of bujo daily spreads featured today provide the inspiration you need to create your own daily log.

Meanwhile, you might want to check the following resources to learn more about bullet journals:

Finally, if you don’t know the “right” way to journal, then check out this seven-step process for building a journaling habit that sticks.

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