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Looking for inspiring future log layouts?

A future log is an essential part of a bullet journal. Designed to serve as a quick reference, it is where all important dates for the coming months are kept.

Sometimes, we lose track of important events because they’re buried under other pieces of information within our bullet journals’ daily, weekly, or monthly pages.

With a future log, you are able to keep track of the tasks, appointments, celebrations, due dates, and holidays throughout the year.

As with other parts of the bullet journal, creating a future log spread is fun to do. If you need inspiration for your next layout, you’ll enjoy today’s article that features 23 amazing bullet journal future log ideas.

What to Write in Your Future Log?

Here are some suggestions of important dates and events you can write in a future log:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Vacation dates
  • Anniversaries
  • Date of vehicle registration renewal
  • Important dates at school
  • Tax payment dates
  • Movie or television premieres you want to watch
  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Product launches
  • Annual physical/medical appointments
  • Children’s immunization schedule
  • Pet’s routine visit to the vet
  • Community events

Read on for the best future log spreads for your bullet journal.

1. Ryder's Method

Ryder Carroll is a product designer who developed the bullet journal as we know it today. Here is an example of a very simple future log that he developed.

It spans two pages, featuring slots for writing down important occasions during a 6-month period.

Carroll created the bullet journal to streamline his appointment-keeping system and have a repository for his creative brainstorming throughout the day. Simply put, it was his way of decluttering his mind and making sure he gets things done every day.

2. Grey Ink Future Log

Does black ink on white paper seem too harsh on your eyes? This future log was created using grey ink. The effect is subdued elegance.

3. Dutch Door Method

If you haven’t tried the Dutch Door method yet, here’s your chance to apply it in your upcoming future log.

The Dutch Door method has become quite a trend with bullet journal enthusiasts. It is a spread where creators cut down some pages, giving the illusion of a door within the spread.

In this example, the creator cut a portion of the top part off of the page to make a header. Then the cutout pages were utilized as columnar mini-calendars to keep track of important occasions.

4. Six-Column Method

Here is another example of a columnar design future log. It features mini-calendars as the page headers.

There are spaces provided for writing down important schedules and events for a 6-month period. The weekends are highlighted for easier reference.

5. Junk Journal Idea

If you prefer a rustic look to your bullet journal spread, the sample above might be a source of inspiration.

This future log utilizes scraps of Kraft paper for rustic-inspired headers. Brown Mildliner pens create the perfect accent in keeping with the theme.

6. The Alastair Method

Some people are unenthusiastic about writing or drawing an entire year’s worth of mini-calendars to keep track of important dates.

If you find yourself in this camp, you might want to try Alastair Johnston’s system for future logging.

In this system, you just need to create columns for each month that you want to keep track of. Then, similar to rapid logging, you write down events with their dates and put dots on the months they are supposed to happen.

It is very simple and works great.

7. Black and Pink Combo

This black-and-pink theme is all about simplicity. The layout makes the details of the future log shine through, but it is still uncluttered.

In this example, there is space reserved near the bottom of the page for logs pertaining to the following year.

8. Typewritten Borders

The beauty of a bullet journal is that it inspires creativity. The spread above is a wonderful example of how different creative elements can merge and provide a certain ambiance to a future log spread.

To make this spread, the creator used manually typewritten pages for borders, as well as vintage stickers and brown paper to create a rustic/vintage aesthetic.

9. Whole Year Future Log

Looking for minimal spreads? This one features a very simple layout.

The cursive writing elevates this future log spread and serves as a charming example of how calligraphy can be the main element in bullet journal design.

10. A Literal Log

In addition to the pun-tastic header, this spread provides a color-coded key as to what activities are scheduled for the months ahead. This way, you can prepare yourself physically and mentally for these events and coordinate your family schedule ahead of time if necessary.

11. Landscape Inspired

If you love to draw, then you might want to give this sample layout a try in your next future log. This spread is inspired by the landscapes found where the creator of this bullet journal lives.

The effect is awesome!

12. Just the Months' Initials

This black-and-white future log exudes an air of efficiency and elegance. If you have the time and talent for drawing, you might want to try this type of spread for your next log.

13. Stamped Lettering

Your bullet journal supplies should include a set of stamps to create unique designs for your spreads.

In this example, the creator used stamps featuring the abbreviated names of the months, as well as mini-calendar stickers to create a whimsical future log.

By the way, stickers are a wonderful addition to any planner. They can attract attention, serve as reminders, and create pleasing aesthetics. [Check out this post featuring the best planner stickers to help organize your schedule.]

14. Printable Future Log

If you don’t have enough time to draw or write out an entire future log, a printable is a great alternative. This bullet journal spread uses a free printable featuring a columnar future log with mini-calendars.

15. As Minimal as You Can Get

How about going back to the basics with this example? This bare-bones future log features enough space to write down important events for the next four months, without any other embellishments competing for your attention.

16. Holidays and Birthdays Log

As mentioned earlier, you can use your future log to track birthdays, especially those of the important people in your life.

In this example, an entire future log is dedicated to tracking birthdays and holidays for the whole year. This way, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift well ahead of time.

17. Rustic Dutch Door

Here is another example of the Dutch Door method used in a future log. To add more embellishments, washi tapes and sticker cutouts are used.

18. White on Black

Looking for ideas to create a future log using black journal pages? Here’s one example we find fascinating.

This one uses a black-page, dot-grid bullet journal and the text is done in white, blue, and grey gel pens. It works pretty well!

19. One-Page Mini Future Log

Here’s another example of a future log that’s quite simple but that works quite well.

Through this single-page spread, you have a quick overview of the months ahead to keep you well prepared for important events.

20. Numbered Days (In a Good Way)

If writing mini calendars is not your thing, you might want to try this future log layout instead. You’ll get a quick overview of all of your important events in one glance.

Each section represents one month and features a column of numbers representing the dates for easy review of the events you need to keep in mind.

21. Future Planning

Looking for something colorful and in tune with the seasons for your next future log layout? Here’s an eye-catching example that you might want to try.

This colorful future log uses Prismacolor pencils to bring the spread to life.

22. Lift the Flap Future Log

The lift-the-flap future log is a clever way of creating a bullet journal spread. The mini calendars are written on tiny flaps that can be lifted to reveal important dates to take note of for the month.

They’re quite easy to create, but the effect can be amazing.

23. A Student's Future Log

This future log features charming doodles and a pastel color scheme. The doodles are inspired by student life.

Using a dot-grid notebook keeps lines clean and Mildliner pens add a hint of color to the spread.

Final Thoughts

Your bullet journal future log can help ensure that you never miss an important event.

Creating this schedule tracker can be fun and exciting. We hope that you found inspiration among the examples we featured today to start creating your own future log.

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