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If you are looking for the best way to get organized, keep track of your habits, and boost your productivity while providing an outlet for your creativity, then look no further than a bullet journal weekly spread.

Unlike dailies, a weekly spread has the advantage of letting you see plans for the whole week at a glance. And unlike in a monthly spread, where you have only a general overview of the whole month, there is more space in a weekly spread to write more details about your schedule.

When it comes to versatility, a weekly spread constantly delivers. The way you set up your own weekly spread really depends on your personal preference. Are you a minimalist? Or do you gravitate towards cutesy spreads that feature anything Disney or animals? There’s no limit to the themes you can apply. (Here’s a heads up for to those just starting out with bullet journals).

If you’re at a loss for ideas for your weekly bullet journal spread, perhaps today’s post can help rev up your creativity. Below are 36 amazing weekly spreads to draw inspiration from.

To begin creating your own weekly spreads for the entire year, we recommend gathering some supplies:

(For a more complete list of bullet journal supplies, check out our roundup post.)

And now, on to the weekly spread ideas.

Seasons and Holidays

1. Mistletoe Christmas

This festive weekly spread draws inspiration from the mistletoe and Christmas holiday color scheme of red and green. Drawing the artwork by hand makes this bullet journal spread more personal and meaningful.

For this spread, the creator also placed a tiny, monthly calendar in the upper left corner. It’s quite handy, as you no longer need to flip back to the monthly view.

2. Orange Autumn

Here’s a color scheme with an autumn theme using different shades of orange. It produces a warm effect that’s appropriate for the season.

Some bullet journal enthusiasts use different media to create the effects they want. In this spread, pens, markers, and inks were the primary media used.

3.  Halloween Weekly Spread

Halloween is one of the most common themes for a weekly bullet journal spread when October rolls in. That’s why this layout features things that go bump in the night.

To get into the spooky vibe, you can incorporate black and purple color schemes. Tap into your creativity by drawing well-known Halloween creatures using markers.

4. Summer Travel

Ever heard of the song that begins with the line, “If a picture paints a thousand words?” This creator must have felt that way when she used stickers to fill in at least 90% of her travel bullet journal’s weekly spread.

Studies show that there is stronger information recall when people use visual prompts rather than purely text. This layout is a good way of ensuring that memories of your holiday will always stand out.

5. Easter Holiday Spread

Here is a charming spread for Easter. The creator used pastel colors to bring the theme to life.

A dot-grid journal helps keep lines straight when making the boxes for each date. It lends a clean, streamlined look to the whole spread. This journal’s creator used some Tombow dual brush and pens to color in the cute images.

6. Winter Theme

Most people find that they use their bullet journals more during winter because there are so many things to do during this season. If you need some inspiration for a winter-themed weekly spread, perhaps this layout will do the trick.

You can use your wintry weekly spread to plan your holiday shopping, organize that family get-together, and make preparations for the New Year party you’re hosting. Its uses are practically limitless.

The blue, wintry effect of this weekly layout was achieved with Distress Oxide, one of the latest favorite coloring supplies in the bullet journal community.

7. Springtime Theme

This layout features a variety of succulents representing spring. The bujo (short for “bullet journal”) creator used stickers and bright colors to liven up the pages of this weekly spread.

Use your weekly layout to plan your spring cleaning activities, as well as your projects that symbolize growth and new beginnings.


8.  Minimalist Weekly Spread With Printable Stickers

If you want a no-frills and no-fuss bullet journal layout, a minimalist theme might be what you’re looking for. A minimalist theme is ideal for those who are practicing minimalism as a lifestyle, as well as those whose drawing abilities are limited and those who have busy schedules.

This spread is a good example of minimalism, as your weekly schedule is available at a glance. The minimalist stickers are not merely there for aesthetics—they also have a utilitarian function that boosts productivity.

9. Boxed Weekly Spread

This minimalist layout was created by hand. The lines are clean, making for an eye-catching weekly spread.

The minimalist approach is also ideal for those who are bullet journaling for the first time. It’s less overwhelming than an embellished journal. Many users also prefer a minimalist theme when it comes to their bullet journal spreads because it maintains the bujo’s functionality.

10. Sleek and Simple

There is a touch of elegance in this layout. Everything says “I’m in control.”

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need exceptional drawing skills when you’re using the minimalist approach to make your weekly spreads. This one proves that there can be beauty in boxes and a well-written to-do list.

11. The Week in Blue

With its clean lines and blue color scheme, this weekly spread is soothing on the eyes.

Many people assume that minimalist means just black on white, but proves that this doesn’t have to be the case. It is a very simple design that you can use for many weeks to come.

Trees and Botanicals

12. A Week of Trees

Although trees may not be super exciting as a theme for your bullet journal layout, it can be fun to try using them once in a while.

This weekly spread is a clever representation of the cycle of a tree’s foliage across the seasons. The creator drew the design by hand, using pens and water color. The effect is elegant and inspiring.

13. Pressed Flowers Spread

Are you fond of natural materials? If so, this design could inspire you when creating your next weekly spread.

Using found materials (such as pressed flowers, pieces of washi tape, and scraps of kraft paper) brings a charming touch to your plans for the week. Pro tip: When using natural materials, make sure that they have dried completely before putting them in your journal to prevent water damage to the pages.

14. Flowers of May

This colorful spread uses markers and pens to produce an eye-catching effect. Calligraphy also adds extra embellishment to the page.

Calligraphy is the art of decorative writing using a lettering implement (e.g., brush or pen). In this spread, a gold pen was used. If you need to learn this art, a lot of resources are available online. You’ll be writing like a pro in no time.

15. Leafy Weekly Spread

Some people use leaves and other botanicals for their bullet journal spreads to represent their affinity with nature. The green denotes freshness, eco-friendliness, and life itself.

The leafy border on this weekly spread is soothing to the eyes. Furthermore, simple calligraphy is used to indicate the days of the week. Overall, the effect is both refreshing and efficient.

16. Succulents

This bullet journal spread is simple but perfect! The straightforward design allows for ample space for each day’s agenda.

Oftentimes, bullet journaling brings out people’s creativity, no matter how busy they are. In this bujo spread, the creator was able to incorporate some doodles in the form of succulents, giving the whole spread a dose of cuteness.

17. Tree Journal

While most of us would probably leave the book gutters blank in our bullet journals, the creator of this one maximized the space by drawing a full-grown tree in that tricky spot.

The tree becomes the centerpiece in this weekly spread. Its branches and foliage even act as a header for the entire layout.


18. Dream Catcher Weekly

Dream catchers are so popular as a theme for bullet journal spreads that we had to include some here. If boho is your thing, then these spreads may inspire you to try incorporating dream catchers into your next weekly spread.

This layout is one of the best examples we’ve come across. It features a close-up of a dream catcher surrounded by the days of the week.

19. Boho Feather Header

We’ve already established that blue weekly spreads look clean and elegant. This weekly layout is another example of that!

This spread was hand drawn using Sakura micron pens and colored in with Tombow brush pens and Crayola markers. Don’t feel like drawing the header? You can also use printable feather stickers or stencils to re-create this elegant spread.

20. Dream Catcher Date Placeholder

When you look at this weekly spread, you’ll appreciate the dedication of its creator to bullet journaling. Drawing each dream catcher date placeholder is labor-intensive, but all that effort is worth it. The effect is stunning!

TV Shows, Movies, and Cartoons

21. Winnie the Pooh Dutch Door

Everyone loves Winnie the Pooh! Here is a wonderful, Dutch-door-inspired weekly spread featuring the beloved characters from the Hundred-Acre Wood.

The Dutch door is an element that makes for a unique bujo weekly spread. In this system, you cut down some pages to make room for more details in your weeklies (see the sample spread above). This can also be used to showcase full-page artwork while at the same time offering the functionality of a weekly planner.

22. Adventure Time Candy Kingdom

This layout features a vivid tribute to Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom. Your bujo is the ticket to getting in touch with your creativity and nostalgia about the things you loved when you were younger.

23. Marceline the Vampire Queen

Here is a tribute to another character from Adventure Time, Marceline the Vampire Queen. This weekly spread was created by the same person who made weekly spread #26.

24. Alice in Wonderland Weekly Bujo Spread

The iconic “Drink Me” bottle of Alice in Wonderland is the page border of this weekly spread. It also includes a future planner, a mini-habit tracker, a meal plan, and an inspirational quote from the cartoon.

25. Game of Thrones Dragon

HBO’s Game of Thrones was all the rage in the early part of 2019, and this spread’s font is reminiscent of that time period in the show.

26. Harry Potter and the Weekly Bujo Spread

This weekly spread is made to look like the Wizarding world’s popular newspaper, The Daily Prophet. Note the clever way that the weekly schedule has been incorporated into the “news,” with the drop caps representing the first letter of each day (except Saturday).

Now, if only that picture could move, too.


27. Black Cats

This weekly spread pays homage to our feline companions. It’s hand-drawn and features a simple design that focuses your attention on the cats crawling across the pages.

Practically any animal is great as a bullet journal theme. Scroll down for more examples.

28. Fox and Constellation

Sometimes you just want a simple, sophisticated illustration for your bujo spread. The lines in this spread are clean, and the hand-drawn graphics are done in such a way that you’d think they were printed on the paper.

29. Life Cycle of the Butterfly

We’ve already featured the cycle of a tree’s foliage, but how about the life cycle of a butterfly? This bujo spread cleverly presents the butterfly’s journey through life as the days of the week.

30. Be a Hummingbird

This exquisite hummingbird theme sets the mood for the week. The artwork has been done with extra care and attention, making this more than just a bujo—we’d say it’s a collector’s item!


31. Zodiac Inspired

Some people prefer dark pages in their bullet journals, but others find using a dark theme intimidating.

Bujo fans and users who tend to shy away from dark journals often say that it’s a challenge to find the correct writing implement to work with black paper. Some tried-and-tested writing materials that work well include Sakura’s Gelly Roll white pens (as used in this example), gel pens, and paints.

32. Blackout Minimalist

Once you’ve found the perfect pen to use for a black bullet journal, you can decide whether you want to use embellishments or take a minimalistic approach in your weekly spreads. White-on-black minimalism actually works very well, as shown by the weekly layout above.

33. Giraffe Family

Black on white, as in this layout, can often be time-consuming to create. However, the effect is amazing. The artwork truly stands out in this weekly spread.

34. Outer Space

Blue themes stand out with elegance and class. This spread is created on Black Out, the first dot-grid journal with black pages.

35. Purple Spots

This spread showcases the simplicity and elegance that are achievable when using a dark journal. The purple and white really pop out from the page, grabbing your attention.

36. Black on White

Sometimes we get the urge to do a dark theme on a white bullet journal. A few hours’ work and dedication can often yield amazing results.

This weekly spread showcases what’s possible when you put in the time. It features art inside the daily boxes, a quote for the week, a mini-monthly calendar, a workout log, and a meal plan. There is also space for some notes, doodles, and other memory prompts.

Final Words on Bujo Weeklies

Do you have a favorite from the bullet journal weekly spreads featured here today?

Hopefully, these ideas can help inspire you to start working on your weeklies.

Bullet journaling can be daunting at first, but many eventually find that it’s a soothing activity that not only enhances their productivity, but also unlocks their creativity.

We hope that you find joy and fulfillment in bullet journaling!

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