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Today, we’re sharing 19 bullet journal index ideas to inspire you to create an awesome index spread.

If this is your first time hearing about bullet journal indexes, you might want to read the next section for more information. However, if you’re already familiar with them, you can go directly to today’s collection of index ideas and examples.

What’s a Bullet Journal Index?

Books have tables of contents, which are a sequential list of the books’ content. The chapters are listed, as well as their corresponding starting pages.

A bullet journal’s index section functions the same way as a book’s table of contents. However, instead of having the contents already set within their corresponding pages, as you usually find in books, bullet journals require that you list entries down as they are created.

An index is important because your journal is going to fill up quickly. When you need to access your entries fast, the index can help you navigate directly to the content you want to see.

With that said, you can incorporate your own style when creating the index. Some bullet journal owners list all of the content of their journals, while others include only what they feel is essential (even skipping 15 to 20 pages).

Ready to browse through today’s collection of index examples? Keep reading to see what we’ve got for you.

Creative Ideas and Examples for Your Bullet Journal Index

1. Two-Columned Index

Let’s start with this two-columned example. In this index, the page numbers and topics have separate columns. The contents are grouped according to the months they were created. (Check out our roundup of monthly bullet journal spread ideas and examples.)

Considering that page numbers are required in a bullet journal, some BuJo owners prefer notebooks that contain pre-numbered indices.

2. Mint Green Index

Dot-grid notebooks are favored by many bullet journal owners. It’s like getting three notebooks in one:

  • Ruled
  • Plain
  • Grid

The dots can guide you in creating precise lines and figures, which is ideal for diagraming and illustrations, if that’s your thing.

This example shows how you can be precise in organizing your index without having to draw a table.

3. Green With Washi

Washi tapes are considered one of the most essential bullet journal supplies you need when you’re embarking on a BuJo journey. They come in a wide array of designs, and they’re very versatile. In this index spread, the washi tape adds a nice touch of visual interest at the bottom of the page.

4. Simple

Minimalism works very well for bullet journaling. This example shows how a no-frills approach can look sophisticated and rugged at the same time.

This approach is also ideal for those who do not have time to do artwork for their index spreads or are lacking in artistic skills.

5. Minimalist Approach

A minimalist bullet journal index, like this example, has many advantages. It works well when you use your journal exclusively for rapid logging, where the requirement for artwork is minimal to nil.

Moreover, if you’re sharing your bullet journal with family members who will also be logging their entries on specific pages (in trackers, for example), having a minimalist index helps locate the needed page faster.

6. Elaborate Index System

As we’ve mentioned before, your BuJo’s index can be as minimalistic or elaborate as you want it to be. This example shows how an intricate indexing system might look.

The index tracks every section of the bullet journal. On the left-hand page, meanwhile, the creator has included other elements for bullet journals that she developed herself. These include legends, color keys, and mildliner and stabilo swatches.

If you go for an elaborate system, you have to remember to keep everything neat in order to make the index spread readable.

7. Simple Index System

A spread like this one has space in the right-hand column to write some notes about the items in your bullet journal. This type of index allows you to view the contents of your journal at a glance, as well as the details of entries that have special significance to you.

8. Color Coded Index

Speaking of colors, this index incorporates a color-coded system in addition to page numbers. The legend for this color-coded system is found at the bottom of the index page. 

Some bullet journalists are not interested in numbering their pages. For them, a color-coded system works as a great alternative.

9. Ruled Index

Although uncommon, ruled bullet journals do exist. It is all a matter of preference, really. This conventional index has an uncluttered look. It helps you locate a specific entry with minimum effort.

10. Golden Arrow

Bullet journalists often allocate up to four pages for their indices. However, if you prefer to put everything on one page, you need to have a system that accommodates all the entries that you need to track.

This four-column spread is a true space saver. You can easily find the entry you need in no time. Flipping pages is no longer required!

11. Purple Flowers

If you like flowers and the color purple, then you might consider a design like this for your index spread. Or you can use this as an inspiration and create your own variation. Of course, you can use any color you like and draw your favorite flower varieties.

12. Spilled Ink

Showcase your creativity with an index page like this one. The page’s title is written in a vertical fashion, with the page numbers housed within the lettering. The positioning of the page numbers divides the page into two columns, saving space.

According to its creator, this index was made to take advantage of spilled ink. Now, that’s really creative!

13. Yellow Stripes

Highlighters can also be used in bullet journals to create interesting designs. In this example, a bright yellow highlighter was used to make an otherwise simple index into a stylish spread. Experiment with using straight lines, patterns, and spirals, as well as using regular highlighters, brush pens, and mildliners.

14. Blue Moon Flower

An empty page right before the index gets a makeover with this eye-catching collage. It features bullet journal printables cut out and arranged tastefully throughout the entire page. One way to make this spread more personalized is to choose printables of your favorite things and in your favorite color.

15. Spine Index

Here’s an elaborate index that showcases the owner’s artistic talents. The illustrations and lettering on this index spread are all drawn by hand. This display indicates the owner’s dedication to keeping a bullet journal.

16. Succulents


Succulents are a popular theme in bullet journals and graphic design. If you want to try incorporating succulents into your bullet journal layout, we’ve found an awesome example that is worth trying.

This index spread features three hand-drawn potted succulents. The table above the drawings is reserved for writing down the pages where each monthly spread is found, as well as the theme used by the owner.

17. Theme Index

Here is an interesting, eye-catching index spread. In this sample, the bujo owner created a directory of the themes they used for their monthly spreads. All of these themes are based on their favorite movies and series.

Miniature posters representing each month’s movie or series theme serve as reference icons and provide the visual appeal of this index.

18. Simple / Formal

The format of your index depends on your preferences. Some bullet journal enthusiasts like to write the page number before they write the content of their journals. Meanwhile, there are those, such as the creator of this index, who prefer to write the content first before specifying the page numbers.

19. Elegant Index

This index spread requires some artistic skills. If you have the inclination and the talent, you might want to try an index page like the example above.

Many people are drawn to bullet journaling because the potential for personalizing their journals is virtually limitless. You can decorate it with your own artwork, or use decoration elements such as stickers and printables.

Final Thoughts on Bullet Journal Index Ideas

Having an index system in your bullet journal makes it much easier to navigate. 

With the ideas presented in this post, we hope you are inspired to create an eye-catching and personalized index for your own BuJo. What’s your favorite design among the examples featured today?

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