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Looking to finally get your life together and make some good morning routine habits? Look no further than these 16 morning routine charts.

Now you can print and track your daily habits like a boss. Whether your goal is to meditate more, drink more water, or finally conquer that pile of laundry, these charts will help you stay on track.

And hey, if it works for Oprah and Richard Branson, it's gotta work for us regular folk, right? So why wait? Start owning your mornings and crushing your goals with these handy dandy charts to tracks your new habit routines.

Why do you need to track your morning routine?

Just as with any habit, we can only develop an efficient morning routine through trial and error.

One way to get feedback about if your morning routine works is by checking if your accumulated effort has started to show results. Remember that any habit is formed through consistent action. By tracking your habit streaks, you’ll know at a glance whether something you’re doing is working or not. As a rule of thumb, it is usually working if you manage to do an activity at least four times a week.

This post features 16 awesome morning routine charts for you to easily track your morning habits.

But before that, let’s backtrack a little.

Why do you need a morning routine in the first place?

The Importance of a Morning Routine

A morning routine allows you to carve out time for yourself before the busy day claims all your attention. During this time, you can gather momentum for what the day has in store for you.

Usually, when we rush headlong into the daily grind without getting in touch with ourselves, everything seems more stressful. Oftentimes, our energy flags quickly and we need to retreat and recharge before the day is done.

However, when you have a morning routine in place and consistently follow it, not only is your energy more stable throughout the day, but you also find that you are more productive, less vulnerable to stress, and more energized.

A morning routine is a great investment that benefits not only you but everyone who interacts with you as well.

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Let’s check out some morning routine tracking charts that can help you sustain your AM habits.

1. Morning Routine Checklist

best daily routine for students | daily routine examples | daily routine time table chart

Download the PDF

A simple checklist is the best tool for establishing a rock-solid morning routine. If you’re looking for one, here’s our version of a checklist that you might want to try. It features a column for listing 10 habits that comprise your morning routine.

Beside each habit is a checkbox for each day of the week. The tracker has a Sunday start. An illustration of the sun shining in the sky is set on the upper left corner of the template’s page, giving the entire layout a cheerful vibe.

2. Morning Routine Tracker

checklist poster template | daily checklist template excel | daily checklist template free printable

Download the PDF

Do you find yourself having a hard time keeping track of your personal routine during the first half of the morning? We’ve designed a template to help you form the perfect routine before you go out the door for the day. This template has varied time intervals so you can assign the most appropriate activity or habit to each time slot.

For example, a 30-minute slot could be used for some meditation or to attend to your personal hygiene and getting dressed. Meanwhile, 20 minutes can be assigned for eating breakfast or doing a quick workout. The template has spaces allocated to list your morning routine from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, with a section near the bottom of the page reserved for writing your notes and other important information.

3. My Daily Routines

If you want to create permanent routines, it’s beneficial to use streak habits—those activities that you repeat daily and, as much as possible, without fail.

This daily routine chart allows you to list down all the habits that comprise your morning routine, and your evening routine as well. In this way, it’s easy to keep track of your habit streaks.

4. Morning Routine Checklist

This printable routine chart features a space for writing down the time for each of your morning habits during the weekdays. It also has a neat reminder to “leave the house” in case you are taking too long or procrastinating with other tasks and obligations for the day.

5. Child’s Morning Routine Checklist

A daily routine for kids is important for a child's growth and maturity. It helps to teach kids the value of good habits early on.

When kids also have morning routines, they’ll be able to:

  • Understand how precious time is
  • Recognize the importance of being organized
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Eat healthy meals

Parents of kids who have morning routines can rest easy knowing that their kids are on the right track when it comes to developing healthy personalities.

6. Sera's Morning Routine

You can draw inspiration from this eye-catching chart in order to create your own morning routine tracker. The sample habits include showering and dressing, having breakfast, and writing in a bullet journal (perhaps while chatting with her spouse).

This chart can be part of your bullet journal spread, and you can customize it further with the activities you do as part of your own morning routine.

If you're looking for more, here are our favorite morning routine bullet journal ideas and and examples.

7. 12 Morning Habits

In this tracker, you’ll find samples of 12 habits that you can make part of your morning routine. These are all designed to help you improve your character, broaden your outlook, cultivate gratefulness, become healthier, and be productive.

A good morning routine is essential for setting the tone for the rest of the day. Take this time as an opportunity to focus on yourself and do things that strengthen, center, and energize you.

8. Doodled Design Morning Routine

This hand-drawn morning routine tracker is ideal for those who like creating their own charts. It shows activities that the creator does when it’s a school day (wake kids and get ready for school) and when there’s no school (work until kids wake up).

Your own chart will probably have different routines for weekdays and weekends as well. As an example, for the weekdays you could include “packing lunch for work” in your morning routine and then switch this to a half-hour of blogging or journaling during the weekend.

9. Things to Do Before 8 AM

This colorful tracker also serves as morning daily routine examples. In this sample, the user is encouraged to avoid hitting the snooze button on the alarm. Meditation and yoga practice are also included.

Another habit that can be incorporated into one’s morning routine is goal-setting. In this tracker, setting long- and short-term goals is part of the things one can do before 8 am.

10. Pooh Bear-Themed Morning Routine Checklist

This morning routine checklist is a charming tribute to Pooh Bear. One advantage of creating your own routine chart is that you are able to customize it according to your preference. The sky’s the limit as to the designs you can create.

In this checklist, the creator included some habits that center around spirituality, health, hygiene, fitness, and productivity.

11. Teal Theme Morning Routine Printable Chart

This printable routine chart has sufficient space for you to write down the specific activities that serve as the foundation of your rock-solid morning routine. As a bonus, a space for your to-do list is also provided on the same page, so you can view both at a glance.

There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking all the boxes for the habits and tasks that you’ve completed.

12. Independent Kids’ Morning Routine Checklist Chart

Here’s another printable template to help streamline your kids’ morning routine. Charts like this help younger kids learn the concept of accountability by experiencing it firsthand. This template helps them set a routine that includes self-care habits and age-appropriate chores.

13. Mom and Kids Morning Routine

This template is ideal if you prefer filling in a chart with your personalized activities. There are three available designs from the template’s creator.

The first one is a blank template for parents to establish their morning schedules. There are spaces allocated for writing down activities or habits that make up your morning routine.

The second design is meant for kids. It features a premade checklist with cute illustrations and bright colors, which appeal to little ones.

Finally, the third blank template features checkboxes before reach line where you can write your morning habits/activities.

14. Start Your Day Happy and Energized

Erin, of the Incremental Mama blog, designed this printable morning routine template to help busy mothers set the stage for an amazing day. This template consists of two pages.

One page is a checklist of suggested activities to make your morning routine go as smoothly as possible. The first item on this checklist is a set of activities that you do the night before, such as setting the alarm and getting enough sleep.

The other page features a template where you can write down a personalized morning routine. It has spaces allocated for writing your goal for the week, morning tasks, morning schedule, etc.

15. Simplify Your Morning

If you’re looking for a charming minimalist template for your morning routine, here’s one that you’ll love. It features a tabular chart with spaces designated for writing the following:

  • Specific week and date
  • Tasks (maximum of six)
  • Time
  • Total

This template also has a column for writing down the “margin” of time you need to accomplish a task. For example, if it takes you 10 minutes to dress in the morning, allocate 15 minutes to give yourself an extra margin. This way, you have plenty of time and don’t feel overwhelmed that you’re going to overshoot your morning routine schedule.

16. Get Ready for the Day

This morning routine template is ideal for all members of the family. It is quite straightforward in design, featuring a table with columns for the time, task, and notes.

It is a very simple system to help you and the rest of your household remain aware of everyone’s morning schedules. This template also has a couple of extra benefits:

  • It helps everybody stay on track with their morning routine
  • It provides family members the opportunity to support each other in fulfilling their morning routines

Setting Up a Morning Routine

Are you ready to become a morning person? The following are some suggestions for strengthening your morning habits.

  • Be clear about your intention. What do you plan to achieve through your morning routine? Are you in it for better health, to get in touch with your inner self, or to be more productive for the rest of the day?
  • Establish your waking time. It will be easier for your body to get up at the same time every morning. For example, Oprah Winfrey wakes up each day at 7:10 am, but gets out of bed at 8:00 am. You are not obliged to be up and about at 5:00 am. What’s important is that you allow yourself to get up when you’re ready.
  • Curate your morning habits. Select activities that support your intention. You can slowly incorporate them until they become fully integrated into your morning routine. You may want to check out this post for more than 50 morning routine habit ideas.

Other Printables for Building a Good Morning Routine

Final Thoughts on Morning Routine Charts

Today, we have shared with you some morning routine charts to help enhance your productivity, increase your happiness, and improve your health and well-being.

If you’re new to building good habits, a routine may seem daunting at first. Tracking your activities ensures that you stay on track. A little determination will have you reaping the positive benefits of a solid morning routine in no time.

For more in-depth info about morning routines, you’ll find this post helpful.

If you’re looking for other tools to keep track of your morning routine, check out this review about the best apps that give you a rock-solid morning routine.

Furthermore, if you need pointers on how to plan your entire week (and not just your mornings), then this post can help you.

Finally, if you want the perfect morning routine, then check out this seven-step process for creating a morning routine that will become a vital part of your daily life.)

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