29 Free Weekly Planner Template Printables for 2022

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Like most of us, you probably start the week strong, determined to get as many things done as possible.

However, as the weekend approaches, you realize that you’ve accomplished very little when it comes to your priority tasks. It seems like all the time you had was used on non-priority tasks.

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You might be wondering, “How could this be?”

No matter how much you clarify your intentions, if you don’t have a solid plan, things will most likely go awry.

You may have heard the quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This applies to everything, including daily life.

So stop for a moment and envision how the coming week will go. To help you plan your week, we have collected a list of printable weekly planner templates that you can download from their creators’ sites for free.

For more flexibility in your goal setting, these planners are all undated. And some include time-blocking features to further support your goal of better productivity and increased efficiency.

Let’s get to it.

Free Weekly Planner Template Printables

1. Whimsical Weekly Plan

weekly planner template excel | horizontal weekly planner printable | free printable weekly calendar

via Clementine Creative

You no longer have to miss any important dates with this weekly planner. You can print it out on A4 or letter-sized paper, and there is ample space for all the things you are planning for the entire week.

In addition, there are a couple of useful features for ensuring that you stay on top of things, including the week’s goals and notes.

You can place this printable in a highly visible area, such as your fridge, or you can keep it on a clipboard for constant reference wherever you go.

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2. Undated Black-and-White Planner

free printable daily planner template | hourly planner printable | free printable daily planner with time slots

via Passion Planner

This free downloadable planner is just the thing if you prefer a subtler time-management tool. It includes a lot of useful elements that help you keep track of the things you need to take care of.

You can create an overview of important things you need to focus on for the week, as well note the priority tasks for the day. This ensures that you get things done at the right time.

The planner comes with a 30-minute interval time block. This allows you to focus on important tasks, increasing your productivity and efficiency as you get more things done each day.

Lastly, the planner has a space for you to take note of good things that happened within the week. This helps you stay focused on the positive and cultivate a gratitude habit. Perhaps this will be your prompt to start a gratitude journal, too!

3. My Week

minimalist weekly printable planner | free printable weekly planner | weekly planner

via Shining Mom

There’s nothing more liberating than knowing that you have your schedule under control for the entire week. This planner template can help you with that. Plus, it comes with a lovely floral header, adding a touch of beauty as you prepare yourself mentally for what the week will bring.

The planner features space where you can list the Top 3 priorities for the week, with check boxes you can tick once you’re done with them.

In this planner, the space for writing your weekend schedule is bigger than those for the weekdays. This is a visual cue to give yourself some “me” time and enjoy some much-needed self-care, especially when you’ve been focused on supporting your family during the week.

By the way, you might want to check out this post featuring over 200 self-care ideas you can choose from for your “me” time.

4. Weekly Planner With Checkboxes

weekly calendar with time slots | free planner printables | monthly planner template

via Gathering Beauty

With a minimalist weekly planner, you can immediately see what the week’s priorities are. In addition, black-and-white printables are cost-efficient because they are more ink-friendly than their decorated counterparts.

Regardless of your reason for choosing a simple planner, this design serves its purpose very well.

It has sufficient space for writing down the things you need to take care of from Monday to Sunday. The check boxes for every item on your to-do list are helpful for keeping track of what you’ve already accomplished and what still needs to be done before the day/week ends.

This planner also comes with a space for notes to flag priority items and tasks.

5. Rainbow Weekly Overview

15 minute daily planner excel | how to make planner pages in excel | weekly planner printable 2020

via Moritz Fine Designs

In contrast to a minimalist design, this planner is bursting with vibrant colors. It features several elements that are quite useful when you’re organizing your week, including:

  • Space for writing down a quick overview of your entire week’s schedule
  • Detailed listing of your daily tasks
  • A weeklymeal plan for dinner
  • Goals box
  • Notes section

All of these features are found on one page, allowing you to see everything quickly.

6. 3-Column Minimalist Planner

printable weekly planner template | free printable weekly planner | 2020 weekly planner printable

via The Housewife Modern

This planner’s minimalist design is both versatile and ink-friendly.

The planner features three main columns that you can use for specific areas of your life where you need to plan.

For example, if you are a student, you can use the leftmost column for listing your daily class schedule. The middle column can be used for keeping track of your extracurricular activities, such as game practices or study groups. Finally, you can then use the rightmost column for general reminders for the day, such as returning books to the library or doing your weekly laundry.

7. Printable Weekly Planners for the Family

via More Like Grace

With the right planner, you can get your whole family involved in weekly planning. If you have kids, they will soon be reaping the benefits of a good time-management habit.

This planner was designed with the whole family in mind. There are two eye-catching designs to choose from for planning your weekly schedule: one with a floral header and one with color blocks.

For those who are new to using a planner to improve their time-management skills, you’ll find that having one is a great motivator for reaching your goals.

8. Kids’ Activity Planner

free printable weekly planner | 2020 weekly planner printable | minimalist weekly printable planner

via Shining Mom

Here is another weekly planner design that’s geared specifically for kids. It’s cute and colorful, so the kids will be more willing to join in with the rest of the family in their new time-management habit.

This planner features spaces where kids can write down all their activities for the whole week. There is also ample space for writing notes, and another space that can be utilized as a reminder box. The writing spaces are just right for kids who are still mastering their penmanship.

9. Floral Header Weekly Planner

printable planner ideas | horizontal weekly planner printable | cute weekly planner printable

via Londage At Home

Use this elegantly designed planner to keep track of your weekly schedule and to boost your general productivity. It has all the useful elements needed to help you plan the whole week smoothly.

There is a space assigned for your daily, recurring tasks, so you don’t need to write them multiple times. You’re also free to write down unique schedules and appointments in the boxes designated for each of the weekdays and the weekend.

Spaces are also provided where you can list your weekly goals (with an accompanying check box), write notes, and list the things that you are thankful for.

10. Productive Week Planner

printable weekly planner with time slots | horizontal weekly planner printable | printable planner ideas

via Modern Hustle Studio

Although to-do list apps have already become quite popular, helping us efficiently manage our time, nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you get to cross an item off of your handwritten to-do list.

This minimalistic weekly planner allows you to do just that.

It also comes with added features to further boost your productivity, such as:

  • A weekly habit tracker for up to three important habits
  • Priority for the week (located at the header)
  • Ample space for a to-do list
  • Boxes designated for your weekday appointments

Now you’ll never miss out on anything important!

11. Organize Your Week Printables

2020 printable calendar minimalist | printable study planner 2020 | free printable weekly planner template 2020

via Abby Lawson

Having a weekly planning system is of great help when you want to be organized and stay on-task with your deliverables. And a good time-management system helps you weed out time-sink activities that tend to become hurdles to your productivity. The right planner makes this possible.

It comes with a time-blocking feature with one-hour intervals to help you focus on your tasks. The printable also comes with a space at the bottom of the page that allows you to set goals for the week.

Print out the two-page spread and use with a ring-binder notebook so you can take it anywhere.

12. Grayscale Weekly Planner

how to make planner pages in excel | weekly planner printable 2020 | weekly printable planner free

via Paper Trail Design

If you are looking for ink-friendly printable planner templates, you might want to try this one, which comes in a grayscale theme. It includes spaces for writing your schedule from Monday to Sunday.

It also contains a box for listing your goals, a to-do list, and a space for notes.

This clean look is ideal for those who want a straightforward weekly planner so they can get to the business of accomplishing everything they planned for the week.

13. Girl Boss Planner

unicorn and rainbow planner | whimsical weekly plan | my week planner

via Pine State DIY

If you are like most people, you probably use your phone as the main repository for all your to-do lists, appointments, reminders, and notes. But maybe it’s time to lighten the burden on your phone by finding a new system for staying on top of things.

Several studies show that writing information by hand is good for the brain. It boosts memory and recall, and also sharpens your focus.

This planner template can help you get started. It has sufficient spaces for your weekly schedule, plus there is a place where you can write down your goals. It has a built-in habit tracker for your Top 7 habits, and also has a place for writing notes or reminders for yourself.

14. Super Cute Cats Weekly Planner

weekly planner template google docs | weekly planner pinterest | personal planner in excel

via Printables And Inspirations

Cat lovers rejoice, for this planner celebrates your favorite members of the animal kingdom. It has several design variations all revolving around the same cat theme.

This planner comes in pastel colors and features several extremely cute cat illustrations (there is one for each day of the week). This can be a purr-fectly suitable gift for someone who loves cats and being organized.

15. Pink Weekly Planner

reflections planner | passion roadmap passion planner | passion planner road map pdf

via Woo! Jr Kids Activities

If you love pink, you’ll love this printable planner. It comes with enough writing spaces for all your schedules, appointments, and to-do’s for every day of the week. The spaces for Saturday and Sunday are noticeably larger than for the weekdays. Perhaps this is designed to encourage you to do more relaxing stuff during the weekends!

This planner also has a to-do list, a box for your goal of the week, and some space at the bottom of the page for your notes.

One standout feature of this planner is the space reserved for “positive thoughts,” where you can write an affirmation to get you going for the rest of the week. In line with this, you might want to visit this post featuring over 160 positivity quotes to brighten your day.

16. Weekly Planning With Valentine the Llama

free printable weekly planner 2020 | weekly planner template excel | weekly schedule template google docs

via Goodie Mood

Here’s another charming planner design for animal lovers. Meet Valentine the llama, who will help you plan your week with precision and cuteness.

This two-column planner provides spaces for you to write your plans for the week. On the right column, there is also ample space for a to-do list.

No matter how hectic your week is, this charming design will work wonders to cheer you up.

17. Pineapple Splash Planner

shining mom weekly planner | free printable daily planner 2020 pdf | free life organization printables 2020

via Tiffany Saunders Blog

This planner evokes sun and fun while helping you achieve a highly productive and organized life.

To maximize the use of your planner, we suggest doing the following:

Set aside time to brainstorm your schedule for the week. Ideally, this should be on Sunday evening. Make sure you will be undisturbed for at least an hour so you can focus on what lies ahead in the next seven days.

Write your daily routines in their appropriate boxes. Add your daily habits in there, too. Some planners have built-in habit trackers, providing you with a convenient space for keeping track of habits you’re building.

Take note of special dates, and mark them on the planner page.

If you are practicing a gratitude habit, take note of incidents and situations that you are grateful for throughout the week. If your planner has an allocated space, record your gratitude experiences there.

Finally, take at least five minutes in the evening to review how things went that day and to double-check what needs to be done the next day.

18. Unicorn and Rainbow Planner

daily planner printer | free printable daily calendars | free printable planner

via Design Dazzle

If you are looking for a cute planner design, this one features a unicorn and a rainbow for the fantasy life you are working to build.

Meet all your weekly goals by writing them on this planner that provides spaces for your schedule from Sunday to Saturday. There is also space for your notes.

This is one template that we highly recommend using planner stickers with!

19. Plan Ahead Minimalist Weekly Planner

undated pdf planner | hour planner | weekly reflection printable

via Gathering Beauty

This planner has the simplest design among all of those featured today. The template gives you an uncluttered view of the entire schedule for the week. Plus, like most grayscale designs, this printable planner helps you save on ink.

20. Weeklies and Main Goal

via On Planners

This planner comes in a botanical theme that allows you to view your entire weekly schedule all at once.

It has spaces for all the seven days of the week. Furthermore, there are boxes where you can write your main goals, calls and emails you need to answer, and other reminders for the whole week.

The free version does come with a watermark, and isn’t fully editable. Nevertheless, all the features mentioned above are accessible and usable.

A weekly planner is highly advantageous for several reasons, including:

  • Keeping track of all your tasks and responsibilities at any given moment
  • Focusing on important projects
  • Increasing your productivity

21. Minimalist Weekly Planner

via Bobbi Printables

Here is another minimalist and ink-friendly planner design that you might want to try. The default size of this template is A4, and it can be easily adjusted to your preferred paper size.

You can choose either a Monday or Sunday start of the week for your planner. It has ample space in the boxes for writing down your plans for each day of the week, plus some notes.

What can you use your planner for, specifically? Some people use their planners for the following:

22. Colorful Weekly Blogging Planner

via Black Cat Nails

This planner is specifically designed for avid bloggers. It has a colorful, eye-catching design and cool features to help keep track of and improve your blog’s metrics.

On one column, there is a main calendar for each day of the week. Another column features a space where you can state your weekly goal; a box for to-do’s; a reviews tracker; a section for opportunities; and a “coming up” box for ideas that you might be implementing next week.

Another interesting feature found in this template consists of icons at the right-hand edge in every box of the weekly calendar. These serve as check boxes for the tasks associated with the symbols, and they are specific for blog work. Some of the icons include:

  • Email (for checking emails)
  • Chart (for checking your blog’s stats)
  • Comment bubble (for checking and replying to comments)
  • Link (for checking and fixing links)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

23. My Weekly Planner

via Creative Calendars

Here is a template with a festive theme. It features a to-do list, along with a six-day calendar (Saturday and Sunday are merged in one box). This planner is ideal for keeping track of your schedule during the weekdays, such as at work or in school.

In addition to the calendar and the space for your to-do list, there is also an area where you can write down notes, ideas, and other personal reminders for the week.

This planner comes in landscape format. You might consider pinning it to your memo board, to provide a quick view of your weekly schedule.

24. Bulleted Week Planner

via Calendar World

Keep track of your weekly routine with this cheerful template. With its bulleted format, you can easily tell each task or schedule from the other in your list.

This weekly planner has space for your schedule and tasks from Monday to Saturday. There are also spaces for important notes and goals for the week.

25. Weekly Printable Page

via Teal Notes

This printable template has two variants: an ink-friendly, black-and-white page, and a vibrant, festive one. Choose whichever best reflects your mood for the week.

At the bottom of the page, there is space where you can write notes and personal reminders. The calendar has a Sunday start, with columns allocated for each day of the week.

26. Hexagonal Weekly Planner

via PB And J Studio

For those who like hand-drawn and hand-painted planner designs, this one from PB and J Studio is a great option. It features a black-and-white, hexagonal weekly planner template.

In addition to the spaces allocated for the seven days of the week, you’ll also find a section for writing down your thoughts. There is also a water tracker, which is quite useful if you’re making it a habit to increase your water intake.

27. B&W Hand Drawn Effect Weekly Planner

via Ekocentryczka

Here is another hand-drawn template done in a black-and-white theme. It features spaces for your plans and schedules for all seven days of the week. Furthermore, there are areas for writing down your reminders and notes.

You can use planners to track your weight-loss goals, master new skills, or establish better study habits.

28. At a Glance Weekly Printable Template

via House Mix

If you’ve been using a weekly planner to plot out your schedule, there were probably times when you wished that there were a monthly calendar right on the planner page. This is helpful, as you can have a quick look at the days ahead in order to plan your week.

This printable features a template for a monthly calendar, along with the weekly planner. There is sufficient space within each day of the week to list down all of your scheduled activities. There is also a separate, two-column to-do list, as well as a section for errands.

Everything is available at a glance—isn’t that convenient?

29. The Free Floral Weekly Planner

via The Cottage Market

This elegantly designed, weekly planner is bordered by floral bouquets on two sides of the page, and features boxes for six days of the week (with the weekend merged into one). You can write down up to five weekly objectives in the appropriate space. Furthermore, there are spaces for your to-do list and personal notes.

You can print out this template in letter, half-letter, A4, or A5 size.

Other Useful Printables for Building Habits

29 Free Weekly Planner Template Printables for 2022