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Do you have a hard time meeting deadlines?

Are people constantly reminding you to finish tasks?

Have you forgotten important things you were supposed to do this week?

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of work you’re supposed to get done?

There’s no need to panic if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions. All you need to do is create a to-do list.

A to-do list is a simple yet effective tool that can help you stay on top of things you need to accomplish.

There are many apps that can help you create a to-do list, and they come with lots of nifty features to help you become more productive.

However, science agrees that writing down your weekly to-do list is still one of the most effective method for getting things done.

For today’s article, we’ve rounded up some of the best printable weekly to-do list templates you can use for free to keep track and accomplish what you need to do over the next seven days.

The Benefits of Using a Weekly To-Do List

Writing down your weekly tasks benefits you in several different ways. Here are some of the advantages:

Helps get tasks done according to priority.  By creating a to-do list, you get a clear view of which weekly tasks are urgent and/or important and which ones don’t need immediate attention. It is then easier to get them done based on priority.

Helps plan the whole week. With a weekly to-do list, you can see ahead of time what a task requires and where you need to be. With such a list, you can plot out a weekly schedule more easily.

Helps you become more productive. When you use a weekly to-do list, you have a constant visual reminder of what needs to be done. There’s less chance of forgetting a task or missing a deadline. Thus, your personal productivity improves.

Helps lay the foundation for accomplishing long-term goals. Your to-do list may feature tasks that are part of your weekly routine and a habit-stacking routine can serve as the foundation for success when it comes to your goals.

Continue reading to check out the awesome examples we’ve compiled for you.

1. Minimalist Weekly To-Do List

Let’s begin with this simple yet elegant template for your weekly to-do list. It comes in landscape format, with sufficient space for listing stuff you need to do for seven days.

There is a box allocated for each day of the week, and you can list up to seven tasks per day. The lists are bulleted, and you can tick the bullets corresponding to the tasks that you’ve accomplished.

Finally, there is space for writing notes or reminders for the week.

2. Green-Themed Template

Here’s a simple, green-themed template with a straightforward format that is effective for keeping track of the progress of your weekly tasks.

There is a section for writing your “start date” and “end date,” which makes sense for people who keep track of weekly tasks but don’t necessarily start them on specific days.

The columns feature the following headings:

  • Date
  • Day
  • To-Do
  • Status
  • Completed By

3. Household To-Do List

This template is designed to help a household run in perfect order.

It keeps track not only of tasks for the week, but also of meals, priorities, and shopping.

There is also space allocated for writing down notes.

The “Next Week” section is a nice addition that helps identify possible future goals or tasks that need to be prioritized for the next week.

4. Grayscale Template

Check out this classy example in a grayscale theme if you’re looking for a simple template that helps keep your week running smoothly.

Half of the page has space for writing your tasks and goals for the week. A box is assigned for every day of the week, starting with Monday.

Meanwhile, on the other half of the page, there is space for writing the week’s main goals and a general to-do list.

This template has a gentle reminder about self-care in its header: “Plan your week and prioritize rest.

5. Pink Roses Theme Template

This template is in landscape format and is ideal if you are looking for something floral themed.

The layout is very simple, with the names of the days of the week on the left-hand side of the page. Two columns provide space for writing your goals for every day of the week.

6. Colorful To-Do List

Here’s an eye-catching template for those who want a more colorful weekly to do list.

It’s pretty straightforward as a template, with enough space for writing up to three major goals for each day of the week, plus some important notes.

Pro Tip: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of printing out a lot of templates for every week of the year, you might consider laminating a single page.

At the start of each week, write your major to-dos on your laminated template using an erasable marker. Put your laminated list somewhere you can easily spot it, such as the fridge door.

7. Black and White To-Do List

Finally, here is an elegant example from Scattered Squirrel.

This template has several useful features that help keep you productive and give you the opportunity to prioritize self-care.

Sections that you’ll find in this template include:

  • Weekly Focus
  • Top Three Things
  • I Must Complete
  • Errands to Run

A section called “Worries for Another Week” is a nice touch to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed about what’s on your plate this week.

8. Checkered Template

Here is another minimalist template to help get the weekly tasks done in an orderly manner. It is similar to the previous example in the setup, although this one is in landscape format.

It has bullet lists for every day of the week, with space allocated for up to 7 tasks per day. This template also has a box for writing quick notes or important reminders.

Pro Tip: To avoid “busy work,” which refers to tasks that don’t do anything for your productivity, the top two to-dos on your list for any particular day should be major tasks that absolutely need to be done for the day.

9. A Set of Printable To-Do Lists

Here’s a set of printable weekly to-do templates with cheerful themes to brighten up your week.

You’ll find most of the templates in this selection have space for writing up to several tasks for each day of the week. Some have tick boxes or bullet points in front of each list item that you can check once you’ve done the tasks.

You can choose between having individual dedicated sections for your Saturday and Sunday to-do lists or only a single column for both Saturday and Sunday.

10. Your To-Do List

A to-do list minimizes the stress of having so much to do for the week and the potential of forgetting some of your responsibilities. [Click here to check out Proven Ways to Relieve Your Stress.]

Lists can be pinned to your bulletin board or office wall as a visual reminder.

This example in black and white with a landscape format provides 2 options: a black template and a bulleted one.

There is sufficient space for keeping track of your daily deliverables and projects for the week. For the bulleted template, you can write up to 10 tasks per day.

There is an extra-large space for writing important notes, such as phone numbers or details of a personal project for quick reference.

11. The Ultimate Weekly To-Do List

Need a system to keep track of all your to dos for the week? This template provides spaces for different categories of your tasks, which allow you to see what needs to be done at a glance.

The spaces are reserved for writing down lists of activities, projects, and tasks you need to accomplish or take care of, such as:

  • Things To Do
  • Errands To Run
  • Goals

A section of this template is dedicated to listing important things to do for every day of the week.

Finally, sufficient space is allocated for reminders and notes. This is quite useful if you are working on being more mindful every day. You might want to write your realizations, inspiring quotes, or important reminders for the week in this section.

Final Thoughts

Having a to-do list is useful to stay on top of the things you need to do. A couple of other advantages include:

Being able to lay the foundation of a good habit that helps accomplish your long-term goals

Keeping you from becoming overwhelmed

We hope you enjoyed this post and found a weekly to-do list template that will help plan your week.

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