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There are a ton of benefits to taking up a hobby that you enjoy. These extra-curricular activities that you choose to fill your free time will boost your individuality and increase your sense of satisfaction with life.  

You can choose hobbies that fit your personality and lifestyle, and there are a lot of hobbies that you can enjoy from childhood all the way into retirement.

In this article, we will explore 55 hobbies for men and look at resources for each to help get you started.

55 Hobbies for Men of All Ages

1. Run

Running is a great hobby for men of all ages and ability levels. Not only can running reduce stress, it also has well-known physical health benefits as well. 

If you think that running just isn’t really your thing, I urge you to give it a chance. Like many others, you may find your runs to be relaxing and a part of your day or week that you look forward to.

And, with more muscle strength, more endurance, and a lower number on the scale, you won’t regret picking up this hobby.

Finally, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S., you may even be prolonging your life by running.

So grab a friend or join a group…or take on running as an individual hobby to give yourself some time to do some reflection and get some peace away from the outside world.

Resource: If you’re new to running, start with the Couch to 5k program.

2. Play Video Games

This may be a hobby you tried to put away years ago, but playing video games doesn’t have to feel like a waste of time. In fact, many video games offer educational and cognitive benefits for adults and children alike, including:

  • Giving your brain a workout
  • Increasing problem-solving skills
  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing spatial-reasoning skills

And even if you just have fun playing video games, that’s enough to justify it as being a legitimate hobby. The benefits that come along with it will occur whether you’re aware of them or not. 

Resource: These are the 50 best video games of our century

3. Take an Online Class

Taking classes online is the easiest way to become a lifelong learner, and while online schooling was once seen as being illegitimate, it’s now a common way to learn.

There are online classes in almost every subject you may be interested in, and becoming familiar with websites such as Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy is especially helpful because they offer instruction from professionals who can help clarify things for you if you have any questions. 

Finally, online instructors typically offer extra resources to their students that aren’t accessible to the public. These current materials can help you stay on top of emerging professional trends. 

Whether you want to continue your learning for personal or professional reasons, using the internet as a learning tool is a practical hobby that offers many benefits. 

Resources: These online platforms are great for learning a new language, and here are 37 free Udemy courses to help you on your journey to personal development.

4. Play Chess

You can enjoy playing chess whether you have a chess board and a partner or not, as this classic game is readily available online and through apps, so it’s easy to play under any circumstances. And, no matter how you play, you will be giving your brain a workout.

Playing chess is a fun and challenging hobby in which you can always advance your skills. And, along with the sense of friendly competition you will have, you will be improving your cognitive function in the areas of your brain that control your ability to focus, solve problems, think analytically, remember things, and make decisions. 

Resource: This video is a great tool for beginners who are just starting out with learning how to play. 

5. Go Camping

You can go camping with your friends or your family, but either way, you’ll have a blast and get the perks of being out in nature. There are so many health benefits that you can get from spending time outdoors being active. 

Going camping lets you get some exercise into your day in an environment that’s completely unrelated to your professional life, which can actually reduce symptoms of clinical depression. Just pick up some camping and hiking gear and you will be ready to go on an outside adventure.

Resource: This article gives great advice for beginner hikers.

6. Learn to Play the Guitar

Learning to play the guitar isn’t as hard as it looks, and it’s something that both you and those around you can benefit from.

Whether you gather friends for a sing along or you write your own original song, this hobby is something that you can enjoy for years to come. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive, and once you have a guitar, there are no additional fees!

Resource: Here is an overview of guitar lessons you can find online. 

7. Woodworking

Being able to take a piece of plain wood and make something useful out of it is a practical and creative craft that is also very impressive. Think of how cool it would be to point out the furniture in your house that you’ve made by hand. 

Many who have taken up woodworking as a hobby report having reduced stress and an increased level of patience. Also, woodworking is a “whole brain” activity, as you’re:

  • Using hand-eye coordination 
  • Using your senses of touch and sound 
  • Being creative in thinking about the design and finish of your product
  • Using your spatial reasoning skills to figure out how all of the pieces fit together. 

You’re also measuring and converting fractions in your head, so you’ll definitely be using both the left and right sides of your brain and activating the wiring in between. 

Resource: Here are 56 tips for woodworking beginners. 

8. Road Biking

The freedom you get from feeling the wind on your face as you’re gliding down the road is a sensation that you probably loved as a kid. But, once you got your driver’s license, your bike may have started to gather some dust.

But you don’t need to abandon this activity that you loved so much while you were growing up.

Biking has seen a huge gain in popularity since the coronavirus hit, and if you really get into it, you can start participating in races, or you can just go for joy rides around town using the power of your own body to propel you. 

Resource: Here are some rules and etiquette for road biking.

9. Mountain Biking

You can also get into mountain biking, which gives you the extra perk of spending time in nature. Mountain biking has a pretty short learning curve, and once you get the hang of it, there are plenty of fun ways to keep progressing your craft. 

Mountain biking is a low-impact sport that’s both engaging and exciting. You’ll find it to be rewarding to explore new areas and gain unique experiences as you’re exploring the trails in your area. Plus, compared to other hobbies, mountain biking isn’t hugely expensive. 

Resource: This video will show you ten tips for beginners. 

10. Join a Sports League

Find other people in your area who enjoy the same sports that you do and start a league! Or, find an existing league and see how you can get involved. This is a great way to make new friends, add some activity into your day, and have fun with some friendly competition

Softball and kickball leagues are popular, but you may also be interested in tennis, pool, bowling, basketball, or any other type of league you can find or put together. 

Coupling socializing with being active makes for a pretty ideal hobby.

Resource: This website allows you to put in your city to find a nearby sports league of your choice.

11. Gardening

Cultivating your own land and providing for your family’s needs by growing fresh food is a very powerful skill to have.

All you need is a little bit of space in your yard to be self-reliant and grow fruits and vegetables. And, eating produce that’s straight from your own soil is the best way to get natural vitamins and minerals into your diet. 

Getting outside in the fresh air will give you some exercise and sunlight, which will benefit your health as well, and watching your seedlings turn into crops will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Resource: These ten tips will help you start off your garden on the right foot.

12. Kayaking

This hobby is not only relaxing, it’s a great way to get some upper body exercise into your routine. It takes some skill to captain a kayak, so you will need some practice to get the hang of it if you’re a beginner. You will learn about various strokes and where the best places to kayak in your area are.

Start by looking into a local rental, and if you love it, you can buy yourself a kayak. This versatile sport can be done alone or in groups, and engaging in this activity on the water will help you connect with nature, appreciate the great outdoors, get in a good workout, and adopt an exciting new hobby.

Resource: This link will provide you with places you can kayak near your home.

13. Barbeque

Learning how to smoke meat or barbeque on a charcoal grill is fun and will result in a finished creation that will be satisfying to your mind and stomach. There is a low barrier to entry for this hobby, as you only need a grill and some meat. 

As you get used to working with the tools and different cuts of meat, you can experiment with new methods, spices, and working with foods other than meat. Creating meals for your friends and family on the grill can also be a social hobby as you stand around the grill talking with your buddies. 

Resource: This video will show you how to barbeque meat just right.

14. Marksmanship

Taking up a shooting sport as a hobby can lead to becoming an expert marksman. This craft requires a steady hand and complete focus, so if you feel like you’re good at those things, this may be a good hobby for you. 

There are nationwide shooting clubs that specialize in a variety of gun sports. You can do clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting, and some places even offer Cowboy action shooting. 

This hobby can add up financially, as ammo doesn’t come cheap and guns are certainly a costly up front expense. You’ll also need to pay to rent space at a gun range, so it’s important to keep these factors in mind. 

Resource: Here are five tips to becoming a great marksman.

15. Ship in a Bottle

This is a classic hobby for men–creating an intricate ship inside of a glass bottle. Your final product will amaze adults and kids alike as they try to figure out how in the world you got that ship through the tiny opening of the bottle.

Creating a ship in a bottle requires dedication, focus, and a steady hand. In addition to creating ships in bottles, you can also make “impossible bottles” with other things such as tennis balls or cards. 

Resource: Check out this link on how to make impossible bottles. 

16. Model Building

If you’re interested in the model building part but don’t want to mess with the bottle, that’s a great hobby too! You can create replicas of cars, ships, trains–anything that you’re interested in. 

Building models helps you focus on detail and will probably prompt you to look into the history of what you’re making. And, your end result will be a neat replica that will certainly be impressive to others. 

Getting started with model building isn’t hard– just go to a hobby shop or look online for a kit, which will provide you with the supplies and instructions you need.

Resource: This video will help you get into model building.

17. Weightlifting

Gaining muscle is a practical benefit to weightlifting, but you will also improve your health by engaging in this hobby.

Once you start getting into weightlifting, you’ll no longer dread working out. Rather, you’ll start to structure your day around your exercise regime. 

You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment as you progress with your weightlifting, and you will be amazed in a few months when you look back at how far you’ve come. 

Resource: This video will help you with your technique when you’re lifting. 

18. Bowling

Seventy years ago, men would gather together in bowling alleys to congregate in league teams. This was a great way for men to hang out, drink beer, and smoke cigars. Bowling alleys were a masculine escape from home life. 

Today, bowling is a hobby that you can easily share with friends, so it’s a perfect hobby to take up if you want to be social. Call up your friends and form a league that meets weekly.  

Resource: Here is a professional bowling tutorial.

19. Survival Prepping

While doomsday preppers have been mocked through reality TV, this can be an enjoyable–and potentially useful–activity for those who want to have a solid plan in case the apocalypse truly is upon us. 

Prepping doesn’t just involve gathering supplies for emergencies, it also requires learning skills and survival strategies. You can practice much of this in your backyard, and you’ll probably feel like a badass once you’re completely prepared. 

Resource: Here are some basic tips to get you started. 

20. Fishing

Many people associate fishing with living a happy and healthy life. When you think about fishing, your mind may turn to images of endless horizons of calm, serene water that help take your mind off of any stressors you have in your everyday life. 

Fishing was once one of few ways for humans to survive before we had everything available to us at the touch of a button. But many people still enjoy this hobby for its ability to reduce stress, get out on the open water, and bond with other fishermen.

Fishing also helps you feel a sense of fulfillment. When you’re fishing, you will be learning skills, patience, and practicing goal setting, which will help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Fishing is about the process more than the end result, so even if you don’t catch anything, the pleasure of baiting your hooks, casting your rod, and feeling fish tug on your pole are all spectacular feelings.

Resource: Here is a beginner’s guide to fishing.

21. Golfing

Golf is a gentleman’s game, as the process of swinging a club is (or should be) graceful, you play on manicured lawns, and you wear suitable attire.

Spending a few hours on the course, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, will always offer you a game of friendly competition against others and yourself. 

In other sports, you typically have to be better than your opponent, but one of the unique things about playing golf is that you will constantly be working to improve your own game. 

Resource: This video will show you the basics to getting into this sport. 

22. Sailing

Sailing is a hobby that many dream of doing, and it incorporates some ancient disciplines such as weather forecasting, navigation, and advanced rope skills. Sailing will give you a literal breath of fresh air, while also providing you with physical and mental activity. 

Sailing can be expensive, but costs can be cut by taking classes, renting boats, etc., so don’t think you need to run out and buy a sailboat right away. Sailing is also something that you can share with your whole family as you go out on day trips with the group.

Resource: Here is a step-by-step guide for sailing for beginners.

23. Scuba

You can stay on top of the seas with sailing, or you can go down below to take a tour of the deep oceans. You need to take classes to start doing this hobby and become certified before taking a dive.

This may limit those of you who live in a place without a lot of surrounding water, but even inland areas offer classes and scuba shops. 

You can even become scuba certified inland and then transfer your skills once you’re on a vacation in the clear waters of the Keys.

Resource: Here are some underwater skills and lessons for scuba diving.

24. Motorcycling

Whether you have a goal of riding your motorcycle across the entire country or you prefer to spend most of your time messing with it in your garage, lots of men enjoy this hobby. Riding a motorcycle offers a lot of mental benefits beyond just having fun. 

When you’re driving in a car, you’re passively observing your surroundings, but when you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re in complete contact with the scenery.

Plus, riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car can help you save some major money. Not only will you save money in gas, you’ll also save in expensive car maintenance and repairs.  

Resource: Here is a step-by-step guide to riding a motorcycle.

25. Intramural Sports

No matter what your personality is, having a team sport in your life can help you feel a sense of comradery and give you a chance to get some physical activity into your routine.

Participating in intramural sports will help boost your testosterone level, keep you in shape, fight symptoms of depression, and reduce stress

Giving your competitive spirit an outlet is a great way to incite feelings of motivation and inspire you to set some goals for yourself. Plus, you can make new friends with people who enjoy playing the same sport that you do. 

Resource: You can search for leagues near you here.

26. Roast Coffee

If you go out of your way to get the good coffee at high-priced cafes every day before work, consider roasting your own at home to get that rich taste you’ve become accustomed to.

Sure, mass-produced stuff can taste alright, and it’s much easier to make…roasting your own coffee will be worth it in the end as soon as you taste it. 

This hobby will also save you money because your home-roasted coffee will average about $6.50 per pound, while the average cost from a grocery store is $8.50 per pound. You can either get a coffee roasting machine, or you can roast your coffee on the grill or in the oven. 

Your final product will also make a great gift for friends, or you could sell your beans at a local farmer’s market. Discover all of the methods of brewing coffee that you can, and soon enough you will be a coffee aficionado.

Resource: Here’s your beginner’s guide to roasting coffee.

27. Martial Arts

There are a lot of benefits to practicing martial arts such as gaining discipline, focus, and the ability to defend yourself. Practicing martial arts can also help improve your health, help you connect with a manly sport, and help you feel like a warrior. 

There are a variety of different types of martial arts to choose from, so just do your research to find which discipline feels right for you. Whether you choose karate, kickboxing, Judo, or mixed martial arts, this hobby will benefit you in many ways. 

Resource: Here is a quick guide to starting your martial arts training at home.

28. Archery

This may seem like an old-timey activity, but there’s nothing wrong with getting back to the basics. Archery is a primitive sport that works on manpower. While it used to be used for combat and hunting, today, archery is more of a competitive sport and hobby. 

This focused, repetitive activity requires precision and determination. And, once you get into it, it can help settle your mind as you try to get a bullseye.  

Beginner bows are inexpensive, so you can get into this hobby pretty quickly. You can even go to archery parks that have 3D targets that resemble animals in the woods, which is pretty cool.

Resource: This website has all of the information on doing archery as a recreational activity that you may need. 

29. Hunt For Gold

Searching for gold can be a fun thing to do that may even result in some pocket money if you find something good. While gold mining was once a commercial endeavor, it’s now an outdoor activity that even kids can enjoy. 

You will probably start hunting for gold on a small creek, and you will soon find out that a lot of the fun of this hobby is in the research–finding out where people have found gold before, how it travels, and where it tends to end up.

Once you get to that point, your chances of finding something good will be much greater. 

Resource: Here is some great information to help get you started. 

30. Hunting

Historically, hunting has been a way to welcome boys into manhood, providing them the chance to bond with others in a male setting.

Today, most men get their meat packaged from the grocery store, and they get the added hormones and antibiotics along with it. This has created quite a disconnect between men, food, and the outdoors.

If you want to reconnect with nature, going hunting is a good way to do so. It will allow you to give your family a source of high-quality meat and you will be supporting wildlife conservation, because the money you spend on your hunting license helps fund wildlife agencies.

Plus, you’ll get to bond with others who are also engaging in this hobby.

Resource: This website is the biggest database for hunting knowledge. 

31. Start a Collection

Men’s brains love to focus on one thing at a time, so zeroing in on something and creating a collection out of it can be a great pastime for men. Furthermore, with men’s ancient desire to go on a hunt, looking for things to add to your collection will never get old. 

You can spend years trying to find that last piece to complete your collection, but the thrill is in the hunt. Whether it’s baseball cards, stamps, coins, or whatever, having a collection can be a really fun hobby.

Resource: Here is a great video that will teach you how to start a collection. 

32. Metalworking

Metalworking involves heating and manipulating metals to create both small and large-scale projects. You can make everything from car parts to jewellery to garden archways.

There are a ton of processes, skills, and techniques you can learn depending on the kind of metalworking you choose to do. Some techniques include cutting, forming, and joining various metals.

Metalworking is an ancient skill that has come a long way over thousands of years. Working with metal offers the same benefits of woodworking, but rather than being surrounded by sawdust, you’ll be working with fire and melted metal.

Having this hobby can result in some amazing creations that can be passed on for generations to come. 

Resource: Here is how to get started.

33. Car Restoration

Cars have come a long way in terms of sophistication and technology, making DIY car mechanics increasingly difficult. However, if you still have the urge to put your inner mechanic to use, taking up classic car restoration might be the right hobby for you. 

Learning this hobby will help you sharpen your problem-solving skills, learn about engineering, and give you a huge sense of reward when you rebuild an engine that works like a charm.  

Restoring classic cars can be expensive, however, the cost can pay off in the end because you can sell your fully-restored car for a good amount of money–if you’re willing to part with it. 

Resource: This is a great website for car enthusiasts who restore classics as a hobby.

34.   Create Art

One study recently looked at how creating art impacts your brain differently than simply looking at it. The researchers split participants into two groups, one that participated in a 10-week art appreciation class, and another who took a 10-week art class in which they made their own work. 

The researchers looked at brain MRIs of the participants and found that those who actively did art had more overall brain activity and connectedness than those who only looked at it.

The researchers also discovered that the increased brain activity had a direct correlation with one’s resilience–meaning their ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adverse circumstances. 

So whether you choose to paint, draw, or even do some clay molding, this stress-relieving hobby can have practical benefits to your long-term health.

Resource: Here are 13 art projects you can do at home. 

35. Geocaching

If you like treasure hunts, you will love geocaching. This outdoor hobby takes you on a hunt with a GPS to find and hide treasures (“geocaches”) in areas that are marked by coordinates located all over the world. Here is how the process goes:

  • Get your free membership
  • Enter your zip code into the “Hide & Seek a Cache” page on the website 
  • Pick a cache from the list that pops up
  • Put the coordinates into your GPS 
  • Then go find it!
  • Once you’ve found it, sign the logbook and return the cache to where you found it
  • Share your treasures and experience online with other geocachers!

Most caches come in a waterproof container and include a logbook for all geocachers to sign. There will also be a little treasure in each one. 

This is a fun hobby because it gives you the opportunity to explore your city, meet others who enjoy this hobby, spend some time outdoors, and find a hidden treasure.

Resource: Here is a full guide to geocaching.

36. Learn How to Invest

Taking control of your financial wellbeing is a good idea at any age, so this is always a great hobby to take up. Learning about how to invest your money will have great long-term benefits, so if you find it to be an enjoyable hobby, you’ll be in luck.

Learn how to be financially independent by researching the best ways to invest your earnings.

Once you start to learn how to take control of your finances, you will find it to be both satisfying and empowering. Investing will help ensure your future financial security, as it can provide you with a second stream of income in addition to your salary. 

Resource: Here are some podcasts about personal finance that you may find to be more approachable than researching through reading. 

44. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is a fun and challenging hobby that will assert your brain in new ways while also teaching you about a diverse culture.

Learning a new language can help you both personally and professionally, as we live in a global economy where businesses look for employees who are multilingual.

You can take your time when learning a new language, and in the end, you will be able to communicate with an entire population that you weren’t able to in the past. 

Plus, learning a foreign language can provide you with a better understanding of the English language and culture.

Not only will you become more conscious of cultural customs, you will also become more aware of grammar, patterns of pronunciation, and your vocabulary. This benefit of learning a foreign language can help improve your listening, reading, and writing skills as well.

Resource: Check out these language-learning software sources.

45. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way for men to give back to the community and make a difference in this world. And science says doing so will also make you feel really good! Volunteering can also give you a sense of purpose and make you feel like you’re living a more fulfilling life. 

Volunteering for a cause that you’re passionate about will also introduce you to like-minded people and it may even open some doors for future job opportunities.

Resource: This website will show you volunteer opportunities in your area. 

46. Write a Book

Gone are the days where you have to rely on a publishing company in order to become a known author. You can write a book that will end up in a tangible format to pass down by publishing a book yourself

What topic really interests you or what do you consider yourself to be an expert at doing that you could teach others about? Or, you may believe you’re an expert at storytelling and you want to write a fictional book.

You don’t have to put yourself on a time limit when you’re self-publishing a book, you can wait until you feel it is just right.

Resource: This website will walk you through publishing your own book.

47. Learn Your Genealogy

Learning the roots of your family is a hobby that can benefit both you and the rest of your family. There are a lot of reasons to learn about your family’s history, many of which are practical. They include:

  • Uncovering the truth about stories of your ancestors 
  • Finding out if you’re related to any famous people
  • Locating your birth parents if you’re adopted
  • Learning about your family’s medical history
  • Tracing family heirlooms or inheritance 

Learning about your family’s history will help you understand your origins, and all you need to get started is the desire to know and some research skills. From there, just stay organized and you can research as far back into history as you want.

Resource: Here is a beginner’s guide to studying your genealogy.  

48. Practice Doing Stand-Up Comedy

Engaging with a happy audience is a great way to lighten your spirits, and making a hobby out of it means that you get to practice being funny on any everyday basis during your interactions with others.

You can use your living room as a stage and try to turn some of your real life situations into stories with a comedic effect. Even if you don’t end up performing for an audience, you will definitely boost your own mood as you start looking at things going on in your life from a comedic standpoint.

Resource: This class will get you started with performing stand-up comedy. 

49. Study Philosophy

I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered what the purpose of your life is or why you were born… you. If so, a great hobby to take up is studying philosophy, as this will help you determine what you believe is the truth about why we are all here. 

Learning about philosophy requires you to use both logic and reasoning skills to analyze the different perceptions that people have about the origins of life.

There are plenty of books out there that will start to get you thinking. Once you start learning about philosophy, you will easily get lost in it as your questions will lead to more questions than they will answers. 

Resource: These six tips will help you become an autodidact in philosophy.

50. Wood Burning

If you want to work with wood in a different way other than woodworking, wood burning might be right for you. Wood burning consists of burning a pattern or design onto wood using a searing tool that’s similar to a pen.

The pen is easy to hold, which will help ensure precision, and you can start this hobby in under $50. Wood burning requires an eye for detail, patience, and a mastery of your tools to get really advanced. 

Resource: Here is a video for beginners.

51. Jigsaw Puzzles

There are still plenty of games to play that aren’t online, and sometimes we all need to step away from the screens and give our eyes a rest. Plus, there are cognitive benefits to doing jigsaw puzzles as well, such as:

  • Exercising both sides of your brain, giving your brain a workout that will help improve your focus and problem-solving skills
  • Reinforcing neural connections and improving short-term memory 
  • Increasing processing speed
  • Relieving stress by reducing your blood pressure and heart rate 
  • Escaping the neverending stimuli of our tech lifestyle

Resource: Here is a list of Amazon’s best-selling jigsaw puzzles.

52. Do Some Thrifty Resale

If you enjoy going to flea markets or thrift stores, you know sometimes it’s hard to pass up a deal. Well, if you start doing some resale, you won’t have to!

When you come across something that you really wish you had a need for because it’s a great find, but you just don’t…buy it and then try to sell it online for a higher price. 

And, while you’re at it, list some items online that you already own but no longer have a use for. This will help you declutter your living space

Resource: Here is a good reselling 101 resource.

53. Watch Documentaries

Documentaries offer you entertainment and learning together in one activity and will widen your base of knowledge. They will also keep your brain active and give you more things to talk about with other people.

YouTube offers a ton of free options and you can also find good documentaries on HBO, Netflix, or whatever streaming service you subscribe to. Watching documentaries is a great way to introduce yourself to and learn about new topics and gain a better understanding of topics you may already know about. 

Resource: Here is a list of some of the best documentaries out there.

54. Learn Self-Defense

If you don’t already know self-defense techniques, now is the time to learn! You want to know how to defend yourself during these troubling times, and to ensure your safety, you should be familiar with the skills you need to escape a threat. 

Learning self-defense will help improve your confidence and awareness of your surroundings. Knowing about the most effective striking practices and precision when it comes to personal protection will afford you the best possible outcome in the case of an attack. 

Learning self-defense will also help reduce your chances of becoming a victim because it will teach you how to make smart choices regarding the situations you put yourself in.

Resource: Here are the best self-defense techniques for men. 

55. Read

You’re already familiar with the benefits of reading from older posts on DGH, but many of us don’t have the time we wish we did to spend on this hobby.

In fact, since 2004, the number of people in our country who have the time to read for pleasure has plummeted, going to 19% of the population from 28%. What’s more, the average amount of time people read per day is 15 minutes, not the hours on end that you may dream of doing on the beach. 

But reading is a great hobby because you can easily pick it up and put it down as needed and you can take your book on-the-go so you will always have it by your side. 

Resource: This post will teach you how to read faster so you can get more bang for your buck while you’re engaging in this hobby.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies for Men

Of course, this list of “Hobbies for Men” does not mean that many women will not also love these hobbies. They will! It is just that some of these hobbies tend to be more male oriented.

More traditional female hobbies are on this list: Hobbies for Women. But both lists are really gender neutral (and contain some of the same hobbies). So if you enjoy this “Hobbies for Men” post, I encourage you to check out my list “for women”, as well.

You have a lot of hobbies to choose from here, so I hope you feel like some of these ideas resonated with you.  One of the best things about taking up a hobby is that if you end up not loving it, you can easily move on to the next one. Give some of these ideas a shot and see how they can benefit your life.

And if you're still on the lookout for more hobbies to try, be sure to check out these articles:

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