27 November Bullet Journal Ideas and Templates

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Excited to create a layout for your November bullet journal spread?

The arrival of a new month is a wonderful opportunity to try out new bujo themes. Considering that November has a lot of notable holidays, you have a number of themes to work with to create a memorable bullet journal spread.

For today’s post, we’ve rounded up some of the best November spreads to showcase the endless possibilities of journal-making.

We’ve got samples and templates featuring themes guaranteed to jumpstart your creativity.

These wonderful examples were handpicked and curated to inspire you to take those bullet journal supplies out of storage and start making your own November spread.

We hope you enjoy these delightful samples.

(Side note: Don’t know the “right” way to journal?  If so, then check out this seven-step process for building a journaling habit that sticks.)

1. Leaf Stamp Cover Page

via my.life.in.a.bullet on Instagram

This layout uses a stamping technique that’s reminiscent of childhood arts and crafts to create a simple yet elegant November cover page.

A Tombow brush pen was used for calligraphy that adds a pop of color to the whole layout.

2. Through the Woods

via nicole.josephine on Instagram

This November weekly spread was created using stickers, printouts, doodles, and stamps in the same color scheme. This layout is a great inspiration if you want a monochromatic look for your bullet journal spread.

3. November in a Jar

via ambersnotebooks on Instagram

Need some ideas for your black bullet journal? Here’s an example for a black cover page for November.

This example used white gel pens and gold paint to create a stunning spread.

4. Hygge November Vision Board

via itskaitlingrey on Instagram

As the northern hemisphere prepares for the onset of the winter months, November is ideal for quiet contemplation.

For some people, this is a great time to slow down and focus on creating a cozy atmosphere in their homes and their mental space.

This bujo example reflects a desire for hygge, which is a way of life based on comfort and familiarity.

5. Fantastic Mushrooms

via dotted_ester on Instagram

Mushrooms are a popular bullet journal theme for both the month of November and the entire fall season. Here is a charming example of a mushroom forest created using pastels and waterproof pens.

6. Printable November Setup

via The Petite Planner

A bullet journal template is super helpful when you don’t have the time to make your November spread by hand. This example includes the following bujo elements:

They are ideal for use in an A5-sized journal and have been hand-drawn by the creator for added charm.

7. Watercolor Weekly Log

via little_coffee_fox on Instagram

Watercolors can lend a dramatic effect to your bullet journal spread this November. If you want to try it out, this is a great example to take inspiration from.

8. A Cup of Espresso

via my.life.in.a.book on Instagram

Love coffee? If so, your November layout is a wonderful opportunity to unite with other coffee lovers, considering that November 23rdis National Espresso Day!

You can celebrate the occasion for the whole month by creating a coffee-inspired spread for November.

9. Day of the Dead Theme

via siriusangel on Reddit

Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead falls on November 1st. This holiday originated in Mexico, but it is now observed in many parts of the world.

The example cover page above features a painted skull and takes inspiration from the holiday that commemorates our loved ones who have passed.

10. Tea Time

via tatisthingsofficial on Instagram

In case you prefer tea over coffee, here’s a sample cover page that features the relaxing beverage. Earth-toned colors were used to create a subtle, grounded look for the setup.

11. Fairytale Spread

via plinthced on Instagram

This fairytale-inspired spread features a highly stylized Dutch door that reveals the weekly pages of the bullet journal. The colorful layout is a charming way to incorporate magical symbolism into your journal.

12. Retro Trackers

via plinthced on Instagram

November is a great time to go inward and do some quiet contemplation.

This example, from the same creator as sample #11, showcases a retro-themed tracker spread. You can use it to monitor everything from your mood to water intake, dental-care habits, social media use, and more.

13. Hello November

via definitelybeautiful_bujo on Instagram

This simple cover page was created using a wreath stamp and some calligraphy. How would you embellish your own November cover page?

14. Bread Themed Mood Tracker

via yoon_younghye on Instagram

November 17th is National Homemade Bread Day, and this mood tracker commemorates this holiday.

It features the main characters of Studio Ghibli’s animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service surrounded by different kinds of bread to represent each day of the month.

If you love drawing, this kind of bullet journal setup is enjoyable to make.

15. A Full Set of Spreads for November

via sofiasbulletjournal on Instagram

Looking for a template you can use for your November spread? This bullet journal template set features everything you need to put together a functional and aesthetically pleasing thoughts organizer.

16. To Camp

via foodbugle on Instagram

This bullet journal entry features a camping theme. Most of the elements in this spread were created by hand.

If you love the outdoors, you might give this spread a try. Also, you might want to check out this post for some suggestions of fun outdoor hobbies that promote a sense of adventure.

17. November Critter

via tove_bujo on Instagram

If you’re looking for a simple cover page design, this is a great option. The clean lines and monochromatic, earth-toned color scheme imbues this spread with elegance.

18. November Is Tea Time

via anissa_bujo on Instagram

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a blue-themed example for a bullet journal spread, this one is worth checking out.

The creator is fascinated with tea and the color blue and has incorporated these elements into this November layout.

19. Birds on Wires

via Square Lime Designs

This minimalist weekly spread features a very simple header and sufficient space to record one’s thoughts, plans, and ideas for an entire week. Would you prefer something this simple for your own weekly pages?

20. Officially Pie Season

via its.just.queenin on Instagram

Love pie? Here’s an example that celebrates pie season by featuring an entire apple pie on the cover page.

21. What Am I Grateful For?

via plannerluka on Instagram

If you’re based in the US, you might want your bullet journal to feature the most widely celebrated holiday in November. Many people observe Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.

This is a great time to contemplate everything that you’re thankful for in life. Having a Gratitude Page is very appropriate for your bullet journal’s November section.

22. Thanksgiving Feast Spread

via ohkayjane on Instagram

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here’s another layout that features a sumptuous feast fit for the occasion. If you’re a foodie, this type of spread might be worth trying out in your own bullet journal.

23. Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

via dancinglan_doodles on Instagram

If you’re looking for a black-and-white spread for November, here’s one you might want to try.

This weekly spread features an illustrated mid-page divider, as well as functional elements such as:

  • A mini-calendar
  • Trackers
  • Inspiring quote for the week

24. Transition to a New Month

via Art Jungle

Here is a transition page you might want to try to bid the old month goodbye and welcome the incoming month. The concept is cleverly executed.

What do you think of this spread?

25. November Is Sweater Weather

via Sheena of the Journal

This printable November setup has everything you need for a cozy bullet journal spread.

Elements include:

  • Cover page featuring a watercolor design
  • Monthly calendar
  • Worksheet for your tasks and goals
  • Page for writing down memories
  • Trackers (mood and habit)
  • Gratitude page
  • …and more

26. Geometric and Golden

via Elizabeth Journals

Washi tape is a mainstay in a bullet journal owner’s supply box because of its versatility.

In this example, geometric washi tape is used as a major design component for this bujo’s November spread.

27. November Goals and Highlights

via Productive Pixie

This example features a monthly calendar for November, an encouraging quote, and boxes for writing down one’s goals and the month’s highlights.

Washi tape (again proving its usefulness) is used as a page divider and an accent that adds charm to the page.


We hope you enjoyed browsing through this collection of November bullet journal spread examples.

May they inspire you to channel your creativity into your bullet journal and create a truly meaningful and functional spread for November and the months beyond.

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27 November Bullet Journal Ideas and Templates