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It’s the New Year! If you’re looking for ideas to liven up your bullet journal monthly spread to start the year with intention, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re sharing a collection of inspiring spreads for your bullet journal monthlies. So read on for some of the best bujo layout examples created and used by fellow bullet journal devotees.

Creating the Monthly Spread

The monthly spread provides a quick overview of the entire month.

Having an at-a-glance spread of what happens in the next 28 to 31 days helps organize your schedule. This gives you the opportunity to be more productive and intentional each day.

To get started, list all upcoming events and other schedules for the month. Then, gather your favorite bullet journal supplies and find a quiet spot to create your monthly spread.

We hope the following examples will give you fresh idea on how to create your own bullet journal for the months ahead.

1. August in the Clouds

If you’re aiming for a clean look in your monthly spread, you might want to try this one from Christina of my.life.in.a.bullet.

The entire calendar is laid out on a two-page spread for easier viewing of the whole month.

Its cloud border adds visual interest and can be created with your favorite pens and highlighters.

(For more monthly theme inspiration, check out these posts on September, October, and November bullet journal theme ideas.)

2. Cacti Theme

Monthly spreads are a great jumping off point when you’re using a theme for your bullet journal.

In this example, we see a hand-drawn succulents border. What are your favorite themes for your bullet journal spreads?

3. Birthday Month Spread

If your birth month is coming up, why not make the whole monthly spread extra festive?

This example shows cakes, fireworks, and balloons—all components of a great celebration.

4. A Fantastical Month

This layout demonstrates that combining a minimalist calendar with a fantastic graphic can make for an impressive spread.

If you love fantasy art, then you might want to try this type of spread. It also allows you to show off your artistic prowess.

5. Spooky October Spread

This spooky spread works well in October, as you prepare for Halloween.

A black background shows off the calendar well, making it easier to see the upcoming events for the days ahead. There is also space for notes provided in the upper left corner of the spread.

A creepy quote from one of the most well-known authors of the horror genre ties together the whole spooky theme nicely.

Check out these other October bullet journal ideas.

6. A Moodboard Kind of Month

Mood boards, vision boards, and goal boards are wonderful tools for manifesting your goals this year.

And since they really work, why not evoke the mood you want for the whole month by creating a mood board as your bullet journal monthly spread?

7. Milk and Honey

This monthly log features lavender as a theme. On this spread, there is space for an entire month’s calendar.

In addition, there are boxes for writing down goals, to-do’s, and future logs.

This type of layout ensures productivity while infusing your planning and journaling for the month with flair and fun.

8. Unicorns and Rainbows

Speaking of fun, here is an example featuring a rainbow-themed monthly log. It provides a fun, playful vibe to your bujo.

Bullet journals can be made to adapt to the style preferences of their owners. So whether you like yours to be loaded with embellishments or as minimalistic as possible, your bullet journal can accommodate that.

Let creativity and resourcefulness be your guides.

9. Boho September

This layout is great for those who love anything boho.

In addition to helping you stay organized, creating a bullet journal spread also keeps you relaxed. It works like an adult coloring book and provides the same benefits. (Check out this roundup for more September bullet journal theme ideas.)

10. Lavender October Spread

Here is another lavender theme for you to try this month.

Fineliners and pens are used to create this spread, and the effect is simple and elegant. It’s a layout you want when you need something that is uncluttered but not entirely stark or minimalistic.

11. Coffee Toned November Spread

To achieve the warm look of this spread, you can use images, fineliners, and paints in brown tones. For the images, you can use stickers, printables, and even magazine cutouts.

This spread also has space for writing down an overview of tasks for the month, as well as a box that serves as a weight tracker.

12. Ocean Blue Theme

Sometimes you just want a minimalist theme for your bullet journal spread. Remember that the original developer of the bullet journal used only a pen to perfect this productivity system.

However, if you do want to incorporate color while maintaining the minimalist look, this example might work for you.

13. Lamps to Light the Way

Here is an opulent spread from Plinthced that features different types of lamps. They are colored in such a way that they seem to really give off light.

An awesome spread like this can be created by using a combination of different bullet journal supplies such as pastels, fineliners, mildliners, markers, etc.

If you’re new to bujoing, you might want to check out this post on what basic supplies to get to start your bullet journal adventure.

14. Jellyfishing

Here is another example from Plinthced. The overall color scheme is aquamarine. He pulled it off by using different media, creating this eye-catching aquatic theme for the month of June.

15. Calendar Wheel

Tired of boxes and linear presentations for your monthly log? How about using a circular calendar this time?

You can color code your appointments, put stickers on it to add pops of color to the page, or embellish it any way you like.

It’s a fun way to get an overview of what the month has in store.

16. Cold January

Monthly spreads are one of the best sections in a bullet journal to introduce a theme based on the seasons.

The creator of this spread used a wintry scene against a starry sky to celebrate the first month of the year.

What is your favorite seasonal theme?

17. Mountains and Constellations

This simple spread gives us a mini-calendar, hand-drawn graphics, and gold calligraphy. All of this is achievable using a few well-chosen writing tools.

If you’re into calligraphy, a spread like this is one way to hone that skill.

18. May Antiques

This kitschy spread is delightful in many ways. At first glance, it seems that the overall design merely presents a collection of antique objects.

Upon closer inspection, however, we discover several useful components of a bullet journal monthly log hidden within the objects.

The calendar is cleverly disguised as an apothecary cabinet.

Meanwhile, space for writing your goals for the month is disguised as a low side table.

Lastly, the comfy chair is actually a space on which to write your goals and notes for next month.

Awesome, isn’t it?

19. The Minimalist Spread

So far, we’ve featured spreads that bear some form of graphics. This time, we have a sample of a minimalist layout.

This layout is actually closer in appearance to the original monthly log that bullet journal pioneer Ryder Carroll developed. The dates are set alongside letters representing the days of the week.

The spread provides an at-a-glance look at all that’s happening in the particular month, with spaces for details on activities happening in the morning and the rest of the day.

20. Watercolor Spread

As mentioned earlier, you can get as creative as you like when making your bullet journal spreads.

You can use stickers, found objects, crayons, markers, etc. In this example, we see how the creator used watercolors to make this charming spread on a dot-grid notebook.

21. Parcels in December

If you are looking for a more interactive spread, check out the sample above.

The creative use of Kraft paper infuses this layout with a sense of fun. There is also a feeling of anticipation when you lift the flap for the dates and see what events are happening.

22. Fruits Theme

Stickers can elevate a very simple layout into an eye-catching spread.

If you are concerned that your artistic skills are not up to par for creating your monthly spread or if you don’t have the time to draw designs by hand, stickers are the next best thing.

This spread is one of the best examples of this principle.

23. Flowers and Cat of May

Pets are popular as themes for bullet journal spreads.

If you love cats, you might want to try a layout such as the example above. It features a white cat with a flower crown. The monthly calendar has flower borders as well.

24. Stickered

Here is another example of a monthly spread incorporating stickers in the overall design.

In this bullet journal, the stickers are not only used as accents or embellishments, but are also a major component in the layout of the monthly spread.

(Here is a list of the best planner stickers you can use to add visual interest to your bullet journal.)

Final Thoughts on Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

There you have it—25 monthly spread ideas and examples for your bullet journal.

We hope you’ve found a favorite design that you’ll try soon.

A bullet journal is a great way to keep track of your schedules, ideas, habits, and other important aspects of your life. Keeping a bullet journal does not have to be a complicated habit.

All you need is the right notebook and perhaps a couple of pens to write down your schedule and capture a wonderful idea from a brainstorming session.

If you need more resources, the following posts provide in-depth information related to bullet journals:

Finally, if you don’t know the “right” way to journal, then check out this seven-step process for building a journaling habit that sticks.

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