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Are you a bullet journaling fan looking for some fresh ideas on what to use next as a habit tracker?

Or are you new to bullet journaling and interested in how habit trackers function?

Either way, you’ve landed on the right page, as we’ve got some great finds for you. In this post, we’re going to give you a list of beautiful, useful habit tracker ideas and examples you can include in your next spread.

But before we get to our list, we want to share with you some of the benefits of habit tracking:

  • Accountability. Keeping a habit tracker helps you develop your sense of accountability. Whenever you don’t accomplish a task or habit you promised yourself to fulfill, it makes you feel a little guilty. Thus, you try your best to achieve it the next time.
  • Goal-setting. Habit trackers improve your goal-setting abilities, too. It is true that there are specific goal-setting planners you can use to focus on achieving your goals, but a habit tracker is a good tool in general to help you break down the tasks you need to master in order to achieve them.
  • Motivation. Habit trackers allow you to see your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you have long-term goals, you can even create one that is designed to depict your yearly accomplishments. And whenever you look at that progress, you feel more inspired and motivated to continue your habit development.
  • Productivity. Motivation is what keeps us going, and helps us maintain our productivity. Whenever you look at your planner or tracker, you feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve been doing things according to plan. That can give you the motivation to be more active and consistent in doing your daily habits and tasks.
  • Self-development. Bullet journalists and writers agree that one of the best ways to practice self-care and self-development is through habit tracking. You get to know yourself better and understand what you are best and worst at. Habit tracking helps you define your strengths and weaknesses.

Table of Contents

These are only a few of the many advantages of having a habit tracker in your journal. Now let’s check out our list of habit tracker ideas you can use!

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

1. DHG Monthly Habit Tracker

yearly habit tracker bullet journal | bullet journal activity tracker | bad habit tracker bullet journal

Download the PDF

If you’re looking for a calendar-format habit tracker for major habits, you might want to give our monthly tracker a try. It allows you to track up to four habits for a particular month and comes in a muted pastel color scheme.

Each habit calendar features encircled dates that you can mark with a check or an X. You can also fill them in with colored markers to indicate you’ve done the habit for the day. A section at the bottom of the page allows you to write down important notes and reminders.

2. DGH Weekly Habit Tracker

habit and mood tracker bullet journal | bullet journal habit and mood tracker | bullet journal daily habit tracker

Download the PDF

Tired of complicated habit trackers? We’ve got you covered with our minimalist template that’s specifically designed to be easy to use without sacrificing the functionality of an effective habit tracker.

This teal-themed template provides space for keeping track of eight habits over seven days. The tracker has a Sunday start.

More importantly, this tracker has a section for writing observations and reflections about your routine (e.g., which habits worked and which need improvement).

3. Three Time Periods Habit Tracker

What makes this habit tracker template unique is the division of morning, workday, and night habits—three time periods that you can further organize via color-coding. You can use various colors if you prefer to come up with your own beautiful design.

4. Butterfly Habit Tracker

With this journal template, you can include as many as 10 habits. If your journal notebook is big, you can even add more habits at the bottom. Then, you can customize it by pasting cuttings like the butterflies in the example, according to your preference.

5. Another Minimalist Habit Tracker

This is a great minimalist bullet journal habit tracker and sleep tracker (or any tracker you may want to put on the other side of the notebook, for that matter). It is perfect for a dotted notebook, as the dots can serve as your guide when tracking.

6. Weekly Habit Tracker

This is another great habit tracker for minimalistic bullet journal users. The dates are even divided on a weekly basis, making your habits easier to track. In addition to being simple to use, it is also not very time-consuming to create. 

7. Graph Habit Tracker

Try out this template if you want to keep your habit, mood, and sleep trackers all in one place. According to the creator of this tracker, it is perfect for those with self-destructive tendencies and sleep problems.

8. Three-in-One Habit Tracker

This design comes complete with daily, weekly, and monthly habit trackers. It even has an affirmations schedule and space for notes. The way the space is used is just so adorable, plus you can put a lot of elements on one page.

9. Mandala Habit Tracker

This circular, mandala-like habit tracker is perfect for those who are practicing Zen-related habits. Mandalas are known to increase focus and attention, and reduce stress and tension. However, this template can also be useful for anyone who simply wants a circular habit tracker.

10. Pink Flower Habit Tracker

Here we have a minimalist habit tracker that is perfect for those who love flowers. You can also change the design if you want to, but can still keep the boxes, which you can highlight, shade, or color.

11. Meditation Habit Tracker

This template is specifically intended for your meditation habit. It can be useful if you want your trackers for each habit to be on separate pages. You can track 10 habits—one per page—so you’ll have a better (and wider) view of your progress. This is recommended if you have a journal notebook with many pages.

12. Beauty Routine Habit Tracker

This is a tracker for your beauty and skin care routine, as well as your reading and knowledge habits. It is a great way to keep tabs on the positive habits you are trying to integrate into your life.

13. Pink & Floral Graph Habit Tracker

We personally like this tracker because of the graphs and simplicity. It is an excellent template to use if you want to see correlations between your habits and mood. It is also very clean, and has a lot of space where you can add notes.

14. Savings & Spending Habit Tracker

This is another saving and spending habits tracker, albeit a bit more detailed than the previous one. It separates your savings from your spending, and even has values for your target savings. There is also space for notes where you can write reminders about the things you decide to buy.

15. Sleep, Work, Study, and Exercise Tracker

This habit tracker may take a while to create, but it is easy to use once done. You just have to highlight the days you did a habit, and you’re set. But don’t forget to use color-coding so you don’t get lost when you are reviewing different habits.

16. Piano Lessons Habit Tracker

Here we have a habit tracker in landscape layout. In the example it is being used as a piano tracker, but it can be a good template for just about any kind of habit. It can even serve as a general tracker where you can list all of your habits.

17. Baby’s Height and Weight Tracker

This example is designed for moms who want to keep track of their newborns. It has height and weight elements on one page, and a record of the baby’s teeth on the other. If you want, you can even track your baby’s sleep and food or milk intake.

18. Baby’s Feeding and Sleep Log

Here is another template specifically for the mommies out there. This design helps you keep track of your baby’s feedings and sleep. It is printable, so you can have as many copies as you want.

19. Pet Care Habit Tracker

This is a habit tracker for your pet—since pets need good self-care habits too! This tracker will be most useful for those who take pet care very seriously.

20. Another Pet Care Habit Tracker

Here’s another pet care habit tracker for you and your favorite animal. As you can see, this is actually a planner with a habit tracker, which will come in handy if you want to track your pets’ progress in a variety of categories.

21. Square and Grid Habit Tracker

This habit tracker is great for those who like geometric lines and illusions. It is a combination of a habit tracker and a mood tracker, and looks absolutely beautiful when the month is done (assuming, of course, that you have accomplished most of your goals).

22. Simple Habit Tracker

There’s something about this habit tracker that is so refreshing to the eyes. It’s probably the combination of black and pastel colors on white paper, plus the habit names written in a floating style. Whatever it is, you can try this format on your next bullet journal spread.

23. Moon-themed Habit Tracker

If you are following marthasjournal on Instagram, you probably know that she is one of the most popular bullet journalists at the moment. This moon-themed habit tracker is just so calm and peaceful, it will inspire you to meet your habit goals every day.

24. Cloudy Habit Tracker

This is another design from marthasjournal, and is laid out in calendar form per habit. The design is what makes the difference. You can customize this template with cut-outs from your used magazines or art papers at home.

25. Flower-themed Monthly Habit Tracker

It’s no mystery why the lovely designs from marthasjournal are some of our favorites. This particular habit tracker is flower-themed, and includes eight categories. If you are in the mood to do some artwork, you can even use the next page to include eight more habits.

If you're looking for other monthly templates, here are some October bullet journal ideas.

26. Colorful Habit Tracker

Are you a fun and playful person? Then this habit tracker design and template might just suit you. It also has a mood tracker format that you can copy into your bullet journal notebook.

27. Black and Yellow Habit Tracker

If you are a fan of the combination of black and yellow, you will likely appreciate this template. It’s simple yet fancy, and very appealing. If you happen to like any other color instead of yellow, then that’s perfectly fine too, since black works well with any color.

28. Printable Two Designs Habit Tracker

This printable habit tracker by Savanna Williams is available on Etsy.com, and provides a nice dose of variety. There is a vertical version and a circular one. If you purchase it, you’ll get a copy in four sizes—letter, half-letter, A4, and A5.

29. Flower-themed Printable Habit Tracker

This lovely, printable habit tracker from Anna Galiano is available on Etsy.com in A5 and half-letter size. It has all the essentials of a habit tracker, such as the month and date, and a space where you can write the habits you want to monitor.

30. High-Contrast Tracker

If you prefer a high-contrast spread, you might try something like this example. You can track up to 10 habits, using pre-assigned symbols for each one. It also comes with trackers for steps and fluid intake.

You can use neon highlighters or markers against a black background to represent days when you’ve accomplished an activity.

31. Take the Cake

In this scrumptious example, the owner drew slices of different cakes to represent each day of the month. She then colored in each slice, using the colors she had assigned the different habits she’s tracking.

32. All Colors of the Light Spectrum

Tired of minimalist spreads? If you love to see an explosion of colors in your bullet journal, here’s a habit tracker example that incorporates every color of the rainbow.

33. Fuzzy Wuzzies

This spread features more subtle colors. It allows you to track up to five habits, and each one is represented by a cute caterpillar.

34. Gorgeously Illustrated Habit Tracker

Get more inspired to perform your daily habits with this gorgeous, hand-drawn spread. The tracker page features mini-calendars with headers in shades of blue and green. Providing visual interest on this page is an underwater theme created using brush pens and fineliners.

35. Cacti Spread

Here is another colorful example of a habit tracker. As you can see, this one has desert scenes, with succulents and sand dunes as the feature images.

36. The “Envelope System”

Incorporating tactile elements is a great way to create a unique and eye-catching habit tracker page. In this example, the owner created tiny felt envelopes and placed mini-calendars within. Each envelope represents a habit that the owner wishes to track.

37. Watercolor Tracker

This habit tracker features a watercolor silhouette of a city skyline. There are calendar boxes for tracking up to six habits. Just use markers or highlighters to fill in each box, representing that you’ve accomplished a habit on a particular day. If you are into watercolors, you might want to try this kind of tracker for your next habit tracker spread.

38. Golden Hearts Habit Tracker

Metallic gel pens produce a stunning effect when used in black-paged bullet journals, as shown in this example. There are three habits being tracked in this spread. Each one is written in calligraphy, serving as vertical headers. Once a habit has been accomplished, a heart is placed on the row corresponding to the date.

39. Green-and-Orange Color Scheme

This habit tracker uses brush pens in orange and green tones to create a gingham effect in each habit calendar. Each colored square within the calendar represents a day when the owner has performed a habit.

40. All That Matters Most

This habit tracker from creator @leftyartlover features a beautifully illustrated two-page layout. The trackers are drawn as part of the overall artwork. For example, the window is the tracker for the owner’s workout routine, the painting is the vitamin-intake tracker, and the bottom of the bed is a month-long sleep log. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

41. Yuletide Habit Tracker

This tracker features a seasonal theme, and there is enough space to track a multitude of habits. However, for the greatest chance at success, it is recommended to track no more than 10 habits at a time.

42. Gingerbread-Themed Habit Tracker

Looking for more hand-drawn examples? If you’re artistically gifted and have sufficient time to make a hand-drawn habit tracker, then this tasty example might serve as inspiration.

43. Inspired by Honey

This tracker is inspired by honey, which is considered to be nature’s liquid gold. The bright colors of this tracker make it fitting for a spring-themed spread.

44. Sweet and Simple Theme

Here’s a figure-skating theme that you might try for your own bullet journal tracker page. This tracker’s charming design belies its power to motivate and encourage the owner to stay on track with their chosen good habits.

45. Gingham-Themed Tracker

In this example, the owner of the bullet journal tracks their reading, workout, and self-care habits. The background of this tracker takes inspiration from gingham cloth. The two-color, checked pattern evokes a cozy atmosphere, such as during the fall season.

46. Hogwarts-Inspired Habit Tracker

Here’s a habit tracker that takes inspiration from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The hand-drawn, striped scarves are filled in with specific colors, indicating the days a habit has been accomplished.

The colors represent each of Hogwarts’ houses: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff, and blue for Ravenclaw.

47. Tracker for Health Habits

This tracker pays tribute to the moon and keeps track of your healthy habits. The spread is decorated with scraps of printed magenta paper, Kraft paper, stickers, and doodles drawn by the journal’s owner.

48. Halloween-Themed Habit Tracker

If you’re looking for a Halloween-themed tracker, here’s a minimalist example with just the right amount of creepy and spooky. This tracker has sufficient space to log 12 habits.

49. Grayscale Tracker

This minimalist tracker features a two-page spread, with different habits grouped according to category. For example, you’ll notice that training habits are divided into different activities and focus areas. The spread also has areas on the right-hand side to keep track of events for the month.


Habit tracking is one of the best ways to help you know which areas in your life need a bit of work and improvement. At the same time, it allows you to reevaluate your choices and eliminate the things in your life you no longer think are worth spending time on.

Personalizing your bullet journal habit trackers is also a great way to stay motivated and on track to follow through. There are many kinds of bullet journal supplies that you can use to enhance the look of your habit trackers.

If you want to live an organized yet interesting lifestyle, we suggest adding a habit tracker to your bullet journal and also a bullet journal index.

If you're looking for more ideas, check out our roundup of the best bullet journal printables.

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