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Looking for memes to energize your day? We’ve got an awesome collection of coffee memes for you.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll find the memes featured in this article totally relatable.

Some of the memes are about the insatiable need for a caffeine fix just to get through the day. Others are about how coffee changes our perspectives for the better.

Some are an ode to a beverage that has been around for hundreds of years and helped countless people around the world power through the day.

Keep reading to check out what we’ve been brewing for you.

Table of Contents

1. The Only Way

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via Caffeine Fiend

Mondays are extra difficult to face for many of us. They are when more than half of the demands of the new workweek come flooding in.

Only coffee can compel us to even show up for work, school, or life.

2. It's Ready!

coffee lover humor | caffeine addiction memes | funny coffee jokes

via Reader's Digest

Clear a path, guys. Coffee’s ready and no one can stop me from getting my ninth refill for the day.

3. Path to Immortality

coffee cup sayings | coffee shop memes | coffee time humor

via Caffeine Fiend

Of all the studies released about the benefits of coffee, this is by far the best one. Let’s stock up on those roasted beans, ASAP. We’re going to live forever!

4. Friendship Rekindled

coffee and donuts puns | percolator humor | coffee lover humor

via Remote Tools

Sometimes, it’s just your coffee and you. And that’s okay. Coffee will always be there for you.

5. Just One Cup, Please

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via Remote Tools

Feeling judged by how many cups of coffee you’ve had today? Tell them you only drink one cup per day. Just omit the fact that it’s a bucket-sized cup.

6. Procaffeinating Is a Thing

espresso art humor | iced coffee memes | latte art jokes

via Koffee Kult

It is a thing, and it should be respected. If you ever doubt the existence of procaffeinators, just head down to your local coffee shop.

7. Semi-Precious Bean

coffee and donuts humor | percolator humor | coffee lover sayings

via Koffee Kult

Forget ruby, turquoise, or diamond. If you’re a coffee lover, it’s more than acceptable that your birthstone is a dark-roasted coffee bean.

8. Seriously

coffee addiction jokes | cappuccino humor | decaf coffee memes

via Remote Tools

Yes, coffee should be taken seriously. Don’t ever mess with anyone before they have at least one cup of coffee in their system.

9. A Different Perspective

iced coffee quotes | latte jokes | coffee cup humor

via Your Tango

Nothing else matters, really. The bottom line is if there’s coffee.

10. No Judgements

percolator memes | coffee lover puns | caffeine addiction humor

via Reader's Digest

It actually doesn’t matter whether you drink coffee by the mug, cup, glass, bucket, bowl, or carafe. We’re all friends here, and we don’t judge our friends.

11. Resurrection Beans

french press memes | instant coffee humor | coffee break sayings

via Your Tango

It’s an elixir. Coffee should be known as the resurrection bean.

12. Hope in the Most Desperate Hour

latte jokes | coffee cup humor | coffee shop puns

via imgflip

Ever had a tough day and felt that only coffee could help you get through it? Pedro Pascal must have felt that way when he ordered the iced quad venti with six shots of espresso.

13. Coffee Love

funny coffee jokes | coffee art humor | french press puns

via imgflip

It doesn’t have to be a one-sided love affair. We’re sharing this meme to let you know that coffee can reciprocate a coffee lover’s feelings.

14. The World Is Beautiful

coffee break memes | espresso art humor | iced coffee memes

via imgflip

It’s amazing how coffee can make us feel better. Some days, you might wake up and rush through your morning routine. You probably still need at least five more hours of sleep, you’re running late for work, and you have a presentation to do. But after a cup of coffee, life is good.

15. They've Branched Out

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via imgflip

With the current situation in the global economy, many companies are diversifying. Maybe there’s a lucrative market when coffee’s involved.

16. You Mean Writing About Memes

morning coffee memes | coffee break jokes | espresso humor

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Some people do go to coffee shops to work. Of course, that work might be meme creation, or even a memes roundup. But I’m not being defensive here.

17. Helps You Deal With What the Day Brings

coffee time memes | brewing humor | coffee bean puns

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How many cups of coffee you have in the morning is usually proportional to how difficult the day’s going to be. More than three cups is perfectly acceptable for Mondays.

18. Don't Interrupt the Coffee

coffee cup humor | coffee shop puns | coffee time humor

via imgflip

Uh…best not to argue with someone who hasn’t finished their first cup of coffee. Back away slowly. Don’t make eye contact.

19. A Single Cup Is Never Enough

instant coffee memes | coffee break humor | espresso art puns

via imgflip

I agree with Pippin. There’s got to be a second coffee.

20. Barista Got Skills

coffee lover humor | caffeine addiction memes | funny coffee jokes

via imgflip

Let’s pause for a moment to admire the artistic talent of the barista who made this. Such dedication to their craft!

21. Coffee Changes Our Perspective

iced coffee quotes | latte humor | coffee cup puns

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Drinking coffee not only enhances our ability to focus and gives us a burst of energy, it also changes our perspective, allowing us to focus on the positive.

22. Even the Computer Knows You So Well

espresso art humor | iced coffee quotes | latte jokes

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These days, smart gadgets get to know your preferences by studying your usage on social media and apps. If you’re a self-confessed coffee lover, it shouldn’t be surprising if your phone sends you this kind of notification in the near future.

23. Heaven Forbid

coffee addiction memes | cappuccino humor | decaf coffee puns

via imgflip

Don’t allow negativity to bubble over. Make sure you always have coffee at hand.

24. For Those Who Like Their Coffee Strong

caffeine addiction memes | funny coffee quotes | coffee art puns

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There are those who prefer their coffee strong and dark as an endless abyss. There’s a meme for that.

25. Daily Coffee

cappuccino puns | decaf coffee jokes | coffee and donuts humor

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Life can often get so busy that even coffee drinking has to happen on a schedule. And, yes, it’s written in my planner.

26. Desperately Needs Coffee

brewing quotes | coffee bean puns | coffee addiction humor

via Caffeine Fiend

We’re out of coffee. Please call 911.

27. Water Is an Essential Ingredient

decaf coffee memes | coffee and donuts humor | percolator memes

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Our bodies are composed of approximately 60% water. It’s essential we drink water throughout the day to maintain good health.

Water is also essential in creating cups of coffee in the morning. Make sure you have clean, drinkable water for this very crucial morning ritual.

28. Everything Else Can Wait

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via Caffeine Fiend

Have a conversation now?

No. Just no.

29. Who Quits Coffee?

coffee cup memes | latte art jokes | barista memes

via imgflip

I mean, who does that? Just the thought of someone quitting coffee sends shivers up my spine. The horror!

30. Only Coffee Understands

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Life makes too many demands on you. You can leave them for a while and be in coffee’s company.

31. Keep Them

coffee shop jokes | coffee time humor | brewing puns

via Your Tango

Welcome them with open arms. Check to make sure they got real coffee. If they brought decaf, you can let them go for good.

32. Makes You Feel Like a Princess

instant coffee memes | coffee break humor | espresso art puns

via The Coffee Folk

Only coffee can color your world and transport you to the best moment of your life. Take note that, like the Fairy Godmother’s spell, the effects are temporary.

33. Coffee Pun

percolator humor | coffee lover puns | caffeine addiction humor

via The Coffee Folk

If you were scrolling through hoping to come across a coffee pun, here’s one for you. Enjoy!

34. Just Give Them Coffee Already

decaf coffee jokes | coffee and donuts humor | percolator humor

via imgflip

If you notice a coffee lover who is not acting like themselves, give them coffee. Maybe they’re running on empty but just didn’t notice.

35. Waiting

coffee lover jokes | caffeine addiction humor | funny coffee sayings

via Coffee Memes on Facebook

Just give me a minute. I can feel my nerves tingling. Coffee’s about to kick in.

36. You Need This to Deal With Monday

coffee lover memes | coffee addiction humor | coffee and laughter

via The Darkest Roast

You need more than a single mug of coffee to deal with Monday. Let’s make that two. Or three. Or more.

37. Coffee Is Tactful

instant coffee memes | coffee break humor | espresso art puns

via Caffeine Fiend

Coffee lets you unload your troubles without asking awkward questions.

It’s the only friend who doesn’t judge you. Coffee understands. Don’t take coffee for granted.

38. Said the Caffeine Purists

caffeine addiction memes | funny coffee captions | coffee art humor

via Caffeine Fiend

Why would they even call it coffee?

If you consider decaf to be real coffee, we may need to rethink our friendship.

39. When Coffee Is Their Priority

Don’t feel bad if someone prioritizes you over coffee. Maybe it’s only after drinking the right amount of coffee that they can be coherent enough to actually have a conversation with you.

40. Whooo!

This is what happens when that first sip of coffee activates your system. Three, two, one. Blast off!

41. The Acceptable Dose of Caffeine to Start the Day

How much coffee do you need to get your day started? Whether it’s two cups or four pots of coffee, make sure you get your full dose. Only then will you be ready to face the day’s challenges head on.

42. Exercising Has an Adverse Effect on Coffee

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that exercise and coffee don’t mix. Take our word for it.

43. You Can Really Tell the Difference

Coffee is a magic elixir. It gives energy to the weary and grounding to the unfocused. Most importantly, coffee brings out the good in people.

44. Brain Alive!

This is most likely every coffee lover’s theme song in the morning. Ah, the power of caffeine.

45. Something to Ponder

coffee time humor | brewing jokes | coffee bean memes

via Caffeine Fiend

Drinking coffee can be a lifesaver on a really trying day. It can also help you realize when an angry outburst isn’t going to be helpful.

46. Caffeine and Weirdness

coffee bean humor | coffee addiction memes | cappuccino humor

via Caffeine Fiend

If caffeine and weirdness are all that’s left, then why not? They’re completely welcome in my life!

47. Before?!

decaf coffee humor | coffee and donuts puns | percolator humor

via imgflip

Coffee helps some people stay nice the whole day. I sincerely hope you never meet them in their no-coffee state.

48. What's That Like?

coffee shop humor | coffee time memes | brewing laughter

via Digital Mom Blog

Hmmm. I have no idea either. How about you?

49. Liquid Love

iced coffee memes | latte humor | coffee cup puns

via Digital Mom Blog

Coffee is a form of self-love. Drink it regularly.

In addition to giving yourself unlimited access to coffee, why not try stuff on this list for other forms of loving yourself more?

50. You're Not Mishearing It

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via Digital Mom Blog

You’re not sleep deprived. It’s not your imagination. She’s really saying caffeine.

51. Adjust According to Sleep Deprivation Level

coffee captions | coffee art humor | french press puns

via Your Tango

Here’s a visual aid to help you choose the best size of coffee for you. It’s based on how much sleep you got (or didn’t get) lately.

52. It Keeps You on the Side of Goodness

coffee art humor | french press puns | instant coffee memes

via Your Tango

Thank you, coffee. The world needs you to help people stay out of jail.

53. Master Yoda Needs a Cup of Joe

funny coffee quotes | coffee art puns | french press humor

via Digital Mom Blog

Even a master Jedi needs coffee. Please stay out of his way until he’s had his first cup.

54. Ode to Caffeine

cappuccino humor | decaf coffee jokes | coffee and donuts humor

via Your Tango

Some people are so moved by their coffee experience that they seek to immortalize it with a poem.

Here’s a great example.

To be honest, this poem sucks, but we 100% appreciate the effort.

55. I'm Just Honoring the Ways of My People

coffee break humor | espresso art puns | iced coffee quotes

via Your Tango

Please don’t call people names. Learn their origins. Try being in their shoes. Understand that coffee lovers might have mutated over time and now have coffee running through their veins. They need their caffeine.

56. Sass Level Maxed

Get ready, world! I’m not letting anyone get in my way today.

57. An Essential Component of the Disguise

“Good morning, team,” she said. (Sips coffee incognito.)

58. Never Thought of That

Thought it was a chronic condition. Glad there’s no need to go to the doctor for this.

59. Owning It!

Go forth! Be bold, be brave! You now have powers beyond imagining.

60. You'll Make It

Coffee will be there for you when you need a boost. Be sure to make it strong so that it lasts through the morning.

61. Need Your Daily Dose

Don’t miss your daily dose of coffee. We know what happens when you do.

62. Don't Allow It to Get to This Point

A yawn could signal many things. In the case of a coffee lover, it’s a cry for more coffee. They need to have another stat!

63. It's Always the Right Time for Coffee

Thank goodness for time zones. I can drink coffee anytime because while it’s 11:15 pm here, somewhere else in the world it’s morning.

64. Choose Real Coffee, Folks

coffee shop humor | coffee time quotes | brewing puns

via imgflip

Get the real thing, folks. You don’t know what you’re missing by buying decaf.

65. We'll Take Four

coffee bean jokes | coffee addiction memes | cappuccino humor

via Fairy God Boss

Like we said earlier, we won’t judge. Go on and get those four cups of coffee. You deserve them.

Final Thoughts on Coffee Memes

Eventually, this coffee break has to end. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this funny and heartwarming collection of coffee memes we’ve shared with you.

Break time may be over, but hopefully the good vibes brought by these memes linger throughout the day.

Finally, it may cheer you up to know that there are over a billion people around the world who love coffee.

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