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Life can be tough. Sometimes it’s stressful, challenging, and downright overwhelming.

But laughter gives you the power to take all of life’s challenges in stride.

Different research studies have shown that having a sense of humor can help develop resilience in dealing with life’s difficulties.

Then if life insists on giving you lemons, you can pause for a while, make some lemonade, and read this collection of funny memes about life.

We can’t promise that these memes will make your problems disappear overnight, but they’re definitely relatable. We hope that they brighten up a dreary day and give you a reprieve from your worries.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this collection.

Table of Contents

1. This Thing Called Adulthood

It’s nice that someone decided to update an old nursery school song to reflect our current experience. This is definitely a handy tune to learn so you don’t have to constantly whip out your checklist of things to bring.

2. Don't Hoard It All

We all have struggles. Nobody’s entitled to hoard them all. Just pick one, please.

3. Staying Up Late to Learn Vital Information

Crucial information is hard to come by. We have to get it through all possible memes.

4. This Meme Is Proof of How Life's Going for Me

Somehow, this feels like it was made specifically for us. And, yeah, we won’t deny it.

5. Needs a Better Way to Measure

I’m part of the generation that was conditioned to believe that life is a rat race. I’m glad that’s been disproven over the years.

6. Channel Your Inner Saboteur

Have you ever seen a therapist do a facepalm in front of a patient? We’d totally understand if this one did.

7. There’s No Place Like Home

There’s truly no place like home. You won’t be judged here.

8. We All Want to Be Tactful

Intelligence will get you far in life, but tact will take you farther.

9. A Family That Memes Together Stays Together

There’s nothing like sharing memes with family and loved ones. In fact, it’s a duty you must fulfill for the sake of generations to come.

10. You Need a Liniment

Getting older means less energy, less money, and more aches and pains.

11. Finding Happiness

Still searching for happiness? This meme reveals the truth—that we actually make it ourselves.

12. A Moment of Speechless Indignation

I wouldn’t know how to react if this happened. It’s one of those things that isn’t covered in the Life Manual.

13. Having Good Manners May One Day Save You

Your parents’ efforts to ensure you grow up as a decent human being will eventually pay off. Congratulations, I guess.

14. How to Get Rich

Step 1: Have a wonderful idea to share with the world.

Step 2: Have rich and influential parents.

15. Always an Out-of-Body Experience

As you get older, you’ll find that there are a few things that bring true happiness. One of them is eating fast food.

16. Demonades

Whatever you are given, make the best of it.

17. It's the Red Button for Me

I thought that by this point in live I’d be leaning more toward the blue button, and yet here we are—red button for the win.

18. Want a Piece of Me?

There’s no backing out of this one.

Once you’ve attended the School of Hard Knocks, you can’t really skip the internship program.

19. A Constant Feeling of Uncertainty

This feeling will stay with you for the rest of your life. You feel it more strongly whenever you’re on a vacation.

20. I'm Aware of Ergonomic Seats, Thank You

Yes, I know you consulted chiropractors before you made this chair. I’ll still use it how I want to, thank you very much.

21. Just Give Me a Moment

Them: Let’s play a game.

Me: What’s it called?

Them: Life.

Me: Ummm, I think I’ll pass.

22. Coffee and Wine

Also, please give me the wisdom to know the difference. If that’s not possible, I’d just like more wine, please.

23. Life Happened

You’d be upset, too, if your favorite meme creator suddenly disappeared. They don’t realize that looking at the memes they’ve created is the only life you’ve got.

24. It Happens to the Best of Us

Like, should I take up psychology or biology? Or should I order a salad or a full-course meal?

25. Meal Plan Anxiety

Meal planning is supposed to make your life easier, but it doesn’t.

Think about it—you need to plan for 21 meals a week, and that’s excluding snacks!

26. Age-Appropriate Life Goals

We are noticing a trend here. People’s goals are proportionate to their energy levels. Life is definitely mocking us.

27. Used to It

After spending day after day having street brawls with life, you get used to it.

Here, have a glass of ice-cold demonade to refresh yourself.

28. Isn't It the Other Way Around?

This meme got it wrong. It’s often the other way around when we’re talking about life problems.

29. It's on Prime Time

Unfortunately, the writers are currently busy. If you want the show to go on, take charge of the script.

30. I Can Be Picky This Way

Yes, I’m lonely. But I still want you to stay away from me.

31. Open It Already!

Never mind the health warning, just get the corkscrew now!

32. The Main Issue

Oops, sorry. You talking to me?

33. Inner Peace

FOMO loses its meaning as you get older. It’s now more about self-preservation and achieving inner peace.


34. One at a Time, Please!

Take a number and sit down. I’ll be with you in a sec.

35. Making Chocolate Pudding at 3 AM Is Definitely a Sign

Celebrating? Make chocolate pudding.

Mourning? Make chocolate pudding.

Realized in the middle of the night that you’re not in control of your life? It’s a good time for chocolate pudding!

36. It's the Latter for Me

They look so carefree. I wish I could do that, too.

37. I Always Thought It's All Downhill From Here

What?! I’ve been freefalling since day one.

38. A Living Glo-Stick

Everything cracks and creaks these days. I wonder if someone will call about my extended warranty soon.

39. Leaving This Reminder Here

Grab a mug of your favorite drink and I’ll tell you the secret to true happiness.

40. Legacy of Memes

Dawww. They grew up so fast.

41. Moments of Euphoria

It’s true that moments of bliss are rare and short-lived, but they’re absolutely worth living for.

42. Barely Holding On

It’s not so bad—nothing that a couple of Band-Aids won’t fix.

43. I've Had Better Days

It’s a circus, and I’m running away from it.

44. Big People Problems

Grow up quickly, they said. It will be fun, they said.

45. Life's a Headache of Its Own

Life comes with mountains and valleys—with oceans, rivers, and lakes.

The problem is, it doesn’t come with a field guide or a map. Here—take an aspirin.

46. Watching Cat Videos Is Life

I’ll be completely honest—I definitely belong in the orange slice of the pie.

47. I Swear!

“Forgot” is such a strong word. I just misplaced it somewhere.

48. Relatives Create Excitement in Your Life

They’re the herbs and spices to a dish. They’re the “fire” in fireworks.

They’re the unresolved childhood trauma in therapy.

49. Whatever It Is, Just Don’t

Follow what the sign says. It’s there to keep you alive.

50. You Need More Vitamin C as You Get Older

It’s the most essential vitamin out there. Take the maximum dose, as needed.

51. The Kind of Party You Need

Who’s down for a party? I’ve got everything we need for an awesome evening.

52. Those Years Are Over Now

This has got to be the most heartbreaking news I’ve ever heard. Will someone lend me their time machine?

53. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

You can hear the roar in the distance. They are either coming from the T-Rex or me being completely overwhelmed by life.

54. Iced Coffee Fixes Everything

We all know that coffee will make everything all right. Thank goodness for coffee.

55. It's a Cycle, So I'm Told

Should have read the fine print before signing up for this. Turns out this thing is on a loop for life.

56. Anyway…

Some people need gossip to spice up their otherwise bland lives—but they’ll assure you they’re not being judgey.

57. Life's Way Too Hard

You want to get it right, but it’s just too difficult. Maybe you need to call a friend to help you out?

58. I Actually Feel Great!

No guilt here. We’re strong believers in the idea that life is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest.

59. The Grandma Era Is Lit!

It took a while for us to discover the secret to a great life, but now we’re all about it! Hint: It’s not going out to parties every night.

60. Why Is It Too Hard to Cope?

I admire people who are so full of energy the moment they wake up that they immediately seize the day. Personally, I need time to recover from my sleep.

61. And a Partridge in Your Latte

It’s like Forrest Gump says: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Might as well treat is as a nice surprise.

62. Nothing Superglue Can't Fix

But don’t worry, I’ve got a tube of Superglue right here.

63. Funtown

Burn, baby, burn! I hope everyone’s having fun.

Final Thoughts on Funny Memes About Life That Are Relatable

Life will always have its ups and downs, but learning to cope is essential for your well-being. If you actively look on the funny side of things, then even the most stressful situation becomes bearable.

We hope you laughed out loud at the funny memes about life featured in today’s article.

Hopefully you also allow yourself to laugh more often and find happiness in the simplest things.

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