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Need a short break from a busy workday?

Here’s a collection of work memes to temporarily take your mind off all the tasks that need your attention today.

These memes take a lighthearted jab at things related to work, such as the amount of caffeine employees need to function, dealing with coworkers you don’t necessarily like, and making it through an entire work week without suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Read on and laugh out loud at these hilarious memes about work that we’ve rounded up for you. But take note: We are not responsible for the consequences of reading this article during your work hours.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Ready for the Daily Grind

We understand that some people can only function when there’s caffeine in their system. We’re just not sure how many cups of coffee a person actually needs in the morning.

If you need this much, we won’t judge.

2. We're Busy

We don't have time to make memes because we're busy rounding them up for this post. Glad somebody made this meme.

3. Death Isn't an Excuse to Miss Work

We checked with HR on this. Apparently, you’re out of sick days, so if you have a pulse, you better be coming to work.

4. Totally Missing the Point

You know they mean well. However, you’re not there to listen to actionable steps for doing your job.

5. Challenge Accepted, I Guess

Perhaps you aren’t aware of how unqualified I am for what I do. So, this next task is going to be a piece of cake.

6. No, Never

Let’s hope that this person’s boss isn’t into gaming. No matter how much they deny it, the signs that this employee plays on company time are obvious—at least if you know what to look for.

7. Miracles Do Happen

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Have faith. Your prayers just might be answered before the deadline.

8. Creativity at an All-Time High

Never discount those moments of boredom while you’re at work. They can spark your creativity and may become the starting point of something great.

9. 10 to 2

Who decreed that work should last from 9 to 5, anyway? Maybe if Miss Parton sang about 10 to 2, we’d be enjoying shorter workdays now.

10. Why Are You Looking at This Meme?

Does this meme sound familiar? Do you feel attacked because it perfectly describes why you’re reading this post?

11. Every Workplace Team

Not stereotyping here, but do you recognize your role in the team based on the meme above? Do you also recognize your co-workers’ roles when you’re collaborating on a project?

Which member of the wolfpack are you?

12. It's a Thin Line

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Jokes can easily go out of control, so you always need to be careful. As for me, I’d rather be the introverted co-worker. Less interaction equals less risk of offending anybody.

13. Stretched to the Limit

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in all directions? You probably need coffee.

14. Gotta Have Some Pocket Money

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Being able to buy basic needs is a prime motivation for getting a job. It’s also the main reason for staying at that job, regardless of suboptimal work conditions.

15. Agreed. You're Excused.

Adulting is hard. It’s good someone understands what you’re going through—but you still have to report for work from 9 to 5.

16. This Is Important, Too!

Being self-aware and knowing your life’s purpose are important—so give me a few minutes to finish this online quiz on what type of garlic bread I am.

[Check out these core value quizzes to help determine what’s important to you.]

17. We All Make That Mistake

Unfortunately, knowing that everybody else makes this mistake doesn’t make it okay. Can I scream into my throw pillow now?

18. This Dog Works in Customer Service

This cutie’s been trained to handle irate customers. It will also call you about your car’s extended warranty.

19. We Could Use Some Improvements in the Workplace

Forget in-office pizza parties. We need something like this in the hallway, preferably right next to the water fountain.

20. Leavin' Early Today

Trying to be inconspicuous here as I side-step to the door. Please don’t look up from your memes.

21. It's All About How You Describe It

Negative self-talk is a no-no. There’s always a classier way to explain why you are not slogging all day like the rest of the population.

22. You Get Better at Hiding Your Feelings After a While

There are jobs that wither the soul. However, since you need that paycheck, you learn to bury your true feelings and clock in from 9 to 5, even though you feel dead inside.

23. You're Too Tense

Some co-workers need a chill pill. Relax—I’ll re-check my email. Oops, it seems I automatically set work emails to be sent to my spam folder.

Sorry, I guess.

24. Monday Feels

By the looks of it, even Mona Lisa dreads Mondays.

25. Think These Things Through, Please

Yes, thank you very much. Now I have to spend a couple of hours composing my reply.

26. Long-Range Planning Isn't My Strong Suit

Do you draw a blank when someone asks you about your 5-year plan? You might want to check out these long-term goal examples to give you an idea of what you can do for your life and career.

27. Worker Evolution

If you ask me, this worker is evolving backwards. Have they done any research on this phenomenon?

28. These Memes Are So Relatable

I hope you’re enjoying this article. If you’ve made it this far, it’s most likely because you find the memes featured here relatable.

It’s amazing that one’s pain can be a gold mine for humor.

29. Isn't This Sabotage?

Not being paranoid here, but if you have a co-worker like this, it’s best to watch your back.

Either they’re looking to get promoted or they’re after your job (could be both).

30. Here It Comes

Do you ever feel like there’s a Formula 1 racing car behind you? That’s the work week barreling after you when you’re about to relax during the weekend.

31. This Is What Happens When You’re Not a Team Player

Perhaps you have a co-worker who refuses to do their part as a member of the team. Don’t worry, a special place has been reserved for them.

32. You Nailed It!

Doesn’t it make you happy to see work done right? Personally, it inspires me to do better in my own job.

After looking at this meme, I’m thinking of cleaning my desk and organizing my files in alphabetical order. When I get home, I’ll probably organize the sock drawer, too. I salute you, hard workers!

33. Watch Me

Don’t mind the haters. As we always say, believe in yourself and you’ll succeed.

Sheer willpower will get you through the workday. However, we strongly suggest getting enough sleep afterwards.

34. Side Eye Reaction

Contemplating whether to obey to the order or find a way to undermine him.

35. Just Leaving This Here

This is the truest—and funniest—meme I’ve seen in ages.

36. Please Don't Yell at Me

You’re barking up the wrong tree, sir/ma’am. Let me call my manager for you.

37. Head to the Break Room Now

Never let your workers go hungry. This is a serious threat to productivity.

38. Shift's Over, Bye!

Just as you leave your personal troubles at the door before you enter the workplace, you also don’t take work problems home with you. ’K, bye!

39. Is It the Former or the Latter in Your Case?

Some call it a promotion. I’m pretty sure it’s just a scam.

40. Normalize This

It doesn’t always have to be about the daily grind, hitting targets, or beating deadlines.

Seriously, we also need to focus on what makes our hearts sing. Let’s do more of whatever Pooh and his friends are doing.

41. Thank You for Sharing

Oh, the empathy. I can feel it all the way from here.

42. We Expect You to Be Here By 9

Surely a light dusting of snow isn’t enough to keep you from coming in at 9 sharp, right?

43. Cue Fake Laugh

Aha-ha-ha. Nope. Absolutely not.

44. Manifestation 101

There’s an old saying about dressing for the job you want and not for the job you currently have. That’s an example of manifesting.

Another strategy is to say out loud what kind of job you truly want. This guy passes Manifestation 101 with flying colors.

45. Realization Hits Like a Ton of Bricks

As it turns out, you’re just paying the mortgage on a vacation home. Better check with HR if you can still get a holiday off.

46. No

Stick with it, though. According to my grandpa, it builds character.

47. Reminding You to Get Back to Work

Okay, break time’s over. Get back to work, everybody. Chop-chop.

48. The Same Picture

I have long suspected that meetings are power moves to remind you that someone is your superior. Emails can be used in the same way. Fortunately, you can just filter them to automatically go to the spam folder.

49. Hi and Goodbye

Your housemates don’t even miss you anymore. They just think you’re in a different time zone.

50. Some of Your Coworkers

Some co-workers are crabby because they’ve missed breakfast. Try treating them to a breakfast smoothie next time and see if their mood improves.

51. The Audacity

I’m trying to work here. I function best when it’s quiet. You coming in here takes me out of the “zone.”

52. How Dare They?

Okay, thanks. I’ll take it from here.

53. Hope You're Okay With That

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Workplaces make it sound like you’ll be given tasks that make you look heroic, but after a few weeks on the job, you learn to read between the lines.

54. I'm Approachable

I’ve got two main facial expressions: my RBF face and my approachable face. Unfortunately, no one has figured out which is which yet.

55. Paycheck Says Otherwise

Maybe your boss has a different way of showing their appreciation? Regardless, employees would typically notice it more if the appreciation were reflected in their payslip.

56. Holiday Mode Still On

Going on vacation gives you the chance to forget about work—at least temporarily. That’s why it’s understandable if there is a short moment of confusion the first day back.

Just make sure you remember to bring back souvenirs for your co-workers.

57. How Are Your MS Office Skills?

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via Ricotta

I love puns. Hopefully you find this one funny—it’s pretty appropriate for the Office!

58. It Doesn't Work

Typical of Bill to hide behind a tree to avoid work. Hey, Bill, come over here and finish these deliverables.

59. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

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Here’s a thought: Let’s find an alternate universe where it’s the other way around.

60. It's a Paradox

This meme involves a bit of philosophical musing. Which one is worse—having a job or being unemployed?

61. I Didn't Realize It's a Cycle

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What do you mean “see you tomorrow”? I thought this was just a one-time thing.

62. Busy Trying to Look Busy

Gee, I sure hope I look busy enough. See how hard I’m focusing on my task here?

63. The Secret of Survival

You can survive anything with a positive mindset. At least that’s what we’ve been told.

64. It Certainly Feels Like This Today

This meme is pure chaos. It also feels like a personal attack.

65. Hold a Meeting

Now we know why they summon us to meetings at least three times a week, even when the agenda could have been sent via email. Give those folks who keep calling meetings a hug.

66. Before and After

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Nobody gets out of this unscathed—and we mean nobody.

67. Invincible

In your head, you’re invincible. Unfortunately, your body usually has other plans.

What is it about work that drains our energy so quickly?

68. Quicksand in Disguise

Getting ready for work has been equated with many things over the years. Comparing this daily routine to quicksand is one of my favorites.

69. Blessing or Curse

Workplace Survival Tip #102. If you want a peaceful existence at work, never volunteer for anything.

You’re welcome.

70. This Calls for a Celebration

You deserve a celebration.

Whoop for joy. Do cartwheels. Celebrate with everyone you know.

Remember to reward yourself for the goals you have accomplished.

71. Might as Well

Must be a truly dreary day when you start considering actually doing your job right. Is it possible to get more bored than that?

72. You Know Anyone?

I can, uh, ask around.

73. Hope That Guy Got Hired

What an intense interview! This must be the part where the applicant is asked, “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”

74. Choose Only Two

Which job would you most likely choose?

  • Work that’s well-paid and legal (but not interesting)
  • Work that’s interesting and legal (but not well-paid)
  • Work that’s well-paid and interesting (but not legal)

75. Promoted Myself to Quality Assurance

Success comes to those who believe in themselves. Why not promote yourself, since you know you’re the most qualified person for the job?

76. Employee of the Month Looks Sus

Something’s off about Jake. I wonder if HR did a thorough background check before they hired him.

77. Oops

Refuse to be bothered by a single error. After all, nobody’s perfect.

And disregard the fact that the single error will probably cost the company a lot of money to fix.

78. Another Failed Attempt at Undertime

What, it’s only been an hour?

What am I supposed to do for the next 25,200 seconds (other than my job)?

79. Jargon on Steroids

I’m not sure if a person who can spin content like this a red flag or a green light. There’s a lot of potential, but it could go either way real fast.

80. Always Give 100%

Please take note of this. You don’t want tofail to give 100% this week.

81. The Best Way to Afford Food and Shelter

HR: I like your straightforward answer. Unfortunately, we’re looking for an entry-level applicant with 5 years’ experience in this line of work. Good luck with starvation.

Final Thoughts About Work Memes

Work can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to take a break from time to time to avoid getting too stressed out.

Hopefully, taking a few minutes to read these work memes gave you the boost you needed to tackle the next items on your to-do list.

Remember, it’s easier to get through challenging times with a sense of humor. It’s also a big help if you can see the positive side of an unfortunate situation.

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