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Want to live a more fulfilling, more authentic life?

Knowing your personal core values is one way of connecting with your authentic self.

Furthermore, personal core values are a big determiner of how you act, make decisions, and live. Living in accordance with your personal values brings a sense of fulfillment in everything you do.

However, when you’re unaware of what these values are, you run the risk of going against them in your actions and decisions.

This violation creates frustrations that mount up and trigger destructive behavior, increasing your vulnerability to bad habits and bad life choices.

If you haven’t yet identified your personal core values, a reliable core values quiz can help you determine them. In today’s post, we’re featuring a collection of online quizzes that reveal the core values that are most important to you.”

All the quizzes featured today are free, and taking them lasts anywhere from five minutes to an hour.

For most of the quizzes, basic results are provided after you’ve taken them. These are also free. However, in order to receive full detailed reports regarding your core values and how you can apply them in your life, charges may apply.

Let’s dive into our featured quizzes for today.

Core Values Quizzes

1. Core Values Index

Unlike other quizzes that factor in your personality and behavior, the Core Values Index quiz fast-tracks everything to get results more quickly. After you’re done with the quiz, you’ll be provided with an in-depth summary that reveals the values that motivate you.

Furthermore, you’ll be provided with tips on how to use these values to make a positive contribution to the world.

The quiz presents you with several groups of words. You are required to choose two words that resonate most with you from each group. Depending on your answers, there will be three or four pages of questions.

It takes an average of 10 minutes to answer the CVI.

After you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll be redirected to another page showing the results. You’ll be able to see your dominant core values and an explanation of each.

In addition to the results summary, a video discussing your personal core values is available on this page.

If you choose to purchase the upgrade, you’ll be able to access tips on how your core values can be utilized to make your mark in the world. It also provides insight as to how your core values affect how you act and behave.

The CVI is considered to be one of the top assessments for core values, with a 97% reliability rating.

This test is available in English and seven other languages, including Russian, Portuguese, and French.

You will be asked to fill out a form with your name and email address prior to taking the test. You can only take the test once with the email and name you register in the CVI portal.

2. Values Motivators Quiz

What motivates you to take action?

This quiz provides insight about what inspires you to live a sustainable life. There are four specific motivators in this quiz:

  • Animal welfare and compassion
  • Social equality
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Simplicity and streamlined lifestyle

Results are sent to your email address and contain graphs and explanations, as well as suggestions for causes you might want to get involved with.

The quiz has 20 questions and takes a minimum of 15 minutes to complete.

3. Determine Your Core Values

Some of our core values change over time. The Determine Your Core Values quiz takes that fact into consideration.

Before you’re taken to the main page of the quiz, you must first choose from six options in order to establish a frame of reference for the values that are most important to you based on a certain context.

For the purpose of this review, the question, “Which values are most reflected in your life right now?” was chosen.

After choosing the frame of reference, you’ll then be taken to two options for the sorting method of the questions: “Quicksort” and “Binary Search Tree.”

Once you’ve chosen a sorting method, you’ll be taken to the questions page. This quiz has an average of 284 questions. However, the number of questions can be higher or lower, depending on your answers.

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If you haven’t yet identified your personal core values, a reliable core values quiz can help you determine them.

The quiz can run from 30 minutes to an hour. When you’ve answered all of questions, you are then directed to the results page, where you’re shown a ranking of the values you consider most important and least important. This ranking is in relation to the frame of reference you identified at the start of the quiz.

The list of values is based on the 58 core values identified in Russ Harris’s book The Happiness Trap.

The results are accurate only in relation to the frame of reference you initially chose at the start of the quiz. You can re-take the quiz multiple times.

4. What Do You Stand For?

This quiz helps determine what core values you uphold in all areas of your life. It consists of eight thought-provoking questions that encourage you to look deeper into what you truly believe in.

At the end of the quiz (which takes an average of seven minutes), you’ll get results that show the single core value representing who you are.

5. Values Profile

If you have at least an hour to spare, this can be a valuable quiz to explore.

Psychology Today’s Values Profile quiz determines three types of values that are influencing your life, namely:

  • Dominant Values—values you consider very important
  • Influencing Values—those that you consider moderately important
  • Minor Values—values that you consider least important

The quiz is predominantly behavioral based, and is composed of 202 questions. You will be presented with scenarios, and you’ll be asked to rate five viewpoints (the “questions”) in relation to how you will think or behave in each scenario.

The quiz takes between 50 minutes to an hour to finish. The results are presented in the form of a summary of your dominant, influencing, and minor values. You can re-take the quiz multiple times.

An in-depth analysis is also available for a fee.

6. Your Favorite Things Point to Your Core Values

Here’s a lighthearted quiz you can try to determine your core values based on some of your favorite things.

Every question has several options, and all you have to do is choose your favorite. For example, you’ll be asked to choose among different flavors of ice cream or characters from The Office.

You can finish this quiz in less than three minutes. Once you’re done, the results are immediately provided.

The results tell you a couple of core values that are representative of your beliefs, along with a description of these core values and some suggestions on how to live them out in real life.

7. Mindcoolness’ What Are Your Core Values? Quiz

When you know your core values, you are able to make decisions based on what you truly believe.

You no longer just go along with what your family (though having family core values is also important!) or society in general believes without evaluating whether those beliefs are in line with your personal values.

The What Are Your Values? quiz from Mindcoolness allows you to discover what your core values are. You are required to answer 21 questions, which are centered on your behavioral tendencies.

The quiz takes an average of 15 minutes to complete, and your results will be shown as a list of values and the percentages of how dominant they are based on your answers.

Through your results, you’ll be able to see your natural tendencies. The quiz creators have pre-determined categories for the values, with some values reappearing in multiple categories. These are:

  • Tendency to be open to change (stimulation, hedonism, and freedom) versus tendency to be conservative (conformity, security, and tradition)
  • Tendency to be anxiety-free and self-expansive (stimulation, benevolence, hedonism, freedom, and universalism) versus tendency to be anxiety-controlling and self-protective (tradition, power, conformity, and security)
  • Tendency to focus on yourself (power, stimulation, freedom, achievement, and hedonism) versus tendency to focus on others or society (benevolence, conformity, tradition, security, and universalism)
  • Tendency to pay more attention to self-improvement (power and achievement) versus tendency to focus more on self-transcendence (universalism and benevolence)

Based on users’ feedback, the quiz doesn’t appear to be 100% accurate. But it does provide an insightful overview of one’s personal tendencies. It can be re-taken multiple times.

8. Discover Your Purpose Profile

Many of us are unaware of the unique gifts we bring into this world.

This quiz provides insight into who you are, where your strengths lie, and what unique gifts you offer to the world. Your results will also tell you the values that drive you to do what you do.

There are 11 questions in this quiz, and it takes an average of five minutes to complete. A partial result is provided at the end, and a more detailed one is sent to your email address.

9. Define Your Personal Values

If you need a quick assessment of your personal values, the Define Your Personal Values test provides results in five minutes.

There are two parts to this online quiz. First, you must select at least 10 values that resonate with you from their list of options.

Then you are taken to the first page of the actual questions, where you’ll be presented with pairs of values. You need to select the value that resonates more with you. After you’ve chosen, another pair appears and you choose again, and so on.

The quiz takes an average of five minutes to accomplish, and the number of questions varies based on the number of values you’ve chosen in the first part.

After you’ve finished answering, you’ll be taken to a page displaying the results of the quiz. Here, you’ll see your personal core values, ranked according to their importance. The ranking is based on your choices/answers during the quiz.

The test ends there. Although it provides a list of the personal values you most likely possess, there are no in-depth explanations regarding each value, nor is there any other information about how you can apply what you’ve learned through your results.

You can re-take this quiz multiple times.

10. What’s Your Purpose?

It is only when we begin to know our true purpose and act on it that everything in our life falls into place. Here is a quiz that helps determine your true purpose in life.

The quiz consists of 10 questions, with several options for answers (you need to choose the one that resonates best with you). It takes an average of three minutes to complete this quiz.

The results are given immediately after you’re done. On the Results Page, you are presented with a single core value that represents you the most.

There are also several paragraphs describing and explaining this core value. In addition to the description, there are useful tips for finding your life’s direction using the main core value you received as your guide.

11. What Do You Value Most in Life Quiz

The What Do You Value Most in Life Quiz is a fun quiz that promises to reveal what you value most in life through 10 questions.

Each question requires you to choose between two or more things (e.g., spending a weeknight partying or having a night in).

The quiz takes an average of five minutes to complete.

Your result is provided immediately once you’re done and reveals what you value most. A short description accompanies the result.

12. Personal Values Test

What’s your driving force for waking up each day?

High5Test’s Personal Values Test is an online test that helps uncover your inner motivation.

Logging into the site is necessary to take the test. You’re asked to register by providing your name, email address, and a self-chosen password.

The test consists of scenarios that you have to rate on a sliding scale to indicate whether you totally disagree to totally agree. There are 120 questions, which take users an average of 30 minutes to answer.

In the free version, the results only show your top five most powerful strengths, with a brief explanation of the most prominent one. A full report is available for purchase, with in-depth details on how to harness your top strengths for success.

13. Personal Values Assessment

Core values are your inner compass that guides how you live your life. This quiz is based on Schwartz’s theory of basic values, which notes that there are 10 basic personal values that are universally recognized in cultures all over the world.

Gyfted’s Personal Values Assessment is helpful if you want to know what personal values are guiding you and fueling your motivations. The quiz asks you to rank several scenarios according to what you feel is most important.

There are 20 sets of scenarios. When you’re done with the assessment, your results are presented, showing the top three basic values that serve as your guide and motivate you.

Each basic value is presented with an in-depth explanation, as well as ways to apply these values in your personal and professional life.

14. Warrior Medicine’s Personal Values Quiz

How you respond to situations and how you behave are influenced by your core values. These values provide the foundation for every choice you make.

You can take Warrior Medicine’s Personal Values Quiz to get to know yourself better. It allows you to reflect on your personal tendencies and preferences.

The quiz has 15 questions and takes an average of 10 minutes to finish. Once done, you need to input your name and email to get your results.

The results display percentages of the main personality types within the system, plus an explanation of your values, strengths, and motivations for action.

15. The Musing Mind’s Personal Values Quiz

The Musing Mind’s Personal Values Quiz helps you assess your own core values to arrive at a deeper understanding of yourself.

There are 16 questions for the positive values section. Each one requires you to rank (on a scale of 1 to 7) whether you agree or disagree with statements where a certain value is highlighted. Taking the quiz takes an average of five minutes.

The results are emailed to you, including a list of the 16 values and their scores based on your answers. Those values with the highest scores are the ones that resonate with you and are most likely your core values.

I’ve Determined My Core Values, Now What?

You’re probably wondering how you can utilize your newfound knowledge about your core values, in addition to using it as a benchmark for important decisions.

Here are some other ways to utilize this information:

Use your core values in your current job.

If you’ve been working for some time now, you can reach greater heights in your career by aligning your future actions and decisions with your core values.

You can also create new short- and long-term goals that are more in keeping with your authentic self. (Check out some examples of short-term goals in this post, and of long-term ones here.)

Highlight your core values in your resume.

If you are looking for something to do when you’re bored, consider updating your resume. When you do, it might be a good idea to list your core values as well.

This gives prospective employers the opportunity to know if your values match with those of the company where you plan on applying.

Apply for jobs in companies whose core values are aligned with yours.

To get a sense of fulfillment out of your job, review the company’s profile to check if their culture, work environment, and core values align with yours.

And now that you have identified what your core values are, it's time for you to know your life purpose. Watch this video to find out how you can find you life's purpose:

Final Thoughts on Core Values Quizzes

If you know your core values, you have a better chance of living life with deeper self-awareness.

If you are attuned to your personal core values, your decisions and actions can bring you personal fulfillment. However, when you’re in conflict with them, life can feel like a constant uphill struggle.

You’re more vulnerable to taking actions and making decisions that you might end up regretting.

Taking a core values quiz can help reveal what core values drive you. These can be taken online, giving you results in minutes. Hopefully, today’s post can guide to the best quiz for learning know more about yourself.

If you’re looking for additional resources about core values, you might want to check out this post that features 100 examples of values to live by or download these core values worksheets.

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