5 Steps to Write Your Personal Core Values Statement

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One of the things I can’t stand is being phony. Being phony ties in with lying since you’re not being truthful to yourself or others. It’s one of the reasons I believe that honesty is so important, and it’s also a core value of mine. Having a decent set of values can keep you out … Read more

55 Personal Mission Statement Examples for 2023

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Living without a sense of what we’d like to accomplish within the days, weeks, months, or years ahead has a way of making us feel out of place. Don’t you think? We begin to question if we belong, what’s our true purpose in life, and how can we live on purpose. Mission statements can help us … Read more

7 Personal Mission Statement Generators for 2023

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Need some help in figuring out what you truly want to get out of life? If so, you can check out a couple of our articles for some tips on how to write your personal mission statement and steps for discovering your purpose in life. You can also keep reading to learn about a tool … Read more

15 Worksheets for Identifying Your Core Values

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Our core values influence how we live our lives. When we know our core values, making decisions becomes easier. We are also less likely to be swayed by other people’s opinions. Everyone has their own set of personal core values. Whether you’re aware of them or not, your personal values shape your relationships, determine your … Read more

10 Core Values Quizzes to Identify What’s Important to You

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Want to live a more fulfilling, more authentic life? Knowing your personal core values is one way of connecting with your authentic self. Furthermore, personal core values are a big determiner of how you act, make decisions, and live. Living in accordance with your personal values brings a sense of fulfillment in everything you do. … Read more

7 Relationship Core Values Quizzes & Assessments

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It takes a lot of hard work to build a strong relationship with a partner or spouse. As a couple, you’ll encounter challenges that will sorely test your relationship. The core values you and your partner consider important will be a major factor in determining if the relationship will survive obstacles or crumble in the … Read more

Mission Statements VS Goals: 5 Key Differences

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “he’s a man (or woman) on a mission”? It is vital in life to connect to an important mission more significant than ourselves. A mission focuses on what is most important, the thing that you desire to achieve in life. Mission statements summarize your core values and the model … Read more

18 Ways to Be More Intentional in Your Life

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We talk a lot about the purpose of your life on this site– how to find your purpose, writing your life purpose statement, and how important it is to create goals that fall in line with your purpose. But today, we are going to talk about living life on purpose. If you’re like many people, you spend your life on auto-pilot, … Read more

65 Core Values Quotes That Define Your Personality

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Need some wise and inspiring words about the importance of core values? We’ve got just the thing for you with today’s collection of core value quotes. Knowing your core values is essential if you want to live a satisfying, meaningful life. These are the root beliefs that become your guide in everything you do. Core … Read more

5 Reasons Why Personal Core Values are Important

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As the saying goes, “If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.” We all have a set of core values that are personal to us.  They serve as guardrails that surround the framework of our lives and keep us from going too far away from those personal beliefs with the decisions we make.  Moreover, … Read more