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Why does it seem that some people seem to get everything they want, while others seem to constantly struggle? While it may seem unfair, I promise you this… the Universe isn't playing favorites.

These people have simply learned the art of letting the universe know what they want. By learning some manifestation techniques, you can also enjoy the abundance of all that is good and waiting for you in life. You only need to ask.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the act of turning your dreams into reality. You may have heard it called the Law of Attraction or the power of positive thinking. You may even have thought of this as some kind of magical thinking created. There is actually a science behind manifestation and why it works. 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. This energy vibrates at different frequencies and it is possible to align the electrical impulses within your own body to align with all that is in the universe. The human mind is a powerful thing that can accomplish anything it truly wants. You need only learn how to direct that energy toward your desired goal.

Manifestation allows you the means to harness the energy and control the direction it is put out into the universe. The universe itself wants us to be happy and succeed, but it needs to know you are open to receiving what it has to give.

Important First Steps

One of the first things you need to do to manifest is to be completely confident that it is possible. Any doubt you have will send out negative energy that will push the very thing you seek further away. A great way to gain this confidence is to start with small things at first, such as a good par king spot or finding that special gift for someone. As you experience success, your confidence will grow.

Now, let's look at some things that always need to be in place beside your complete confidence.

1. Set your intention.

The universe doesn't like “I will” statements. As you gather your material and get ready to manifest, get your mind into an “I am” state. For example, start out with, “I am manifesting _________.” 

2. Be specific.

There is a joke where an old man encounters a genie and says “I don't want to be an old man any longer.” In a blink, he finds himself standing in the same spot in the body of an old woman. While he got his wish, it wasn't exactly what he wanted. The universe is like that. It can manifest what you ask, but unless you are specific, the result may not be what you seek. If you want a new car, give as many details as you can. Specify color, make and model, and interior design. Every detail gets you closer to your dream.

3. Focus.

During the act of manifesting, you don't want to muddle your request with thoughts unrelated to your request. Find a quiet place where there won't be any distractions and allow yourself as much time as possible. Then, clear your mind of any thoughts not related to the manifestation.

4. Be patient.

You aren't going to complete the ritual and have your dream immediately appear. Be willing to trust in the process and know that it will happen, but it may take time.

Now, let's take a look at some manifestation techniques.

Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation techniques come in a variety of forms. Choose one or more (Yes, you can combine them!) and get started on turning your dreams into reality. Not one of these is “better” than any other. Trust yourself to pick the method that jumps out at you. 

1. Create a vision board.

Get a large sheet of poster board and gather some glue. Now, gather as many items as you can that relate to your dream. These can be pictures, ads, quotes, Bible verses, drawings, and anything else that is related.

For example, if it is a house you seek, find pictures of similar houses, place color swatches of paint and floor coverings, add a house key, and maybe the mock-up of a deed. Find pictures of the garden elements you want, the location, etc… Hang the finished vision board where you can see it regularly and take a few minutes each day to immerse yourself in imagining the finished home.

2. Create a journal.

Journals come in so many forms. Find a blank notebook and pen especially dedicated to what you want to manifest. You can try free-writing your thoughts on the dream, using the journal to write daily affirmations, or recording the results of your manifestations. 

3. Visualize your dreams.

Visualizing is similar to daydreaming, but it is a much richer experience. Find a quiet spot and clear your mind. Now, picture your dream in as much detail as possible, including all your senses. Say you want to own your own business.

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Visualizing is similar to daydreaming, but it is a much richer experience.

Picture the exterior of the building. Where is it located? What does the exterior sign look like? Walk up to the door and feel yourself opening it and stepping inside. What do you see, hear, and smell? Does your office have a big desk or is it open? What do you see when you look out the window? Imagine a typical client coming in and signing a contract. 

4. Develop a gratitude mindset.

Act as though you have already received your dream. Thank the universe for this. Let it be known how you feel now that you have what you want. Try focusing on other things throughout the day that you have to be thankful for. Focus on what you have, not what you don't have. Remember, the energy goes where your focus lies. If you concentrate on appreciating what you do have, you will receive more to be thankful for.

5. Free up your energy.

Energy flows through your body. When it gets stuck, the universe is unable to help clear out the old, stale energy and free up room for new. One of the best ways to get energy flowing is to move your entire body. This could be taking a walk, using exercise equipment, gardening, or just freely dancing around your home. While you are doing this, focus on your dreams. Set the intention that you are manifesting your dream. The energy flowing in will do that. 

6. The 369 Method.

This method allows you to place focus on your manifestation three times a day. Get a journal. Create an affirmation that sets your intention. For example, I have the perfect love relationship. Now, write this affirmation three times every morning, six times every afternoon, and nine times before bed each night. Continue this until your manifestation is realized.

7. Manifest as you sleep.

This manifestation method may very well be one of the easiest. Write down your affirmation on a piece of paper. Now, place that paper under your pillow before you go to sleep. Our minds are most open to universal energy in the few minutes before we fall asleep and the first few minutes of waking up. As you fall asleep, picture your dream clearly.

8. Try scripting.

Scripting is similar to visualization except it is a written version. Follow the same procedure of fully immersing yourself in living your dream and write every detail. Try to use all of your senses and then focus deeply on the feelings involved. Use as many descriptive words as possible so that anyone who would ever read the words can see the exact picture you do. Once you have written this, you can return to this script as often as you wish. Make sure each time you do, your focus is entirely on your dream.

9. Create a manifestation box.

Find a box that you feel comfortable with. Allow your intuition to guide you. With your intention in mind, decorate the outside of the box. This may be elaborate or simply writing your intention.

Now, think about your dream and find objects that represent it to place in your box. Say you want a vacation in Bermuda. Gather pictures of Bermuda, a map with it highlighted, travel brochures, and maybe postcards. Add things from the beach, a written history of the island, and anything else you can think of. Keep adding to this box as you find objects. Once a week, take out the objects and go through them one at a time with your mind focused on your vacation.

10. Interview your future self.

This is a fun one. You have reached your dream. Now, imagine you are being interviewed about living that dream. Write down a set of questions and answers for this interview. You just opened your own business. How do you feel? Talk about what you do in detail each day. How do you see your business growing? Keep asking questions until you can no longer think of any others. Make your answers as detailed as possible.

11. Take action.

Manifestation is enhanced by you taking positive action toward making the dream come true. The universe needs you to be aligned with the proper energy. You aren't going to get married and have kids if you lock yourself in your house every day. You need to get out and meet people, work on social skills, etc. Ask yourself what steps you can take to help align yourself with the circumstances that will allow your dreams to manifest. Now, start taking those steps.

12. Simply ask from the heart.

Some call it praying, others call it talking with guiding spirits, or connecting with your higher self. This doesn't have to be a ritual, but if it helps you to focus, you can create a ritual. There is absolutely no wrong way to do this. This manifestation method involves simply asking the universe for what you want. Sit down and start talking.

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Simply asking from the heart is a manifestation method that involves asking the universe for what you want.

You can think the thoughts quietly, but saying the words out loud will give them added energy. Ask for your dream. Describe it in detail. Explain how it will change things for you and why you want this. If it helps, picture the one who is listening. See their willingness to make you happy. Believe fully that your words are heard. Then, simply let things go into the hands of the universe and continue doing what you can to align yourself with the correct energy.

13. Utilize crystal candles.

Crystal candles are candles that contain crystals that are released as the candle burns. While different crystals and candle colors can be used for specific manifestations, there are certain colors, scents, and gemstones that are all-around useful in all types of manifestations. For this method, you will need a white crystal candle, preferably made from organic material.

The gemstone it contains can be clear quartz, Celestine, or iron pyrite. If, however, you feel drawn to a different color candle or a different gemstone, trust your intuition. Use something sharp to carve a symbol into the candle that represents your dream and rub the candle with cinnamon essential oil, making sure you don't get the wick.

Now, find a quiet spot where you can fully concentrate for five minutes. Get comfortable and light the candle, allowing it to burn for five minutes as you concentrate completely on your subject. You may want to set a timer so you aren't distracted by watching the clock.

At the end of five minutes, snuff out the candle. Don't blow it out, snuff it. Do this once a day until the candle has been completely burned and the crystals are released. Gather the crystals and keep them near you until your dream has manifested.

Final Thoughts on Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation techniques can be fairly simple… there is no need to complicate things. Above all, you need to believe you deserve what you are asking for, and that it is possible.

As you start to see your dreams coming to fruition, you may consider thinking about more dreams to add to your list. One way to do this is to create a bucket list. Check out this article for inspiration.

The universe wants to see all our dreams come true. Today is the perfect day to start working toward opening yourself up to receiving all it has to offer you!

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