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Do you have a personal mantra? 

Or do you have a saying that you frequently tell yourself that conveys a deeper meaning in your life?

A personal mantra inspires and offers comfort. It realigns your perspective and reminds you of your goals. And personal mantras empower you to create motivation throughout the day.

So if you’re looking to create a few of these sayings, then this article profiles 45 personal mantra examples you can use – broken down into specific categories.

Let’s get started…

Personal Mantras for Exercising

Let’s all be honest here and admit that exercising is hard. Saying no to your comforting bed and getting up to workout are two Herculean challenges. It’s easy to understand why so many give up and just stay in bed.

You cannot afford to keep putting off exercising for long however. After all, an inactive body is more prone to injury, gaining excess weight, and generally growing unhealthier.

On the flipside, the benefits of regular exercise are pretty incredible. The CDC notes that people who are physically active for about 150 minutes per week reduce their risk of all-cause mortality by 33 percent compared to those who remain inactive.

Regret is not an emotion you will feel after getting up to exercise. Get your mind in gear by checking out the personal mantra examples related to exercise below.

1. I Want to Move and Make Things Happen – Change cannot start without you setting it in motion. Get moving, make things happen, and reap the rewards of your efforts.

2. Let’s Start Today the Best Way Possible – Make sure you have a great day by starting it the right way. Exercise first thing in the morning and set yourself up better for what’s coming later on.

3. I Must Get Moving – Be firm and recognize the importance of keeping your body healthy. Don’t accept excuses and start moving because your health depends on it.

4. Exercise Is a Challenge I Will Overcome – Exercising on a regular basis will prove to be a real challenge. Never forget that you are more than capable of taking on and overcoming that challenge.

5. I Will Be in Better Shape Today than Yesterday – Progress is not always evident, but it is present. Keep working on your body and you’ll eventually see the fruits of your labor.

I Will Be in Better Shape Today than Yesterday | one word mantras | my communication mantra example

6. I’m Moving in the Right Direction – This is a point you need to reiterate constantly. Whether you’re just starting a new exercise routine or continuing an established one, you’re moving in the right direction whenever you work out.

7. I Deserve to Be Healthier – You don’t have to live with the discomfort brought about by being unhealthy. Improve yourself and your body because you deserve happiness and health.

8. I Owe This to My Future Self – It’s hard to appreciate now, but you will be very thankful for the time you spent working on your health. Your future self deserves to experience life fully and exercising will help make that happen.

9. Accept No Excuses – Bad weather and waking up late are often cited as excuses to skip on the exercises. Avoid making excuses because there’s always a way to stay active if there’s a desire for it.

accept no excuses | two word mantras | simple mantras

10. I Will Persevere – The time will come when the temptation to drop your exercise routine will feel difficult to resist. Combat that urge and persevere instead. You will thank yourself for having done so.

11. I’m Proud of My Choice – Exercising regularly is a choice. Take pride in the fact that you are doing something to improve your health.

Personal Mantras for Success

What’s the secret to success? Life would be so much easier if we knew the answer.

Although we don’t know the secret, we are aware of what it takes to be successful. We need to be driven and inspired to make the most out of our opportunities if we want to realize success.

Take to heart the personal mantra examples below and let them inspire you.

12. Seize Success, Don’t Wait for It – Waiting around for your shot at the big time is unwise. Instead, take the opportunities that come to you and get the most out of them each and every time.

13. Success Is Attainable – It is and you will experience it eventually. Continue on your chosen path, work hard, work honestly, and you’ll become successful.

14. I’m Closer to My Goals – There will be days when success becomes hard to recognize and when it seems that you’re drifting farther from your goals. Don’t be fooled because each day you put in the work gets you closer to achieving your dreams.

15. My Goals Are within Reach – The finish line is in sight, but the sprint to it will be difficult. Pick up the pace and sprint through the tape because you’re primed to accomplish something special.

16. Today, I Am Unstoppable – Your success will not be denied. Push through the challenges of the day because you’ll come out stronger on the other side and primed for even greater success.

17. I’m the Star of My Own Success Story – Inspirational films about success stories are a joy to watch. Craft your own moving story of success by continuing your good work.

18. My Hard Work Is Bearing Fruit – Hard work will pay off at some point. Be patient and continue what you’re doing. You’ll see the results soon enough and they will be amazing.

19. My Successes Will Continue – Be optimistic and believe that your winning streak will continue. There’s no reason for it to stop if you continue putting in the work.

my successes will continue | what is my mantra | what is mantra

20. I Want to Inspire – Your success will not just be yours to appreciate. Those who will tackle the challenges after you will be motivated by your success.

21. I Can Accomplish My Goals – Believe in yourself without ever wavering. You know your capabilities better than anyone else. Success will be realized if you continue.

22. I’m Proud of My Accomplishments – Be proud of what you’ve done. Succeeding is no small feat and you deserve to enjoy it.

Personal Mantras for Anxiety

Anxiety is not just something that messes with your head. According to WebMD, constantly worrying and harboring feelings of anxiety can lead to physical problems. Muscle aches, nausea, and shortness of breath are some of the signs you’re growing anxious.

You need to take control of your anxiety and rein it in as much as possible. Repeating the personal mantra examples below may help.

23. I’m Loved – It’s something we forget every now and then, but there are people who love us. Feeling anxious and lacking confidence is understandable. Just don’t forget that there are people who will love and accept you no matter what happens.

24. My Life Matters – You are not a burden, worthless, or anything close to those awful things. You are a wonderful person who is valued and loved. Keep that in mind when you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety.

25. Failure Will Not Define Me – Failure is a bitter pill to swallow. Feeling down after experiencing it is more than justified. Even so, keep your head up because one stumble will not define you.

26. I’m More than My Mistakes – Being human means you are susceptible to error. No one goes through life without making a mistake. It’s how you acknowledge and respond to your mistakes that will mean more in the long run.

I’m More than My Mistakes | personal mantra generator | one word mantras

27. I Can Redeem Myself – Acknowledging your mistakes is important, but don’t dwell on them. Pour more energy into redeeming yourself and make up for your errors.

28. I Will Be Better – Self-improvement will happen if you stay dedicated. Don’t worry about how long it takes and simply focus on how you can improve as a person.

29. I Will Be Okay – The bad times won’t last forever. You’ll make it through this trying ordeal and you’ll be wiser for experiencing it.

30. I’m in Control – Things can spiral out of control quickly if you let them. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and remember that you are still in control of your life.

31. More Opportunities Await – Lamenting missed opportunities is a terrible habit you may find yourself engaging in way too often. Keep your head down for too long and you might miss the great opportunities coming your way.

More Opportunities Await | personal mantra quiz | personal mantra generator

32. I Will Not Be Denied – Failures can only hold you back if you let them. You can still set your feet back on your intended path and continue your journey to success.

33. I Believe in Myself – Be your biggest fan. Cheer for yourself even when no else will. You’ll be amazed by how much you can overcome when you maintain that steadfast belief.

Personal Mantras for Happiness

Life’s easier to handle when you have a smile on your face. Make a habit of remembering the good things in your life. Focusing on the things that make you happy will also change your perspective for the better.

Heed the personal mantras for happiness below and see if they can give you a reason to smile.

34. I Deserve to Be Happy – Every single one of us deserves to be happy. Do not shy away from that belief and cling to it dearly instead.

35. I Have a Good Life – You can lose perspective easily if you keep comparing yourself to others. It’s possible for you to be happy in your own way and you can still have a life that holds plenty of meaning.

36. My Joys Are Abundant – My life is going well at the moment and I don’t want to lose sight of that fact. I wish I never run out of reasons to smile.

37. I Determine My Happiness – Happiness does not have to meet any standards. If you know in your heart that you’re overwhelmed by happiness, there is no need to deny that.

I Determine My Happiness | what is my mantra | what is mantra

38. I’m Content with My Life – Not everyone needs fame, power, or mountains of money to be happy. Consider yourself among the lucky ones if you genuinely feel satisfied with your life. Take the time to savor your happy life.

39. I Will Find My Happiness – Do you feel unhappy at the moment? That will not last. Continue on your desired path and you will find your happiness soon enough.

40. I Will Pursue My Happiness – It doesn’t matter if it takes you a long time to understand what makes you truly happy. What does matter is that you pursue your source of happiness wholeheartedly and save yourself from any feelings of regret.

41. Being Happy Is What I Want to Be – You don’t have to justify your cheerful demeanor. It’s who you really are and you should feel free to embrace it.

42. My Happiness Is Limitless – Sometimes, you simply cannot help but smile because of how happy you are with your life. It’s a wonderful feeling and one you should appreciate as much as you can.

My Happiness Is Limitless | simple mantras | two word mantras

43. My Happiness Is Genuine – There are people who may question whether you are truly content or happy with your life. Remember that their opinions will never invalidate the joy that you feel deep in your heart.

44. I Will Spread My Cheer – Few pursuits are as noble as wanting to make others happy. Maybe it’s impossible to make everyone around you happier, but you can certainly try.

45. I Will Live and Seek Joy – Constantly looking for reasons to smile is a good way to live. You’ll get the most out of your life by adopting that mantra.

Final Thoughts on Personal Mantra Examples 

Personal mantras can do so much to change our attitude and perspective. Quite frankly, it’s amazing to see how words can hold such incredible weight and meaning.

At different points during your personal journey, you will encounter challenges. Maybe it’s a challenge that comes in the form experiencing failure or losing motivation. Those challenges can swallow you whole if you let them.

In those moments, it’s important to get a grip and repeat a personal mantra you truly believe in. Let your personal mantra remind you of the things that truly matter and face those challenges with renewed confidence.

Finally, if you're looking for other ideas, check out this post on meaningful life mottos to live by.

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