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If you’re having a tough workweek, making it to Wednesday is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Having made it this far, you can now see the weekend waving from the horizon!

If you need some motivation to get through the rest of the week until Freedom Friday, check out these hilarious hump day memes we’ve rounded up for you.

1. It's Today

happy wednesday | hump day quotes | hump day

via Digital Mom Blog

We’re out here confirming that it is indeed hump day. Now, on with the show.

2. Time to Get Excited

Look how happy this camel is that it’s hump day. And who wouldn’t be? The weekend’s almost here.

3. Is Friday Here Yet?

It’s that day of the week when you pay extra close attention to the hours ticking past. You secretly start a countdown to Friday, and you plan to be the first out the door the moment work is over on that day.

4. Coffee and Something Else

The coffee is to keep you awake for the mountain of tasks still in your inbox. The stun gun is to ensure you stay motivated all week.

5. Humpty’s Day

Even Humpty looks pleased that the weekend’s almost here. Just take care on that ledge, bud.

6. A Public Announcement from Master Yoda

when is hump day | wednesday hump day | wednesday quotes

via Digital Mom Blog

Here are some profound words of wisdom from one of the greatest Jedi masters. It sounds like Master Yoda is a glass-half-full type of Jedi.

7. It's Up to You to Decide

hump day quotes | hump day | hump day memes

via Digital Mom Blog

If you consider the entire workweek as a hill to traverse, Wednesday is the metaphorical peak. Hence, the nickname “hump day.” Whatever you call this day, we hope you’re safe, happy, and motivated.

8. Definitely in Need of Coffee

Yes, it’s Wednesday. And yes, you need coffee.

9. Can't the Weekend Come Any Faster?

Sorry, sir, but it’s only Wednesday. We’re doing our best to make the weekend arrive more quickly, but we haven’t figured out how to time travel yet.

10. Hump Day in Your Face

This meme is a painful reminder that the weekend is still three days away. On another note, we hope that the lady in the picture has fully recovered.

11. I Want Friday

Thanks, Wednesday, but I’ll pass. I just need Friday to be here already.

12. All That Rage

Calm down. We know it's not the weekend yet.

Someone needs to have their anger management issues checked.

13. For Those Counting Down the Days ’Til the Weekend

I’m with Bon Jovi on this one. It’s no use grousing over why the weekend isn’t here yet. At least we’re halfway through!

14. You Deserve Only Good Wishes Today

hump day | hump day memes | happy hump day

via Digital Mom Blog

Thanks for dropping by, Dwayne. We’re now motivated to work a bit harder until the weekend’s here.

15. Almost There

Just a few more days, little guy. We’re going to make it, so be strong.

16. The Hump

Is it the hump or the bump? It’s best to just go with it.

17. Can Anyone Help This Guy Find Motivation?

You’re doing great! Keep going. It will be the weekend before you know it.

18. I'd Scream Too

I’d be screaming, too. Then, I’d fall down to the floor in a dramatic fashion, clutch at my chest, and faint.

Don’t revive me until it’s Friday.

19. It's All About What You Call It

wednesday hump day | wednesday quotes | hump day memes

via My No-Guilt Life

I’d disagree with Drake on this one because Thursday is actually closer to Friday. But that’s another story.

What’s your favorite nickname for Wednesday?

20. Bernie Is Asking Again

wednesday hump day | wednesday quotes | hump day meme

via My No-Guilt Life

If the powers-that-be are reading this, please pay attention to Bernie’s plea. You can make it happen!

21. There Are Distinctions

hump day | hump day meme | happy hump day

via Luck Money Myth

Sorry that hump day isn’t living up to your expectations. We’ve forwarded your feedback to the appropriate department. You’ll be hearing from them soon.

22. I Completely Agree

This meme gives me hope. Even if the translation is wrong, I’ll take it.

23. Put the Camel Down

hump day quote | hump day | hump day meme

via Winkgo

This camel is a support animal, Wednesday. It soothes my workweek-related anxiety.

24. Channeling Adele

Did you sing the words of this meme in your best impersonation of Adele’s voice? I know I did.

25. Today Isn't Bring Your Pet to Work Day

You might have misread the memo. No pets or livestock allowed in the production area.

In the meantime, you may hitch your camel out back.

26. Is It Really?

hump day | hump day meme | happy hump day

via Digital Mom Blog

Sorry, but it's still 48 hours away. All these hump day memes are giving you false hope.

27. Wrong Species

From time to time, some animals that aren’t camels try to jump onto the hump day bandwagon. We say go for it. Everybody has a right to celebrate hump day.

28. We Don't Do That Here

hump day meme | happy hump day | happy hump day meaning

via Luck Money Myth

What is this? No hurrahs for hump day?!

That is a sad story, my friend.

29. Nope, Still Isn't

Okay, folks. You’ve had your wine break. Now, get back to work. We’re still a couple of days away from Friday.

30. We've Got to Ask

Actually, Wednesday, there are different theories on how hump day got its name.

One of the most popular is looking at the entire workweek as a hill or mountain that a worker has to traverse. Monday and Tuesday are the climb, so these days are considered the most tedious.

Wednesday is the crest of the hill or mountain, and serves as the midpoint. Thursday and Friday represent the downhill trek that leads to the weekend. Hope this helps!

31. The Most Adorable Hump

We’ve included this meme to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Isn’t that the most adorable hump you’ve ever seen?

32. Happy Hump Day, Y'all

hump day quotes | hump day | hump day memes

via Guide For Geek Moms

Here’s a meme that reflects our overall feelings about the workweek. If you ask me, I think it’s time to let your boss know you need a long vacation.

33. Tomorrow's Thursday

hump day | hump day memes | happy hump day

via Guide For Geek Moms

We thought that some good news worthy of celebration is the reason you called this meeting, Mr. Dog. Thanks for nothing. This could have been an email.

34. Heads Up, Sistas

It isn’t the weekend yet, but we deserve some wine anyway. I’ll get the glasses.

35. Just a Little Bit More

That precise measurement is melting hearts. Bless you, little guy, for this cute reminder.

36. Another Irate Customer

happy wednesday | hump day quote | hump day

via Darcy Magazine

Then an irate customer comes in to ruin the mood. Go get the camel to explain the distinction between Wednesday and Friday.

37. Say It

Come on, don’t be shy. You can say it out loud.

Let’s do it together. “Happy hump day!”

38. Yeah!

We dig their enthusiasm. I wish this is how we all reacted to hump day.

39. Ride the Rollercoaster

The workweek is like a rollercoaster ride.

Some people enjoy the ride, while others don’t. It doesn’t matter, though—everyone has to stay on the ride at all times until it stops.

40. The End Is Near

If you’re having a trying week, it’s a relief to know that you’re halfway through. Hang in there—it’s just a couple more days until liberation.

41. The Neighbor Says Hi

Even the farm animals go out of their way to greet you on this particular part of the week. This horse might not be a camel, but he is still cheering you on.

42. Valid

We like the way this guy thinks. I wonder if he has any theories about Monday?

43. Tell Me You're Not Kidding

Sorry, but it really is just Wednesday. When this happens, it means you need a long vacation.

44. We Get Through Somehow

wednesday hump day | wednesday quote | hump day meme

via Reader's Digest

Hang in there. This is the last hurdle—it’s all downhill from here.

45. Just Be Thankful

There are instances in life where the best response is to just be grateful. The fact that there’s a hump day in the workweek is one such instance.

46. Pulling the Camel Is a Requirement

If you put in the work, hump day will go faster. Before you know it, the weekend will be here!

47. They're Always Surprised

A lot of working people seem to forget that Wednesday is the midpoint of the workweek. They start to celebrate, then have to come to grips with the fact that they are only halfway there.

48. Motivated ’Til Wednesday

You can only imagine the type of working environment a person must be tolerating if they have to use this kind of motivation. They deserve free drinks on Wine Wednesday.

49. Bart Can Be So Observant

Faking it until we make it to the weekend—then I’m putting my party hat on and it's hasta la vista, peeps.

50. Wednesday's Child Is Full of…

Have you ever heard that old poem about the children born on each day of the week? If we’re talking about the workweek, then the expression on the face of Wednesday’s child nailed it.

51. Hi There, Boss

Tell your boss that it’s a medical condition. Who knows, it might be covered by your HMO.

52. Hang in There, My Dude

Just 48 hours more. Don’t let go, okay?

53. Going to the Drive-Thru Later

hump day | hump day memes | happy hump day meaning

via SliControl

Do they sell it by the glass or the bottle? Asking for a friend.

54. Priorities

While some people are off to the drive-thru for their McWine, others are fortifying themselves with coffee. Whatever helps you cope, my dear.

55. Smile

You’ve made it to the peak and now you’re on your way downhill. Whatever the rest of the week brings, remember to smile.

Final Thoughts on Hump Day Memes

There will always be stressful times in the workplace. If left unchecked, the stress accumulates and affects your well-being.

Thus, it’s essential to develop healthy ways of dealing with stress.

Shifting your focus to something lighthearted and wholesome, like reading this collection of hump day memes, is one way of coping in a positive way.

We hope you enjoyed the memes featured here. If you liked this collection, feel free to check out some memes about goals and relatable memes about life.

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