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Do you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts?

If so, then our book (Declutter Your Mind — How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking) can help.  Here, we show you the mindfulness techniques you can use to enjoy greater inner peace and happiness.

How to Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Mind teaches you the habits, actions, and mindsets to clean up the mental clutter that's holding you back from living a meaningful life. You will learn:

  • 4 Causes of Mental Clutter
  • How to Reframe ALL Your Negative Thoughts
  • 4 Strategies to Improve (or Eliminate) Bad Relationships
  • The Importance of Decluttering the Distractions That Cause Anxiety
  • A Simple Strategy to Discover What's Important to YOU
  • 400 Words That Help Identify YOUR Values
  • The Benefit of Meditation and Focused Deep Breathing (and How to Do Both)
  • How to Create Goals That Connect to Your Passions

Declutter Your Mind is full of exercises that will have an immediate, positive impact on your mindset. Instead of just telling you to do something, we provide practical, science-backed actions that can create real and lasting change if practiced regularly. 

Who should read Declutter Your Mind?

The signs of mental clutter may not always be evident. When you live with a lot of mental baggage all the time it can creep up on you. From your viewpoint, you might not notice the clutter fogging your mind, you might only notice the negative results of this mental baggage. If any (or many) of the ideas below sound familiar to you, you may want to give Declutter your Mind a chance and follow the steps to getting rid of some of your mental, “junk”.

  • Lack energy and motivation to get things done due to worry and overthinking.
  • Experience high stress and agitation on a regular basis.
  • Sometimes feel a high degree of anxiety.
  • Often feel overwhelmed by life and/or work.
  • Feel depressed because there is simply too much to do.
  • Would like to manage your thoughts so that you control them and they never control you.
  • Want to stop using bad habits like drugs, alcohol, smoking as a means to numb thoughts and feeling that hurt.
  • Feel rudderless, without purpose, and lacking clear goals.
  • Often find yourself thinking unproductive thoughts that keep you from accomplishing your goals.
  • Are you frustrated and confused about how you can stop negative and compulsive thinking.
  • Fill yourself filling the void of your inner happiness with money and material things.
  • Constantly feel overwhelmed, busy and stressed to the breaking point.
  • Feel trapped in bad relationships and unsure if you should work to improve the relationship or end it.
  • Think that you may have lost touch with the “real you”.
  • Get complaints from your family members, boss, co-workers, friends or spouse about your being distracted, easily agitated, distant or constantly stressed.
  • Simply desire a calmer, more stress free and happier lifestyle.

Get Declutter Your Mind

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How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking