Habit Related Crowdfunding Campaigns (YOU can make a difference!)

2 Habit-Related Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Check Out

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I have to admit something…

I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding campaigns. Often, these products would never see the light of the day unless they’re funded by a small army of backers.

So today I want to recommend two habit related crowdfunding campaigns. I believe you will like these campaigns because they are based on ideas that I often recommend to my readers.

1. Say It With Gratitude Cards

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have in life.

Time. Money. Success. That nice home.

Wouldn’t it be better to go through life being happy for what we do have?

Inspired by a trip to Guatemala, my friend Scott Colby is starting a movement…a gratitude movement called Say It With Gratitude.

Say It With Gratitude is a subscription based thank you card company that will allow you to have a big impact on your own life, as well as others, on a monthly basis. The artwork for the cards was designed by kids in Guatemala.

So if you want more gratitude and happiness in your life, and have a big impact on others, whether they’re your friends, clients, or family members, then join the gratitude movement today!

2. The Sidekick Journal

Another powerful habit you can build is to journal your thoughts on a daily basis. The reason I like The Sidekick Journal is because it keeps you laser focused on "becoming a morning person" and starting the day on the right foot.

It's based off the newest research on behavioral psychology. You can build a morning routine around things like exercising, reading, meditating, doing yoga, running, writing, or any other important habit.

Click the button to get more information:

Well, hope you have a chance to check out these two crowdfunding campaigns and if you like one (or both) of these products, then be sure to back them!

Just wanted to let you know I’m not compensated for either of these recommendations. I simply think they both have a great message and felt they were good to enough to share with you!