How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: A Simple Guide

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others | be yourself | stop comparisons | FOMO

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. Let me save you thousands of hours of therapy and the time it takes to read dozens of self-help books. Stop comparing yourself with others. Just stop it! I am sure the idea of not comparing yourself with others … Read more

How to Write a Letter to Your Future Self (with an Example)

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letter to future self example | how to write a letter to your future self | examples of letters to future self

“Dear future me, I’d love to remind you not to grow old.” These words were written quite boldly in one of my first future self letters. I didn’t have a letter to future self example to work off at the time, but I instinctively knew I wanted to discuss the things that scared me with … Read more

41 Songs About Loving Yourself for Who You Are

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songs about loving yourself | self love songs | inspirational songs about loving yourself

Music is a powerful vehicle of expression, affirmation, and healing. If you’re looking for something that can help you to adopt a certain idea or alter your perception about something, music can help with that, too. Neuroscientists have now discovered that human brains are hardwired to respond to music. Throughout history, music has played a … Read more

365 Positive Words to Use Daily [A to Z for 2023]

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positive words | positive descriptive words | positive words to use daily

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Words have power!”?  Well, it’s true.  I know many of us grew up saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  But that is so far from the truth. Words not only hurt others, but they hurt us.  Many friendships and relationships have ended due … Read more

25 Self Care Day Ideas & Activities for 2023

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self care day | self care day routine | self care day at home

When was the last time you spent some time on yourself? After all, you are always there to lend a hand to family and friends. You invest in your children’s education by doing homework with them. You contribute financially to your household and make sure your broker is managing your assets well.  And you go … Read more

15 Steps for Distancing Yourself from People Who Hurt You

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distancing yourself | distancing yourself from a friend | distancing yourself quotes

People can be toxic. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of Americans have been emotionally hurt – whether at work, school or home.  It can be a friend dragging you down or that jerk you can’t avoid at work. It could also be a close family member who thinks having blood ties justifies lousy behavior. Whoever it … Read more

17 Songs About Loneliness & Feeling Alone

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songs about loneliness | songs about being alone and sad | best songs about loneliness

Looking for songs about loneliness? Even if it’s an unwelcome emotion, loneliness is universal. It pays all of us a visit at some point in our lives. The feeling of loneliness is not necessarily the effect of being physically alone. One can feel lonely in a crowd. The physical distancing, lockdowns, and sheltering in place … Read more

13 Steps to Make Yourself a Priority

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make yourself a priority | make yourself priority meaning | importance of making yourself a priority

First.  Second. Third.  Where do you come into play when setting your priorities? If you didn’t answer “first”… you should take a good look at yourself and rethink things. Making yourself a priority, especially your physical and mental well-being, is the best way to put your best self out there for all the world to … Read more

9 Ways to Show Respect for Yourself

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how to respect yourself | how to respect yourself as a woman | how to respect yourself as a woman in a relationship

Take a few minutes to look at your life thus far from an aerial view. From this outside perspective, how do you feel about your skills, accomplishments, and where you are today? Can you see the growth or progress that you’ve made since the last time you were struggling? When objectively looking at your life, … Read more

5 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Actions (and Life)

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take responsibility for your actions | take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others | taking responsibility for your actions in a relationship

What role do you play in your own life? Are you the one who is in charge? When things are going well, chances are, you’re eager to accept responsibility for that. However, when things take a turn for the worse, blame-shifting is a common technique people use to prevent others from seeing them at fault. … Read more