17 Best Philosophical Movies of All Time

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While they can mess with your head from time to time, philosophical movies also compel you to question the dynamics of our existence. These films make us pause and ponder society’s long-held beliefs, impart powerful life lessons, and give new meaning and purpose to our existence. They make us consider that there may be something … Read more

15 Best Movies About Starting Over with a Fresh Start

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Looking for movies about starting over? Perhaps you have pressed the proverbial reset button and are now looking forward to fresh beginnings. On the other hand, you might be hesitant to embrace the changes coming your way, but know that they’re inevitable and want to be prepared. Whatever the case, you’re going to love today’s … Read more

15 Best Movies About Letting Go & Starting Over

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Movies have the capacity to affect our emotions and even our world view. Whether you’re exploring the meaning of life, in the midst of finding a job after losing your previous one, or on a mission to find yourself, there are movies that relate to these life experiences. Watching them encourages us to reflect on … Read more

17 Best Movies About Social Media [2024 Review]

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Looking for awesome movies about social media? Social media has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives. It has transformed our interactions, heavily influencing the way we communicate, form relationships, shop, receive news, view politics, and do our work. Surely that’s a good thing, right? Social media use has its pros and cons. While it’s … Read more

25 Best Business Movies to Watch in 2024

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Looking for awesome movies about business? Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you most likely have a basic understanding of how challenging it is to run a business. Whether it’s starting the business, trying to make a profit, taking care of the people who work for your, or making sure the services you offer are … Read more

23 Best Movies About Writers and Authors to Watch Today

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Interested in learning more about your favorite author? Do you ever wonder what went on in their head and where the ideas for an amazing story came from? Perhaps it’s the writing process you’re interested in? You might want to know how writers create their own kind of magic through pen, keyboard, or old-fashioned typewriter. … Read more

15 Best Movies About Geniuses and Smart People

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When we think of genius, many of us think of “nerds” or “people with glasses and awkward social skills”… but genius comes in many forms. A high IQ is one sign of genius, but some people who have deficiencies in the mental arena show extraordinary genius in one area of their lives. These people are … Read more

26 Best Movies That Teach Important Life Lessons

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Movies are not just for entertainment. They can also be a source of inspiration. Movies with life lessons can change our perception of life and the world around us. They are a marvelous tool for inspiring us to become better versions of ourselves and for making a difference in the lives of others and the … Read more

11 Best Movies About Immortality & Maybe Living Forever

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Are you intrigued by the idea of living forever? You’re not alone. Throughout history, people have sought ways to achieve immortality—staying youthful forever, not getting injured, and living on and on. Scientists are hard at work attempting to create a fountain of youth in their laboratories. However, as far as we’re aware, nobody has unlocked … Read more

25 Best Movies to Watch About Overcoming Adversity

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Do you enjoy movies about overcoming adversity? The ability to overcome adversity is one of the essential skills we all need to have if we are to succeed at anything. However, there are times when the challenges that come our way become overwhelming. At these times, it’s tempting to give up and let our dreams … Read more