29 Songs About Intelligence and Being Smart

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Here’s cause for celebration: It is possible to become smarter as you grow older! Our brain’s ability to grow new neurons that increase our intelligence is called neurogenesis. Activities that exercise the brain encourage new neurons to grow. We can help facilitate this with the type of mindset we possess. If you’ve ever come across … Read more

18 Habits to Become Smarter & Improve Your Intelligence

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​Do you know that it’s possible to become smarter—at any age? Many people are under the general misconception that intelligence is a fixed value that’s set when they are young, and that it has no chance of changing as they grow older. Research shows that improving our intelligence is possible at any age. The things … Read more

15 Best Movies About Geniuses and Smart People

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When we think of genius, many of us think of “nerds” or “people with glasses and awkward social skills”… but genius comes in many forms. A high IQ is one sign of genius, but some people who have deficiencies in the mental arena show extraordinary genius in one area of their lives. These people are … Read more

35 Work Smarter, Not Harder Quotes for 2024

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Are you ready to start the year with a more intelligence-based strategy? Working smarter is all about identifying what delivers best for you and then doing the optimum needed. It’s about using the minimum amount of resources to achieve a maximum of results. In today’s post, these work harder, not smarter quotes will introduce this … Read more