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Looking for awesome movies about social media?

Social media has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives. It has transformed our interactions, heavily influencing the way we communicate, form relationships, shop, receive news, view politics, and do our work.

Surely that’s a good thing, right?

Social media use has its pros and cons. While it’s praised for allowing us to share information in ways that weren’t possible before, experts are now alerting us of its negative effects, especially on our mental health.

In this article, we’re reviewing movies where filmmakers explore the impact of social media on people’s lives.

Some of the movies on this list examine the interesting possibilities of social media use in improving human connection and business. Meanwhile, there are several movies here that dive deep into its negative, and sometimes fatal, consequences.

Overall, these movies are eye-openers about what we gain and what we lose by using social media.

Let’s check them out.

1. The Social Network (2010)

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If you’re looking for movies about how social media was founded, this movie is a good choice. This biographical film introduces us to the man who created Facebook and revolutionized how we communicate with each other.

In just a short span of time, Mark Zuckerberg’s website made him a billionaire and Facebook became an indispensable app that people use on a daily basis.

This feat catapulted him to the top of a short list of multi-billionaires, but also pitched him into several legal battles.

The movie is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires written by Ben Mezrich.

It is directed by David Fincher (Fight Club) and written by Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men), and is praised for being well-directed and written.

2. Mainstream (2021)

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Would you rather do something you love or be declared lovable by strangers? This is the question that Mainstream invites you to explore.

This is the story of three people who seek fame and find it through social media. In their desire to remain relevant in a society obsessed with entertaining content, these individuals resort to extreme measures.

The movie depicts our current reality, where the opinions of influencers (many of whom have questionable expertise and credibility) are taken as sound advice or the final word on certain topics by people who see them in social media.

It shows how far we’re willing to go for validation.

3. Ingrid Goes West (2017)

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This movie introduces viewers to Ingrid Thorburn, a Pennsylvania-based cyber stalker whose latest obsession is a social media influencer named Taylor Sloane. Ingrid decides to move to Los Angeles, where Taylor lives, in an attempt to get closer to the influencer.

Through Ingrid’s attempts to become Taylor’s friend, a lot is revealed to her about the influencer’s personal life. At the same time, Ingrid learns more about herself.

The core message of this movie is that everyone wants to be liked.

4. Catfish (2010)

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Here’s a cautionary tale about people you meet on social media.

It documents an online friendship between Nev, a photographer based in New York, and a young artist named Abby, who was 8. As the friendship grows, Nev is welcomed into Abby’s social circle, which includes Megan, Abby’s older sister.

A budding romance develops between Nev and Megan, and the relationship leads to intriguing revelations. It also teaches us to be wary of social networking.

The reception to this movie was interesting. Because of the prevalence of reality shows these days, many in the audience refused to believe that nothing in the documentary had been staged.

Some viewers have even gone as far as accusing the creators of a hoax.

5. Newness (2017)

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This movie is about two people navigating the ups and downs of a romantic relationship in a culture that is almost completely driven by social media.

Although at first, the two agree on a no-strings-attached relationship, they quickly fall into the typical routine and challenges of couples trying to stay together.

The movie explores the thrills and letdowns of online dating, the ever-evolving desires of the human heart, and the pursuit of something that gives us real satisfaction.

6. Disconnect (2013)

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This movie consists of three different stories:

  • Two boys play a prank on one of the boys from their school. They pose as a fictional girl in social media who has a crush on the boy.
  • A husband and wife mourning the loss of their child have their identity stolen on the Internet.
  • An ambitious TV reporter works on an exposé on online porn with the help of an online sex model.

The movie is a close look at how people’s lives can be shattered by technology and social media. It highlights people’s failure to communicate with each other and to form relationships.

7. Men, Women & Children (2014)

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It is challenging to be a parent raising teenagers in a society heavily influenced by social media. Social inadequacies and the reliance on technology for connection can make parenting quite difficult.

The focus of this film is on four families with different struggles they each have to overcome. This movie explores the painful impact of social media and technology on the most basic unit of society.

8. Eighth Grade (2018)

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In this coming-of-age film, viewers witness a young girl’s efforts to survive the final week of eighth grade.

She finds a way to connect with her peers through her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of herself dispensing advice on self-improvement.

Through the girl’s struggles, viewers will understand the immense challenges the young people of today go through in order to connect in a real way with others. It shows us how social media is shaping today’s youth.

9. Face 2 Face (2016)

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In this movie, we witness two childhood friends reconnect with each other online through video chat. One is a loner who lives in Michigan, while the other is outgoing and currently lives in California.

Their initial chats reveal the recent developments in their lives. A warm, supportive friendship develops between the two and they try to encourage each other to go after what they want.

The connection they forge has a life-changing impact on both of them.

10. The Bling Ring (2013)

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This movie is based on real events that happened between 2008 and 2009, where a group of teenagers robbed several celebrities' homes while the stars were away.

The teens’ burglary spree was fueled by their obsession to be like the celebrities they saw on social media.

This movie encourages viewers to reflect on how people can realize their true selves in a society preoccupied with celebrities.

11. Chef (2014)

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In this film, we get to know a chef who’s in a creative rut and has just quit his job. The owner of the prestigious restaurant where he works controls what he cooks.

In addition, an influential food critic/blogger gave a scathing review of the restaurant, specifically targeting the chef’s creative ability.

A road trip in a food truck becomes the inspiration for the chef to do what he truly loves.

It is also a chance to bond with his son, who uses a popular social media platform to post the truck’s publicity at different cities on the way to their destination.

This movie shows how social media can ruin or build up people’s reputations, as well as allow them to connect with those who matter most.

12. Nerve (2016)

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Nerve is a cautionary tale about what happens when people allow social media to rule their lives. A risk-averse high school senior gives in to peer pressure and joins an online interactive game as a Player.

This game is composed of “Watchers” and “Players.” The Watchers dare the Players to do different tasks, and each successful task is paid.

Tasks become riskier and the pay becomes higher the longer a Player survives and stays in the game.

13. Searching (2018)

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This movie has a simple plot: A father tries to track down his missing daughter. However, what’s unique about Searching is that the audience sees the entire story unfold through computer screens, smart phones, and footage from security cameras.

As the father follows digital clues to where his daughter could be, viewers witness how technology and the Internet can be a source of harm and danger.

However, it also shows how these dangerous things can become a springboard to deepen connections and a source of support and vital information.

14. The Circle (2017)

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Privacy is a gray area when it comes to social media. In addition, technology now allows us to be online 24/7, sharing everything that happens in our lives and the lives of people we interact with through different social media platforms.

In this movie, a young woman joins a tech/soc med company that develops systems (technology and apps) for tracking people’s activities and making them available online.

The movie encourages you to reflect on how much of your life you are willing to share online. It also lets you ponder what constitutes an invasion of privacy when something is done for “the common good.”

15. Tragedy Girls (2017)

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In this movie, two girls who run a true-crime blog decide that the only way for them to gain more followers is to become serial killers themselves.

The movie, released in 2017, is relevant for its depiction of the current generation’s fixation with fame and their willingness to pursue it at any cost.

The lack of remorse shown by the characters at the end tells viewers that what they did was only a means to an end, and that they’d probably do it again if necessary.

16. Profile (2018)

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In this film, an undercover journalist working on a story poses as an Islamic convert in her attempt to infiltrate a terrorist group and expose their ongoing operation of recruiting young women.

She is able to make contact with a terrorist recruiter on social media and interacts with him using her alter ego. Her next goal is to prevent herself from being lured into the recruiter’s campaign to join his side.

We see the story unfold through the journalist’s laptop screen, where she uses various apps for different aspects of her life in what is now known as screen life format.

17. We Live in Public (2009)

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This is a documentary that chronicles the life of Pseudo.com founder Josh Harris and his controversial social experiments.

In one of these experiments, 100 people volunteered to live in a bunker where all their actions were captured by cameras at all times.

This documentary was released in 2009, but is still considered relevant today. So many people are so obsessed with fame that they trade their privacy for likes in social media.

Final Thoughts on Movies About Social Media

Art imitates life, and as people become more dependent on technology and social media when interacting with the world, these movies show us the possibilities and pitfalls of this kind of life.

Hopefully, the movies in this review can serve as a gateway for further reflection on how to harness social media’s potential to improve lives, and how to avoid the dangers associated with its use.

You might also want to explore movies with philosophical themes or those about finding happiness and satisfaction.

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