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Need some resources on self-care?

We recommend that you check out this post, which features over 200 self-care ideas and activities. In addition, you can continue reading below to discover several self-care blogs that are worth visiting for the valuable information they share on how to better take care of yourself.

But how important is self-care, really? Why do we need to do it, especially when there are those who view self-care as a frivolous pursuit that borders on vanity?

Let’s quickly discuss the importance of self-care.

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is the act of recognizing your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs and doing what’s necessary to restore your well-being. (Learn about the various types of self care here.)

Without regular self-care, you’ll find yourself more vulnerable to illnesses and easily succumbing to stress, anxiety, and depression.

The following blogs show you how to take time out of your busy schedule to practice self-care to keep yourself sane, healthy, and happy. These blogs are your guide to instilling the habit of taking better care of yourself.

This is important. You are important.

13 Best Self Care Blogs to Follow

1. The Blissful Mind

the blissful mind | blogs about lifestyle | blogs about life stories

Blog owner Catherine’s main goal is to help readers “focus on what matters.” As a self-professed overthinker and perfectionist, Catherine’s former life was filled with stress and anxiety.

After realizing that she needed to take time off from her commitments to focus on her personal needs, life became more meaningful for Catherine.

Her blog has helped a lot of people do the following:

  • Grow a healthy mindset
  • Include self-care practices in their daily routines
  • Learn effective time management

You should read this blog if you are looking for ideas on how to achieve a work-life balance. The blog is also a wonderful resource for those who are seeking to live a more authentic life filled with peace, meaning, and happiness.

2. Self-Care Pursuit

self care pursuit | self care blog ideas | self care blogs

If you need some resources for getting started on your journey to self-care, this blog is worth checking out. Its creator, Sarah, is a health care provider and certified life coach.

Her decade and a half of experience in this field makes the blog one of the most authoritative resources on how to create a better life for yourself. In this blog, you’ll find articles on goal-setting, healthy habits, and doing stuff that you truly love.

3. Uncustomary

uncustomary | starting a self care blog | self love and self care blogs

Tired of blogs that are too serious or melancholic in their approach to self-care? This blog offers a refreshing take on life and inspires readers to appreciate things that are colorful, vibrant, and happy.

At the helm of Uncustomary is Mary, who guides readers in their own journeys to self-love. Along the way, she teaches them how to build their self-esteem, reach their goals, and take care of themselves in more positive ways.

4. Blessing Manifesting

blessing manifesting | blogs about lifestyle | blogs about life stories

Need to find resources on mental health issues, but don’t want to be bogged down by the way they are discussed in other blogs? Blessing Manifesting helps give you a fresh perspective about how to maintain sound mental health.

Like other blogs on the topic of self-care and mental health, you’ll find the posts here encourage you to stay positive despite the numerous challenges you may encounter in life.

However, the blog has a cheery ambience. Each post comes with eye-catching infographics summarizing the key points of the topic discussed.

5. Monica Beatrice (formerly The Elgin Avenue)

monicabeatrice.com blog | self-care afternoon | blogs about life lessons

Monica Beatrice Welburn is the founder of this blog, and her aim is to provide resources for readers navigating their way to living an inspired life infused with happiness and style.

Readers will find articles about fashion, health, relationships, and career. The site exudes elegance. With the photography and authoritative writing, this blog inspires you to live the life you truly want.

6. The Wonder Forest Blog

the wonder forest blog | self care tips | self care blog names

If you are looking for inspiring resources to jumpstart your own creativity—especially on rest days—then look no further than this blog. It has a whimsical ambience to it, from its name down to the posts written by site owner Dana Fox.

Dana offers a number of DIY crafts for every season. Her tips for creating a cozy home environment might be just what you need to transform your apartment into a haven of comfort and tranquility.

In addition to giving you tips on home makeovers, this blog encourages readers to set aside time to do things that promote joy and positive transformation.

7. The Sunshine Suitcase

the sunshine suitcase | personal growth blogs | how to make self-care a habit

The Sunshine Suitcase was created by Summer, a blogger based in Hawaii. Her passions include helping people live “a life that they don’t need a vacation from.”

The topics of her posts include ideas for self-care, mental health, and personal growth. Learn more about how you can give the best of who you are to the world through her tips and suggestions for taking better care of yourself.

8. Self Care Every D*mn Day

self care every d mn day | self care tips | self care blog names

Blog creator Stephanie’s main goal is to help shed light on reader’s self-limiting beliefs, and empower them to overcome these beliefs. If you need inspiration and resources for moving beyond the pain you’ve experienced in the past, this blog can help you a lot.

When you visit the blog, you’ll read articles about writing, relationships, cultivating self-worth, taking better care of yourself, and more.


NAMI | personal growth blogs | how to make self-care a habit | how to make self-care a habit

The official site of the National Alliance on Mental Illness runs this well-curated blog on mental health. It contains well-researched articles that promote healing, acceptance, and support for those who are going through or have gone through mental health issues.

The site aims to end the stigma regarding mental health issues. Thus, you can read inspiring articles of recovery, strategies for coping, and news about treatments to address the above-mentioned issues.

10. The Zen Teacher

the zen teacher | self care blog ideas | self care blogs

This blog’s founder is Dan Tricarico, a high school English teacher and author of two books: Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stressed Out Teachers and The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom.

As you can probably deduce from the titles of Dan’s books, his content is geared toward educators who need effective ways of taking care of themselves while working in their demanding profession.

Some of the topics covered in the blog include:

  • Intentional self-care
  • Wellness and well-being for teachers
  • Mindfulness
  • Peace
  • Philosophy

11. Self-Care With Gracy

self care with gracy | starting a self care blog | self love and self care blogs

Although this blog’s author is currently on hiatus, the site is still an authoritative resource on self-care. Reading Gracy’s posts is like conversing with a friend who only wants the best for you.

Gracy is a mom and a coach specializing in self-care. Aside from that, she is also a certified yoga instructor and the author of the book selfcarefully.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care Blogs

Taking care of ourselves does not have to mean spending a lot, and it doesn’t necessarily require hard work. However, many of us do need others to show us how to do self-care the right way.

The self-care blogs featured today can serve as guides to living a life that prioritizes our personal needs. After all, we can only give our best to others when we’re healthy and happy.

We hope the blogs featured today can inspire you to live as you’ve always wanted.

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