13 Growth Mindset Videos for Kids to Watch on YouTube

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Want to know how you can help your children become more confident, more successful, and happier in life? You might want to teach them about the growth mindset. This is a powerful concept that helps kids see every life experience as an opportunity to learn and become better. What better way to introduce this concept … Read more

15 Growth Mindset Statements to Recite Daily

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If your colleague were to earn the promotion that you were hoping for, would you be genuinely happy for them? Or would you feel envious and like you’re not good enough? Or, if you were just shy of meeting one of your goals, would you feel defeated or would you reflect on some opportunities that … Read more

9 Personal Challenges to Advance Your Self-Growth

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If you could snap your fingers and create a picture-perfect future for yourself, what would it look like? Look beyond your initial thoughts of being a gazillionaire and owning all of the things. But if you can’t quite put those thoughts aside, with whom are you sharing that life? And how did you get there? … Read more

21 Children’s Books to Teach the Growth Mindset

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Looking for the right book to teach your kid about a growth mindset? In today’s article, we’re sharing a curated list of growth mindset books that teach kids about the value of perseverance, hard work, making mistakes, and loving and believing in themselves. These books help cultivate resilience in our children. Resilience is a trait … Read more

Control What You Can Control: 5 Strategies to Build This Mindset

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was an active member of an online group with 72 other expecting moms, which was appropriately titled January 2015— the month our babies were due.  Many members used the space during the time they were pregnant to create their “birth plan” and bounce ideas off of each … Read more

Four Seasons of Life: How to Thrive

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Have you ever heard an older person be referred to as “no spring chicken”? This common term is used to describe someone who is typically past young adulthood, but may still be trying to look and act younger than his age. While this isn’t typically meant as a compliment, it acknowledges the seasons of life … Read more

Is Competition Healthy or Unhealthy? 7 Important Lessons

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Consider the common (albeit, often unspoken) competition between friends to have the nicest car, newest electronics, and most expensive clothes. I’m sure that you’re familiar with this phenomenon enough to know that it’s often coupled with feelings of jealousy, resentment, and discontent. Humans are naturally competitive and have an intrinsic drive to have a relative … Read more

9 Ways to Teach the Growth Mindset to Your Kids

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When it comes to one’s state of mind, researchers believe there are two types of people in this world. Type I is the type of person that believes we are born a certain way…with a certain level of intelligence, natural ability and talent. Type II believes that anything is possible… that you can become more … Read more

9 Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset Real-World Examples

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When I was in elementary school, I had a friend who played the violin–which was so cool because she was the only one who could do it.  Similarly, we had one girl in our grade who was a standout gymnast and one who did horseback riding competitions on the weekends. And of course we had … Read more

27 Habits to Develop the Growth Mindset in Your Life

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The sky’s the limit for people with a growth mindset. Unlike people with a fixed mindset, those with a growth mindset embrace challenges and criticism because they see these things as opportunities to grow and learn new ways of doing things. These warriors have a winning mindset and will do what it takes to get … Read more