9 Habits to Overcome a Constant Fear of Failure

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I had grown sick and tired of doubting my ability to accomplish whatever tasks or goals I wanted to pursue. A constant fear of failure kept lingering at the back of my mind. There was this nagging voice, aka my inner critic, telling me I didn’t have what it takes and that I was too … Read more

Process Goals: 5 Examples & How to Write These Goals

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process goals | process goals examples | how to set process goals

It seems we have been conditioned to go through life setting goals for ourselves.  These goals change over time and typically become more complex or meaningful as we get older.  Sometimes, they may even be deemed necessary in order to ensure our professional success or personal well-being.  For instance, if your doctor says you need … Read more

4 Zeigarnik Examples to Improve Your Habits & Life

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zeigarnik effect examples | zeigarnik effect and motivation | zeigarnik effect marketing

Want a simple hack to quickly improve your life? One trick is to lean on a psychological concept known as the Zeigarnik In this article, I am going to detail the Zeigarnik effect and how you can use it to improve your life. Let’s get started by taking a deeper look at the details behind … Read more

7 Habits to Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills

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Everywhere you turn these days you are bombarded with the thoughts and ideas of others. It used to be only those around you and television that you had to deal with… but, today, information and misinformation are everywhere. You can’t scroll through social media without seeing a multitude of “news” stories within minutes. The internet … Read more

8 Rules to Be More Consistent in Life

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Life has its ups and downs. Even though this roller coaster ride is part of living in this world, everyone is looking for ways to be more consistent. With consistency, you will have an easier time maintaining relationships with your family members and friends, meeting your goals, and performing well in school or at work. … Read more

21 Comfort Zone Challenges to Grow as a Person

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Do often feel afraid to try new things because you’re nervous or scared? If so, then one strategy that can help is regularly push past what’s known as your “comfort zone.”  And the simplest way to do this is to build a habit where you regularly introduce comfort zone challenges throughout your week. In this … Read more

The Hawthorne Effect: 5 Examples to Positively Impact Your Life

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Have you ever had a job where the “big boss” or perhaps a board member or someone else significant to the company would stop by the office from time to time, causing the staff to quickly straighten up? Or, think back to when you were doing behind-the-wheel testing if you have your driver’s license. Did … Read more

How to Stick to a Daily Routine (7 Principles to Consider)

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Psychology of Daily Routines (or Why We Struggle with Habits)

If you’ve tried to establish daily routines and failed, don’t feel bad. Your struggle is a common one—and something you can overcome it if you understand the psychology behind daily routines. You see, there are many underlying reasons why you might have failed with building routines in the past. Once you understand why these failures … Read more

How to Build a New Habit That Actually Sticks [Video]

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Are you tired of starting a new habit only to give up a few days later? Unfortunately, this is a common experience for most people.   The secret to building new habits is to follow a process that focuses on small, incremental steps. And this video can help you do that!  See Video On How to … Read more

What are the Differences Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation? (with Examples)

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intrinsic and extrinsic motivation | intrinsic and extrinsic motivation examples | intrinsic and extrinsic motivation theory

It’s Monday morning and your alarm clock is going off. Why do you get out of bed? a. You have to get to work to earn a paycheck b. You get to start a new week of using your expertise and skills to make a difference that matters to you c. A and B d. … Read more