9 Vision Board Examples for Your Addiction Recovery [2022]

vision board for addiction recovery | how do you make a recovery vision board | what should you put on your vision board

You may be experiencing a great upheaval in your life right now. It may be difficult, but hopefully you’ve overcome the worst of it and are seriously considering staying sober for good. If you’re on your way to recovery from substance disorders or other forms of addiction, focusing on what you truly want in life … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples to Improve Your Emotional Wellness

smart goals for emotional wellness | emotional wellness goals examples | emotional goals

Emotional wellness refers to how aware people are of their current emotional state and how they push through challenges. It doesn’t always mean you’ll be happy, but instead, you’re conscious and able to adapt and understand. There are several ways to help you achieve this state, including setting practical goals. Here, we will share some … Read more

How to Use Your Circle of Control to Stop Worrying About Life

circle of control | circle of control activity for adults | circle of control theory

No matter who we are or what we do, we all desire to be in control of situations and circumstances that affect our daily lives.  We do this because we wish to experience an outcome that significantly benefits us. We would all agree that unmet expectations are the destination that we all seek to avoid.  … Read more

35 Songs About Finding Happiness and Joy in Life

songs about happiness | top songs about happiness | best songs about happiness

If you’re looking for songs to improve your mood or help you find answers to the question of where happiness comes from, you will likely enjoy today’s collection of songs about happiness. We’ve rounded up tracks referring to the emotional state that leaves us feeling euphoric, hopeful, and content with life. There is no single … Read more

25 Songs About Loving Yourself for Who You Are

songs about loving yourself | self love songs | inspirational songs about loving yourself

Music is a powerful vehicle of expression, affirmation, and healing. If you’re looking for something that can help you to adopt a certain idea or alter your perception about something, music can help with that, too. Neuroscientists have now discovered that human brains are hardwired to respond to music. Throughout history, music has played a … Read more

45 Indoor Hobbies for Winter or Inclement Weather

indoor hobbies at home | indoor hobbies for men | types of hobbies

Winter is quickly approaching, and with the COVID pandemic still in full effect, I think we are all expecting a long, dark season. Practicing social distancing and staying home this winter will take its toll on everyone, especially after isolating ourselves for so long already. Having a hobby will benefit you as it will allow … Read more

17 Songs About Exploring and Having Adventures

songs about exploring | songs about exploring the world | songs about exploring nature

Looking for songs about exploring to add to your playlist? With countries now easing borders after several months of pandemic-driven lockdowns, it’s finally possible to head off on your next adventure. You are likely looking forward to ticking off some travel and adventure items from your bucket list. Today, we’re sharing a collection of songs … Read more