The Truth About Staying Up for 24, 48, or 72 Hours without Sleep?

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staying up for 24 hours | been awake for 24 hours and cant sleep | is it bad to be awake for 24 hours

If you’re a new parent, a college student, or you just suffer from insomnia, you probably know what it’s like to go long periods of time without sleep. But what happens when you stay awake for a full 24 hours? Does it really do that much harm to your body? After all, you can catch … Read more

15 Simple Ways to Love Yourself More

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love yourself more | how to love yourself more | ways to love yourself more

Do you love yourself? When you drag your butt out of bed in the morning are you energized to make the most of the day? Or are you worried about what will go wrong? Do you look in the mirror and not like what you see? Or are you comfortable in your own skin? Do … Read more

11 Natural Ways to Quickly Stop an Anxiety Attack

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how to stop anxiety attack | ways to stop anxiety attack | stop an anxiety attack

Do you ever feel a sudden surge of fear? Perhaps you feel anxious about an upcoming major exam, or maybe you’re walking alone on a dark street and are apprehensive of what would happen if a stranger sprang from the bushes. Or you simply feel overwhelmed by a laundry list of tasks to complete. Regardless … Read more

15 Natural and Healthy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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how to boost your immune system | supplements to boost immune system | immune system supplements

​Are you looking for simple ways to boost your immune system? Today, we’re giving you 15 tips to strengthen your immune system against illness, or have a faster recovery after an illness. These suggestions use natural and healthy ways to strengthen your immunity, with no medications or expensive equipment required. People who practice healthy habits … Read more

11 Proven Steps to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

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sleep schedule | consistent sleep schedule | how to fix your sleep schedule

​Are you looking for ways to fix your sleep schedule? You may be working as a firefighter, police officer, paramedic, or nurse, and your job requires you to be on rotating shifts, or on call to respond to emergencies at any time. Or it could be that your lifestyle forces you to keep late hours, … Read more

$5 Meal Plan Review (Updated for 2024)

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$5 meal plan | $5 meal plan review | $5 meal plan subscription

Are you sick of working late hours and ordering take out? Meal planning can help! Do you miss family dinners with your kids? Meal planning can help! Say hello to $5 Meal Plans… a service that takes the indecisiveness out of meal planning and brings quality meals back to the table again. Instead of spending … Read more

10 Benefits of Adult Coloring Books on Stress & Anxiety

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Learn the benefits of coloring for adults and how it can increase self esteem and develop a greater self awareness.

Coloring pages are no longer just for kids. These days many adults are coloring too, and not just to give them a temporary return to the days of their youth. There are many good therapeutic reasons why adult coloring pages are all the rage these days. This post goes over the top 10 benefits of … Read more

17 Healthy Ways to Fall Asleep Earlier

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sleep before midnight | what's the best time to sleep | sleep early

Nothing good happens after midnight. I first heard this phrase while in the military. It was true then; it is true now. All sorts of shenanigans happen to those who stay up late, especially past midnight. Think of the common reasons to stay up to the wee hours of the night: Video Games TV Facebook … Read more

21 Ways to Overcome Your Lack of Motivation to Do Anything

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lack of motivation | how to overcome lack of motivation | lack of motivation at work

Picture this: Oprah waking up in the morning and thinking to herself, “nah, I don’t feel like doing anything today.” Or Walt Disney thinking that storytelling is just too much work. Well, at some point, all of these things have probably happened. The truth is, everyone goes through periods where they have no motivation to … Read more

88 Fun Activities for Kids for Every Occasion

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activities for kids | fun activities for kids | kids activities

Anxious. Bored. Tired. Frustrated. Curious. Creative. Dedicated. These adjectives may describe you. They may also describe your kids. But at one point or another, we’ve all been there. Been that person. I am that person. Every day. As a mom of four small children, I run the gamut of emotions daily. I want to make … Read more