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You may be experiencing a great upheaval in your life right now.

It may be difficult, but hopefully you’ve overcome the worst of it and are seriously considering staying sober for good.

If you’re on your way to recovery from substance disorders or other forms of addiction, focusing on what you truly want in life is of paramount importance. A vision board is a great tool to help you stay focused on your goals.

What’s a Vision Board?

When you’re in recovery, your goals might include the following:

  • Addressing issues in mental and physical health
  • Re-establishing and strengthening relationships with family and loved ones
  • Maintaining a level of positivity to help you on your path to complete healing

A vision board is a collage of images and words that can represent these and other goals. It can also be a drawing or a painting. Some people even use apps to create digital vision boards.

Vision boards are typically placed in a spot that you can gaze at several times a day to help you visualize the realization of your dreams and plans.

In making a vision board, you can use the simplest supplies, such as glue, magazines, and a poster board, or you can embellish it with everything from stickers, printables, and beads to realia and photographs.

What Are the Benefits of Vision Boards for Recovery from Addiction?

Here’s how a vision board benefits those in recovery:

  • Provides focus. It is a visual reminder of the goals you’re working on.
  • Allows for a sense of control in what’s happening in your life. Many people recovering from addiction have experienced feeling like they are not fully in control of their lives. A vision board empowers them to regain control of their choices and decisions.
  • Serves as a healthy way to express creativity. A vision board provides an avenue for self-expression. It is also a great way to process emotions that you may find too difficult to express verbally.

If you’re wondering what a vision board for addiction recovery looks like, we have several examples to share with you in today’s post.

Read on to check out our list of awesome and inspiring vision board examples.

1. Natural Healing

Unhealthy habits can also include being too dependent on prescription drugs. In this example, we have a collage that promotes healing in the natural way, reminding the owner to embrace alternative means of restoring their health.

2. Mind Your Body

In this vision board, the focus is on a major lifestyle overhaul. It features several goals, such as keeping the body healthy, living mindfully, finding a career, and contributing to society in a positive way.

3. Bloom and Grow

This example is rich in imagery. Several keywords are scattered around the surface of the board to provide motivation and inspiration for the board’s owner.

4. Reasons to Recover

Having concrete reasons for recovery from any form of addiction gives you that extra push to stay on track with your recovery goals. Here is an example of hand-drawn reasons for recovery that one can adopt to a vision board.

5. Sober Lifestyle

This vision board is mounted on a painted wooden pallet. It gives the entire board a touch of elegance and a bit of whimsy.

The vision board shown here is intended to strengthen one’s focus on full recovery and living a sober life.

6. Happyful

Here is an example of a vision board created to overcome trauma and completely heal and recover from addiction. The majority of the images depict hope, healing, and good health.

The words cut out from magazines radiate happiness, courage, and success.

7. The Fight of Her Life

Spaces in a vision board can often symbolize the period of growth that the board’s owner goes through on their way to becoming the best person they can be.

In this recovery board, we see some blank spaces that allow room for growth. This board is a testament to the person’s struggles, the obstacles along their way, and their hard work to overcome them.

8. Vision Disk

If you are looking for alternatives to the rectangular shape of a conventional vision board, here’s an example you might want to try. In this “vision disk,” all of one’s dreams and goals are neatly categorized and arranged around the disk’s surface.

9. Achieve Greatness

This vision board was created using empowering and motivational phrases cut out from magazines. It also includes images that fit into the vision board owner’s overall goal of becoming a better person.

One important thing to remember when creating your vision board: You’re working with your subconscious to get the best possible outcome, so dream big.

Final Thoughts About Vision Boards

Vision boards are a helpful tool for those who are rebuilding their lives during recovery from addiction.

By using a vision board for addiction recovery, one can find focus, inspiration, and motivation to do the best they can to stay sober and heal, one day at a time.

We wish you all the best in your journey!

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