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Now that we are about half way through the year, you may be revisiting some of your New Year’s resolutions. Or, you may have forgotten what they were.

Either way, it’s a good time to revisit your vision board (if you have one) or start a new one.

When we talked about how to make a vision board, we went over some of the benefits that making (and displaying) a vision board offers. And of course they remain true.

The process of creating your vision board helps you do some serious self-reflection and dig deep into what you want out of life, and the end result gives you a visual reminder that can inspire you every day to work toward the life you want.

As many say– out of sight, out of mind– and this applies to the things that you want out of life.

But, unless you’re really, really crafty (which I’m not), putting together a vision board probably sounds like a lot of work!

There are endless options when it comes to vision board ideas, and if you’re not the creative type, it might feel overwhelming–or maybe something that you just don’t really want to put the time and effort into doing.

However, if you attend–or better yet, host–a vision board party, you will become motivated and inspired by watching your friends make their vision boards and talk about their purpose and goals for the future.

Alternatively, if you already love making vision boards, hosting a vision board party would be a great way to teach some of your friends how to create this amazing tool for success and give them the opportunity to swap ideas with each other who are already experienced in making vision boards.

Yes, you can make a board of pictures representing your goals alone in your room. But, by having a party, you can surround yourself by those who inspire you and who will support you on your journey.

The purpose of your party is to initiate conversations around everyone’s goals, gaining insight from other people’s experiences.

This allows you and your guests the unique opportunity of incorporating each others’ expertise and advice into each others’ lives, giving everyone a strong start to make progress toward all of your goals.

Not everyone is into sharing their goals with others. The video below explores the pros and cons of keeping your goals a secret, and provide you with some tips on how to decide what's best for you.

In this post, we are going to talk about what a vision board party is and then go over everything you need to do to prepare to have a successful affair.

Now, for my guys out there–you have goals too, right?

This isn’t something that’s limited to just girls. Guys can have vision board parties too. All you have to do is: (a) have goals and (b) like parties.

Let’s look at what this type of event entails.

What is a Vision Board Party?

A vision board party is a hosted event in which friends come together to share their goals with each other and express them creatively.

Each attendee leaves a vision board party with their own vision board to display somewhere it can be seen every day to increase their motivation and inspiration to keep working toward their goals.

When hosting your own vision board party, you will want to start by thinking about the invitations. Keep the guest list relatively short–maybe 8-10 people, assuming a few won’t be able to make it.

You will probably want to hold the party at your dining room table (or another large table in your house), so if you feel like you can fit more (or fewer) people, that’s fine too.

When narrowing down your guest list, only invite people who you think would benefit from creating a vision board or at least enjoy making one. You don’t want someone to attend who is completely not into the concept.

When considering invitations, there are a lot of great options out there if you don’t want to create your own. You can get personalized invitations to print and send in the mail, or you can save the digital version and email it to your guests.

In my experience, emailing invites is probably a better way to ensure everyone RSVPs, though. Here are some great options:

Here is one that has a touch of glitter on it (which is a popular supply for vision board parties)

This one displays the magazine cut-out theme of a vision board party

And this one is more gender-neutral, so everyone can feel included

Let’s talk about what time you should host your party. Because the focus of your party should be on your boards (rather than food and drink), avoid hosting your party at mealtimes. A mid-afternoon party is best–maybe 3:30 or 4:00–so people aren’t expecting dinner.

However, you can’t really throw a party without offering any food or drinks. But, consider the circumstances before googling “appetizers for parties”. Everyone’s hands will be preoccupied going through magazines and handling glue and stickers–no one is going to want the additional mess of having an unruly snack.

Prepare simple (and small) items that don’t require a napkin or a plate. If you’re going to be serving wine, having a variety of cheese and crackers and a fruit plate would be perfectly acceptable.

And–offer a variety of drinks or ask people to bring their own. Some guests may want to drink alcohol and some may want to stick to sparkling water or soda.

You can serve whatever you want, really, but use your common sense here. Don’t have a plate of buffalo wings, ribs, and powdered donuts.

What Supplies Should You Have on Hand?

In terms of vision board supplies, since you’re hosting the party, you should provide the large items, such as poster boards or foam boards.

You will also want to supply guests with things to make their vision boards stand out so they will be impossible to ignore once they’re hung up in their homes.

Supply 3D items such as ribbon, fake flowers, scrabble board pieces, stencils, glitter–anything you can think of to get people’s creative juices flowing.

But, don’t forget the obvious things such as markers, tape, glue sticks, and a hot glue gun (or two). Don’t worry though, you won’t have to provide everything for the party.

You may also consider getting some vision board toolkits to have various affirmation cards and other motivational resources available for your guests.

vision board quotes goal setting | vision board quotes motivation | “I’m still learning.” – Michelangelo

For your guests who haven’t made a vision board before (and even for those who have), it may be helpful to have some vision board templates displayed around the table to give people a good starting point with their project.

Finally, you will want a playlist for background noise (and in case there are any moments of awkward silence). The music that you play can set the tone for your event.

To match your music with the preferences of your guests, keep them in mind when creating your playlist. Keep your music low during the party so it won’t be a distraction, but having some background music will give your shindig a more “party” vibe.

What Supplies Should You Tell People to Bring?

In order to have a wide variety of magazines, ask people to bring their own for everyone to share.

This will take a huge portion of the responsibility off of your plate. Also, ask everyone to bring their own pair of scissors so you don’t have to have eight scissors on hand (however, someone will forget, so have at least two).

Additionally, ask people to bring any supplies that they have on hand that they think would be helpful (especially stickers, because they can get expensive).

And, if you want people to BYOB, make sure to indicate that on the invitation. To make things even easier, you could ask everyone to bring a small appetizer to share, but asking for all five of those things may be a bit much.

What Do People Do During a Vision Board Party?

In order to ensure your party flows and people get (at least a healthy start on) their vision board completed, you will want your party to flow in a timely manner (without being strict about it), so creating an agenda is a good idea.

vision board party games | how do you plan a vision board workshop | vision board party business
Creating an agenda is a good idea in making sure that your party flows and people get their vision board completed.

At the beginning of your party, allow people time to get food and drinks and get settled in their seats. Once everyone is there, have each person  introduce themselves to the group one at a time, sharing who they are and what their goals are.

Doing full introductions will allow your guests to get to know everyone in the room a bit better right off the bat. Plus, this may allow for some networking among your guests, so they can be intentional about their conversations moving forward.

Let’s say someone has a goal of getting a marketing job and another guest is a marketing exec–this could help someone in your group attain one of their goals by making that connection.

This also helps your guests to start encouraging each other and sharing their own experiences related to each others’ goals.

After some initial mingling and introductions, briefly go over the purpose of your party, what a vision board is, and maybe show your guests an example of a vision board you have made in the past.

Remind your guests that there is no wrong way to create a vision board and they can base it around any type of goal that they want (professional, relationship, health) or all of their goals together.

Think about some bucket list items as well that you can add to your board that you may be able to cross off your list in the near future. To help people get their ideas flowing, ask your guests to fill out some worksheets before getting started that will encourage some self-reflection.

Now it’s time to get to work! Start passing around magazines for everyone to find some pictures and quotes that speak to them and their future accomplishments. (Check out these printable vision board quotes.)

vision board quotes inspiration | quotes for vision boards | “Hold the vision. Trust the process.” – Anonymous

Remind your guests to not limit themselves and dream like they did when they were children–there is no dream that is too big. If you can visualize it, there’s space for it on your board.

You want all of your guests to leave with an amazing and inspirational vision to take home–be proud of yourself for providing them the opportunity to do so!

Once you’re finished, take a group picture of everyone holding up their vision board. You can make this an annual event and look back on these pictures to see how far everyone got with their goals and watch how everyone’s goals have evolved throughout the year.

Vision boards become stale quicker than you may realize when you have a visual representation of your goals that you see every day giving you lots of inspiration! You can take turns hosting so the pressure isn’t always on you.

Final Thoughts on Hosting a Vision Board Party

Vision board parties are a fun, unique, and constructive way to make progress toward your goals with your friends and family.

They incorporate positive social energy, accountability, creativity, and setting goals all in one event. Your vision party will likely pique more interest than a regular party because of its purpose and it will definitely keep people talking.

I don't think there's really a wrong way to host a vision board party. All of your guests will have a great time because the focus of your party induces positive energy, ambition, and dreams. It would be hard to leave a vision board party without feeling incredibly motivated to demolish your goals.

Don’t overthink the process and don’t stress out too much. There’s no judgment when it comes to creating vision boards!

And if you're looking for vision board ideas, check out these blog posts:

Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this FREE printable worksheet and a six-step process that will help you create the PERFECT vision board.

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