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Traveling is more than just a temporary escape from the stresses of daily life. It also provides a way for us to learn new things, reconnect with ourselves and others, boost our well-being, and increase our happiness.

If you long for travel but haven’t made it part of your reality because things at home or work are demanding your attention, a vision board can help you achieve your travel goals.

How Does a Vision Board Work?

A vision board is a manifestation tool that people can use to regularly remind themselves of their goals and dreams. When you use a vision board for your travel goals, you are training your mind to be attuned to the opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

Usually, a vision board is made up of a collage of images and words mounted on a poster board. This collage represents your visions, goals, or dreams.

There are those who use vision boards to help fulfill what’s on their bucket list, as well as their short-term and long-term goals.

Other people, including some influential celebrities, have worked with vision boards to manifest their goals in specific areas of their lives.

The key is to set aside a few minutes each day to gaze at your vision board while visualizing your goals and dreams becoming reality.

The Benefits of a Vision Board for Travel

When you use a vision board to manifest your travel goals, several positive things happen:

  • You stay focused on your travel plans. For example, when using a vision board, you’ll become more conscious about setting aside money for your travel fund.
  • You become more excited to realize your travel goals. That ultimate dream destination might finally be within your reach.
  • You see with clarity how your trip will unfold. As you visualize your travel goals, decisions about the destination, itinerary, and even travel companions become clearer.

To help you in this exciting project, we’ve rounded up 13 of the best travel vision board examples and ideas. Hopefully the following examples will inspire you to gather these vision board supplies and start creating your own board.

1. Outdoors Is Everything

This board is an example of how you can experience life as one big adventure.

It reminds the creator that the key to being able to enjoy travel to different places is to have a healthy body and a sound mind. Activities that promote good health and well-being are also featured on this board as visual reminders.

2. Oh the Places You'll Go!

In addition to creating collages out of magazine cutouts and printables, you can also create a vision board through a vision board app. This example, which has a title that alludes to a children’s book written by Dr. Suess, features a digital collage of places that evoke serenity and relaxation.

3. World Map to Adventure

In this example, a world map, pushpins, a piece of string, and several pictures create a simple yet effective vision board. This board works like a travel log. However, instead of the pushpins indicating the places you’ve already visited, they point to your dream destinations.

4. A Sort of Travel Vision Board

This vision board is set up on the side of a fridge. The pictures are mostly postcards and refrigerator magnets the creator got as souvenirs from friends who had traveled to the places featured in the example.

This is sort of like a travel dream board for the creator, as she plans to travel to some of the places seen in the postcards and magnets.

5. Travel Currencies

Worried that your vision board might not turn out right? There’s no need to fret.

Each vision board will be unique to the goals and dreams of its creator. As you can see from this example, it is possible to embellish your board in any way you like. The important thing is that the board evokes the feelings you want to experience when you’ve achieved your goals.

When you have created a board that evokes these feelings, it’s easier for you to recognize them in various life situations. You’ll be better placed to act on the opportunities presented to you for the realization of your dreams.

6. Make Every Moment Count

The owner of this board created it when she first came to America. This vision board was her way of orienting herself to the United States and making sure that she made every moment count.

7. Corkboard Travel Wall

A blank wall can also serve as the foundation of a vision board. In this example, the creator installed a corkboard wall and pinned various embellishments that represent her travel dreams and goals.

8. Savor the Journey

If you love adventures and the open road, here’s an example of a vision board that manifests extraordinary travel. Notice that, for aesthetic purposes, this board is set up on the surface of an old suitcase.

9. Travel Journal/Board

A journal notebook can serve well as a repository for your vision board. This is especially convenient if you want to take your vision board with you during your travels.

In this example, we see some magazine cutouts of places of interest from different parts of the word, laid out between two journal pages. This layout can also serve as an entry in your travel journal or a visual representation of some of the items on your bucket list.

10. Great Travel Stories

Using a Pin Adventure Map is one of the unique ways to set up a vision board for your travel plans.

You may want to include other design elements, such as stickers, printables, travel brochures, and postcards to create a more visually appealing travel board. This way, you constantly feel motivated to visit the awesome places you’ve marked on your map.

11. Your Passport Is Stamped

If you’re looking for a unique design idea for your vision board, here’s one that does not use magazine cutouts or other ephemera, but instead features the stamp prints we are likely to see in our passports whenever we visit a foreign country.

Stamp prints from different countries are displayed to represent the places on the vision board owner’s travel bucket list.

12. Go, See, Play

You can use any type of medium to embellish your vision board. In this example, the owner used magazine cutouts, printed texts, pins, ribbons, and Scrabble tiles to create an eye-catching vision board for travel.

Here are some free vision board printables you can check out to help you create a visually stunning board.

13. Never Stop Your Wanderlust

Here’s an image-rich example of a travel dream board. Gather all the pictures that evoke a sense of fulfillment for your dream travel.

Put them together on a stiff board or any sturdy surface. You’re already halfway there!

To fully manifest your goals, always remember to do your daily visualization. Place your vision board in a prominent yet private spot within your house or personal space, then take a few minutes each day to gaze at the pictures and feel the emotions associated with the manifestation of your goals.

Final Thoughts About Vision Boards for Travel

There you have it—13 awesome travel vision board examples to inspire your wanderlust.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through the collection as much as we enjoyed gathering these examples. (You can also add some inspiring travel quotes to your vision boards!)

When working with vision boards, you are opening yourself up to powerful forces in the universe to help manifest what you want most in the world.

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