11 Vision Board Examples for Finding Love in Your Life

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If you’re ready to manifest love in your life, a vision board for love is the best tool to help you do so.

Let’s face it—finding true love is not exactly a walk in the park.

For many people, a spate of heartbreaks from previous relationships has made them wary of joining the dating scene again.

Others are tired of constantly falling for the wrong person. They wonder if they’ll ever find the right person with whom to spend the rest of their lives.

Some people who have been previously disappointed in their relationships might consider being single a better option.

However, different studies, such as the one published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, revealed that being in love has a positive impact on our health and well-being, as well as our longevity.

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Vision Boards Can Help in the Love Department

If you’re willing to give love another chance, why not try a vision board to help manifest what you truly want in the love department?

A vision board is a powerful tool that can help you realize your goals in many areas of your life. Its works by keeping your senses open to the opportunities that resonate with your goals.

You become alert to situations that bring you closer to your dreams.

So if you dream of being in love, you might want to create a vision board exclusively for manifesting the kind of love you want in your life.

The Benefits of a Vision Board for Love

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from using a vision board to bring love into your life.

1. Clarifies what you want in a relationship. A vision board promotes clarity when it comes to your goals in different areas of your life. It works just as well with goals that are related to love and relationships.

You learn to be specific with the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Through your vision board, you’ll know what makes you feel loved, cherished, and supported.

2. Reveals your true self. When you start creating a vision board to manifest your love or relationship goals, you also discover where you stand when it comes to love. This is an exhilarating journey toward self-awareness.

3. Brings you the love you want. When utilized correctly, a vision board will help bring you the kind of relationship that will make you wonder if it you are living a dream.

Continue reading for a collection of vision board examples that will help you find the love you want.

We hope that these examples will inspire you to create your own board that draws love into your life.

1. Not Just a Dream

via Last First Date

The owner of this board envisions a life where she can balance love and creativity.

Sometimes, it’s our own busy lives that are the major challenge in finding true love or moving an existing relationship to the next level.

Perhaps, with a vision board like this, we’ll be reminded to take the time to appreciate what we have. It reminds us to avoid getting swept away by what’s not essential to our happiness.

2. A Certain Magic

via Life Unlimited With Lisa Kelly

This vision board evokes a relationship filled with passion. Many of us dream of this kind of relationship. Working with a vision board on a daily basis can help make this dream come true.

3. All You Need Is Love

via Orion's Method

The owner of this vision board longs for a romantic relationship that culminates in marriage. Here, we see images related to an engagement and intimate moments that couples share.

In addition to the images are keywords that the owner of the board wants to manifest in her relationship, such as:

  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Growth
  • Passion

4. A Humble King

via Lucinda Cross

If you’re looking for an ideal partner and want to use a vision board to manifest this person in your life, here’s a great example.

In this vision board, the owner laid out all the qualities she wants in her ideal man.

Incidentally, those who used this kind of vision board to clarify the qualities that they want in a man or woman often find that they have a spark of recognition when they meet the individual who eventually becomes their spouse or life partner.

5. Making Each Other a Priority

via 204 Park

The couple who made this vision board intends to deepen the love they have for each other. They included images of activities that promote togetherness, as well as encouraging words to remind them to make each other a priority.

6. Love at the Center

via Plan & Bloom

When creating a vision board, you are not required to cover the entire surface of the board with images. In this example, the board’s creator left some white space so that her board can “breathe.”

When the owner made this board, she was looking for love. So she placed the word “love” at the center. Upon completion, she placed her vision board in a prominent spot and gazed at it daily, with amazing results.

7. Co-Creating Love

via Gemma Rayne Fountain

You’ve probably encountered a couple of versions of the saying, “You’ve got to love yourself first before you can love others.

This vision board is a visual representation of this saying. Not only is the owner of the board intent on finding romantic love, she’s also hard at work learning to love herself more.

[Check out this post for some cool suggestions of how you can love yourself more.]

8. Be Mine

via Meri Cherry

This vision board was created to attract true love to its owner. It consists of different kinds of stickers assembled on a box.

In addition to manifesting your greatest dreams, a vision board can also help unleash your creativity.

9. True Love

via Brianna Pomponio

This board represents all the things that the owner wants to manifest in their life, including:

  • True love
  • Marriage
  • Material possessions
  • Wealth
  • Opportunity to travel

Dream big when you’re using a vision board. You’ll be amazed at the results.

10. Love Wishes

via VisionAmbitions on Twitter

Perhaps you’ve already found the person you want to spend your life with. This vision board helps move your relationship to a deeper level and higher commitment.

11. I Do

via shaffali

This vision board was created to manifest the perfect person for the board’s owner. It lists all the qualities she wants in her partner, as well as how the relationship will progress and eventually end up (with marriage).

Final Thoughts

Finding true love is not easy, yet when you do find the right person to spend your life with, the searching and waiting will have been worth it.

A vision board for love ensures that you’re focused on the bigger picture of what you truly want in a relationship. It draws you closer to the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

We hope that the vision board examples featured today inspired you to create your own board to manifest everything you’ve dreamed of in the love department.

Meanwhile, here are some other vision boards you might enjoy:

Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this FREE printable worksheet and a six-step process that will help you create the PERFECT vision board.

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11 Vision Board Examples for Finding Love in Your Life