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Looking for a project you can do as a family?

In addition to trying out family bonding activities, we suggest creating a vision board for family goals. It’s a fun, low-cost activity that can bring you closer as a family unit while achieving something big.

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals. Usually, it is a collage of images and words cut out from different printed sources.

The vision board is placed in a prominent area where the owner can gaze at it and visualize the fulfillment of their goals.

The act of visualizing the fulfillment of your dreams taps into the Law of Attraction, in which positive thoughts (in this case, your dreams coming true) draw into your life the things you’re thinking about.

Vision Boarding: Making It a Family Project

A brand-new year is here and a vision board can be a memorable, collaborative family project to mark this occasion.

It’s exciting to brainstorm together about the goals you want to achieve as a family.

It’s also lots of fun collaborating on the design and gathering all the vision board supplies together. More importantly, creating this kind of vision board allows your family to focus on the action steps needed to reach your dreams.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of creating a vision board for or with the whole family.

The Benefits of a Family Vision Board

Here are some reasons why you and your family might want to create a vision board together:

  • It strengthens your relationship with each family member. Creating a vision board together means discussing what goals your family should be working on. Opening your lines of communication not only establishes rapport among family members, it also becomes an insightful bonding opportunity.
  • It clarifies your common goals and provides support for accomplishing them. When making a vision board together, each family member gets the opportunity to share what matters most to them. For members going through a difficult time, it provides a clear heading of where to go next. Most importantly, it unites the whole family to work together to achieve those goals.
  • It provides a sense of purpose. If you have family members who are at retirement age, finding a new direction or purpose can become a challenge for them. Inviting them to create a vision board can help renew their sense of purpose in this new chapter of their lives.
  • It encourages creativity. Family members of all ages can benefit from tapping into their creativity.
  • It introduces family members to the value of goal-setting. This activity teaches all family members how to set goals, commit to accomplishing them, and enjoy the fruits of their achievements.

Today, we’re sharing awesome examples of family vision boards. Hopefully they will inspire you to create a collaborative family project.

Let’s check out the collection.

1. Happiness Is Homemade

Before you gather the supplies for making a vision board, you and your family must first brainstorm on the goals you want to achieve.

This ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to creating a family vision. It’s also good to write things down, considering that you’re more likely to accomplish goals that are written down.

The vision board above features words and images that reflect the goals of the Ventimiglia family. to ensure that they remember what goals they’re working on, a goal list sits at the center of their vision board.

2. A New Family Tradition

Creating a vision board for the coming year can become an annual tradition in your family.

Children grow up fast and parents are often busy taking care of the family’s needs, so creating a vision board together can be a wonderful opportunity to do something meaningful together. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other more deeply.

3. Let Family Goals Come to Life

This sumptuous vision board reflects its creator’s desire for a welcoming home and making meaningful memories with their family.

If you’re stumped for ideas of things to put in your vision board, here are some suggestions:

  • Dream vacation
  • Dream home
  • Meaningful activities to do with the family
  • Activities you do with your family that you can’t get enough of
  • Inspiring quotes all members of your family love

4. A Shared Family Vision

Wondering what type of backing you should use for your vision board? Although a poster board is common, there are many different ways to mount your collage.

This example uses a framed cork board to hold a family’s vision board. Some creators have also used framed burlap, canvas, and boxes.

For embellishments, you can use printables, stickers, and realia. [Check out this post for a directory of free awesome vision board printables.]

5. Veggies for All

This vision board features wonderful goals that enrich family life. The goal of “veggies for all” is a cute way to ensure that every family member is eating healthy. [Check out this post for more than 25 vegan sandwich ideas to try for lunch.]

6. Making It a Family Tradition

Need something that brings all of the members of your family closer together? You might want to try creating a family vision board like this example.

Creating something together, like a vision board, brings family members closer to each other. It fills everyone’s lives with intention and allows you to get to know each family member better.

7. Space and Home Called Love

Family vision boards can be an eye-opener for the different family members. For example, parents might not realize that their kids do care about them, as seen in this board, where one of the main goals is having a fit/healthy parent.

A vision board is also a great way to encourage kids to do their part in achieving shared family goals, such as:

  • Saving money (for a new house, travel, or something fun)
  • Learning something new together
  • Having good health
  • Being more loving towards each other

8. Family Dreams Come True

By now, you probably realize that vision boards can be made on any surface and can come in all different sizes and shapes. Here is an example of a supersized vision board that can truly inspire and encourage the family who created it to go after their goals.

Maybe your family would like to try creating something as awesome as this board?

9. Summer Vision Board for the Family

Running out of ideas on fun things to do with the family? Why not spend a quiet summer day creating a family vision board for the season?

This example features magazine cutouts and represents a family’s goals (both fun and serious) for the summer. You can also create vision boards for the other seasons, turning this activity into a wonderful family-bonding moment.

10. Every Day Is an Inspiration

This image-rich vision board evokes the feelings of fun, safety, love, and adventure. These are worthy goals that families can work together to achieve.

11. Parenting Vision Board

Many parents worry if they are being a good mom or dad to their kids. A vision board can help clarify your parenting goals.

The vision board above is a wonderful example of a mother’s goals when it comes to raising her family.

Final Thoughts

Creating a family vision board is not only an opportunity for bonding and getting to know the people you care about at a deeper level. It also provides an opportunity for learning about the importance of goal-setting, developing creativity, and acquiring a sense of purpose.

We hope that this collection inspires your family to create a vision board together.

Moreover, we wish you all the best in the fulfillment of your goals.

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