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Ready for some serious goal setting this year? We’ve got some cool goal-setting tools to recommend in today’s post.

We all know that goals are stepping-stones to success.

Moreover, most people are aware that SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals help you arrive at exactly where you want to be.

Getting the right goal-setting tool, such as an app or template, can help you create and keep track of your goals on your way to fulfilling them.

Another tool you can use is a SMART goals generator that you can access primarily through your computer, which is ideal if you’re using your computer as a workspace. These generators are available as standalone software or apps, as well as browser extensions (such as for Google Chrome).

We hope that the goal generators featured below can help you make an informed decision on the type of goal-setting tool that works best for you.

But before we go to our recommendations, let’s briefly talk about the benefits of SMART goals.

The Benefits of SMART Goals

SMART goals offer the following benefits, compared to regular goal setting:

  • Give you a clear direction. They are your roadmap to get to your destination without wasting time and other resources.
  • Show you the bigger picture of what you’re working on. If you’re working on personal goals, the SMART goal system is your constant reminder of what you are pursuing. In addition, if you’re working with a team, it aligns all your efforts to help each other reach the goal.
  • Give you reasons to celebrate. Reaching milestones and setting benchmarks along the way to fulfilling your goals are also great reasons to celebrate and reward yourself. Setting SMART goals gives you measurable and visible indicators of these milestones.

Ready to set SMART goals? Let’s get started.

1. GoalsOnTrack

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Cost: Monthly subscription: $9.99; yearly subscription: $67.99
Best for: Creating SMART goals without starting from scratch
Website: GoalsOnTrack
iOS Link: Available in the Apple App Store

This app provides what you need for setting SMART goals, keeping track of them, and being motivated to accomplish action plans that lead to the fulfillment of your main goals.

You don’t need to start from scratch when setting your goals. The app has templates featuring predefined action steps to help you get started. These are editable to suit your specific plan of action for every goal.

To motivate you, a progress bar displays how close you are to achieving what you want.

2. Win the Day

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Cost: Free
Best for: Deep focus to achieve goals faster
Website: Win The Day
Chrome Link: Available in the Chrome Web Store

Using the computer as your main workspace? We know that can easily make you lose focus if you get trapped on time-sink sites.

This Chrome extension boosts your productivity by letting you focus on tasks that need your attention, as well as providing features that help you set, track, and achieve goals while you’re working on your computer.

It’s a free extension, so you might want to give it a try.

3. ClickUp

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Cost: The personal version is free forever. Team and business versions are available, starting at $5/month.
Best for: One-stop integrated goal-setting and productivity app
Website: ClickUp
iOS Link: Available in the Apple App Store
Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

ClickUp is the app you need for setting and managing goals all in one place.

Some of the standout features of this app include:

  • Timeline for goals
  • Targets for measuring results/success
  • Automatic progress tracking
  • Goals folder interface helps you manage all the goals you’re working on


4. Asana

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Cost: The basic version is free, with in-app purchases available starting at $10.99/month.
Best for: Project management and SMART goal setting for teams
Website: Asana
iOS Link: Available in the Apple App Store
Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

If you are collaborating with other people on a goal, this app can help your team manage, keep track of, and achieve your goals.

You’ll find everything you need for goal setting and tracking in one place. To motivate you and the rest of the team, a progress bar and status report about the goal are prominently displayed on the goal interface.

5. Lifetick

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Cost: The individual plan starts at $1/week
Best for: Setting and achieving goals that matter to you
Website: Lifetick

In using this app for goal setting, the first thing you’re asked to do is identify your core values. This step is essential, considering that when you set goals using this app, you’re encouraged to reflect on how your SMART goals align with your personal core values.

The creators of this app believe that users will have a better chance of achieving their goals when they are in congruence with their core values.

Other features that ensure your success include:

  • Personal journal for recording your achievements
  • Habit builder and tracker
  • Progress report charts
  • Task reminders (sent through email)

6. actiTIME

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Cost: Free for 1–3 users, with limited functionality. An option to upgrade is available starting at $6/month for 1–40 users.
Best for: One-stop app for productivity, project management, and goal setting
Website: actiTIME
iOS Link: Available in the Apple App Store
Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

This app offers features that let you manage projects, set goals, and boost productivity and profit. Worksheet templates for SMART goal setting are available to facilitate easier goal setting and tracking.

The app’s features and services are divided into the following categories:

  • Time tracking
  • Reports and data analysis
  • Task management
  • Team management
  • Paid time off management
  • Integrations
  • Costs and billing
  • Security

Customized features and modifications that are tailor-fit for your needs are also available upon arrangement with the creators of this software.

7. ATracker

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Cost: Starts at $4.99
Best for: Goal setting and time tracking
Website: ATracker
iOS Link: Available in the Apple App Store
Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

This app is ideal for those who need a dependable goal-setting tool with time-tracking features.

Set your goals according to the SMART methodology. Create an action plan in support of achieving your major goals with the daily or weekly goal tracker.

Finally, through this app, you can create a progress report of all your goals and share it through your favorite social media platform.

Final Thoughts on SMART Goals Generator and Software

SMART goal setting increases the rate of success for any undertaking.

Tools like a goals generator or software offer the convenience of reminders, progress reports, and templates to ensure that you stay motivated when pursuing the goals you’ve set.

Hopefully you found the right tool among the generators and software featured here today.

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Finally, if you want to take your goal-setting efforts to the next level, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

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