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Do you find that you aren’t getting anywhere with your goals?

Maybe you have your goals written down. Perhaps you even placed what you’ve written in a prominent spot to help you visualize what you want to achieve.

Unfortunately, progress is still slow.

If only there were a way to speed up the process of accomplishing your goals.

You might want to consider going SMART.

Achieve More with SMART Goals

One tool that has a proven track record for helping with productivity is the SMART goal framework.

This tool can help you get things done in a systematic way, increasing the likelihood of success.

The acronym stands for:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Timebound

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the SMART system. We’re also sharing with you a collection of SMART goals worksheet printables we think you’ll find useful in achieving your goals.

Before diving into that, let’s talk about the importance of SMART goals.

Why Are SMART Goals Important?

Here are some of the reasons SMART goals are important:

  • They save you time and energy by minimizing distractions and getting rid of non-essential steps towards your goal.
  • They clarify the direction you need to take to realize your goals.
  • They allow you to implement the correct strategies to maximize your resources.
  • They let you see the results of your efforts, considering that, in this system, you have a timeframe for working towards the outcome you want. There isn’t room for procrastination.

With these factors in mind, let’s check out the templates we’ve rounded up for you.

1. SMART Goals Template (Guided)

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Download the PDF

Just starting out with goal setting? Here is our own template/worksheet to help you lay out the plans for your SMART goals. It features guide questions for each of the defining characteristics of the SMART acronym. This template is pretty straightforward and includes enough space to write the details of your goals. The template comes in A4 size.

2. DGH SMART Goals Template

smart goals template for students | smart goals template word free | smart goals template powerpoint

Download the PDF

[please use the pdf download link as for smart goals templates item #3: ]

We’ve designed this worksheet/template with the veteran goal setter in mind. It features a simple interface, with spaces for writing the details of your SMART goals. This straightforward approach allows you to view your goals at a glance. This template comes in A4 size.

3. How to Set S. M. A. R. T. Goals Workbook

This workbook comes with an in-depth definition and a brief history of SMART goal setting. In addition, it includes an example of how to set goals using this strategy.

The worksheet has spaces for writing down your answers/reflections to the guide questions that accompany each letter of the SMART acronym.

It is ideal for those who want to get to the heart of their goals (i.e., their reason for doing something) and facilitates a deeper understanding of the SMART system.

4. A Goal Setting Worksheet

This minimalist worksheet provides sufficient space for establishing your SMART goals and the steps you plan to take to fulfill them.

Several guide questions encourage you to reflect on the following:

  • Why this particular goal is important to you
  • What possible obstacles might block the way to your goal
  • What plan of action you might take to achieve your goal

You can print out several copies of this worksheet and use one for every goal you’re working on.

5. The CC SMART Goal Setting Template

This elegant template from Collective Co. has spaces reserved for specifying your initial goal and ways of achieving it via the SMART framework.

Every step in the SMART process has a corresponding guide question. Answering the questions yields clearer goals, as well as a plan of action on how to fulfill your vision.

Signing up for their newsletter is required to access the printable worksheet.

6. Setting Realistic and Achievable Outcomes

Here is another example of a SMART worksheet featuring a simple interface and some guide questions to flesh out your plans for working on your goals. [Check out some effective ways to stay focused on your goals and avoid distractions.]

It comes in a predominantly indigo theme and has spaces reserved for writing down your answers to the reflection/guide questions.

7. Student SMART Goals

Children can benefit from learning about goal setting at an early age. You can use this worksheet to help them create plans for achieving their goals.

This worksheet is designed for kids and comes in a colorful theme. It has spaces for writing plans of action for up to four major goals.

At the top of the page is a quick introduction to the SMART goals acronym.

[Looking for more SMART goals resources for kids? Check out this post for cool examples of SMART goals for kids.]

8. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely

This worksheet is a good choice if you are looking for something with a pink color scheme. As with most of the other worksheet examples above, this one features guide questions to create a solid plan to accomplish your goals.

9. Personal SMART Goals

This free printable allows you to process your initial goal using the SMART framework in order to come up with a SMART goal.

There are spaces for you to write the details of your plan. Near the bottom part of the page, space is allocated for writing your newly formulated SMART goal.

10. Butterfly-Themed SMART Goal Setting Sheets

Love butterflies? This template has a butterfly theme and contains two pages to help beginners and veteran goal setters alike formulate action plans for their goals. A signup is required to access the digital resource library, where this worksheet and other helpful files for goal setting can be found.

11. Pastel-Themed Worksheets

In addition to helping you create a solid plan of action for achieving your SMART goals, this worksheet also allows you to reflect on your motivation for those goals.

It also has a progress tracker to ensure that you’re working towards your objectives within the timeframe you’ve set.

12. Goal Planner Worksheets

This eight-page planner gives you all the tools necessary to establish different kinds of goals, such as:

  • Annual goals
  • Self-improvement goals
  • SMART goals

This planner also features goal trackers and a vision board template to further increase your chances of success.

13. My SMART Goal

Here’s another worksheet that you can use to introduce goal setting to kids. It has all the components for creating SMART goals.

If you have younger kids, you might want to assist them in their goal setting. Read out the guide questions to them and help them write their answers on the worksheet.

Final Thoughts on SMART Goals Worksheets

The worksheets featured today are effective in helping you achieve goals within your personal timeframe. However, for this process to work, your commitment to staying on track as you work towards your goals is just as important as the plans you set.

We hope you’ve found inspiration in this collection of SMART goal worksheet examples to fulfill your ultimate vision.

To help formulate your own SMART goals, you can check out this post for Steps to Write & Set SMART Goals and our roundup of the best SMART goals generators.

Finally, to inspire you further, check out these SMART Goals Examples for All Areas of Your Life.

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