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Need some winter bulletin board ideas?

Today, we’re sharing with you some amazingly cool ideas for your bulletin board this season.

A bulletin board is ideal for helping introduce and reinforce learning concepts, regardless of the learner’s age. The way your bulletin board is set up stimulates the visual senses and opens up the mind for more knowledge.

Winter has many wonderful themes that you can explore and incorporate into your decor.

In addition, if you have artistic inclinations, a bulletin board is a wonderful way of helping unleash your creativity.

We hope you find inspiration in the bulletin board examples we provide in this article.

Why Are Bulletin Boards Essential?

Bulletin boards are essential components in the classroom and in other places where the sharing of information is vital.

Here are some specific reasons why it’s important to have a bulletin board:

  • Creates a point of interest, especially when introducing new lessons or information.
  • Serves as an area of interaction, especially when you’ve incorporated kinesthetic activities to encourage learners to explore and understand lessons more deeply.
  • Relays information so that those looking at the bulletin board will know about important dates to keep in mind or activities they need to do.
  • Motivates individuals to work harder and better to achieve a common goal.

Let’s check out the bulletin boards we’ve rounded up for you!

35 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

1. We Are Smitten with Learning

Here is a festive board that exudes an air of excitement and celebration. It features cutouts of colorful mittens, superimposed with a snowman cutout that looks like it’s super excited for winter.

2. Winter Cityscape

This next bulletin board design is a cityscape in winter. It features individual artworks created by students and then put together by their teacher to create a lively, colorful scene.

3. Mittens on a Line

This bulletin board incorporates 3D elements in its design. It features a tree trunk made from crumpled brown paper with a couple of clotheslines tied to its branches, as well as some mittens hanging from it.

The mittens were created by the students as a crafting project and provide a cozy, personal touch to the bulletin board design for this season.

4. Hello, Winter

This printable bulletin board decor set features a snowy winter theme. It has festive borders, charming seasonal accents fit for winter, and other design elements that capture the ambiance during this time of the year.

5. Winter Wonderland with the Peanuts Gang

Get nostalgic with a bulletin board theme featuring the Peanuts gang enjoying a winter’s day. For this example, you can also use ready-made paper snowflakes and fairy lights to add a festive touch to your bulletin board.

6. Welcome Winter

This bulletin board has a lot of interesting elements that make up its design. You have a snowman cutout, as well as a bunch of shapes associated with winter, such as Santa’s boots, stars, and snowflakes.

The fluffy “snow” adds a nice texture, especially if you’re planning to make your bulletin board an interactive one.

7. A Llama Christmas

This festive bulletin board is a combination of desert and winter elements. There are cacti decorated with lights, snowmen, and a llama in a Santa hat. This design is sure to bring smiles to your students’ faces.

8. Holiday Sweater Bulletin Board

Kids got into the holiday spirit through an in-class activity where they designed cutouts of holiday sweaters. These crafts are the main feature of this bulletin board.

9. Waddling into Winter

Penguins are featured in this next example. They are made out of paper cutouts. Pompoms and snowflakes are also used to create this wintry-themed bulletin board.

10. Don’t Have a Meltdown

This board serves as a PSA for mental health. It features a snowman that reminds students to keep their cool and offers suggestions on what they can do to minimize or stop a meltdown.

11. The Seasonal Tree

Looking for a simple bulletin board design that students can contribute to?

This bulletin board showcases students’ footprints in winter colors, as well as cutouts of snowflakes and crumpled Kraft paper shaped into a tree.

12. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Here is another bulletin board for winter that incorporates students’ works in the design. It features snowman cutouts decorated by the students themselves.

Having kids participate in designing the classroom’s bulletin board encourages ownership and improves interest in lessons.

13. Oh, the Weather Outside…

Looking for inspiration for an elegant or minimalist bulletin board setup for winter? Here’s one to try.

This bulletin board features Bitmoji snow globes on a pale blue background. It’s perfect for the winter season!

14. You Always Have a Choice

The Grinch is the main character for this bulletin board that encourages kindness during the season.

The phrase, “You always have a choice” is prominently displayed.

The board also has a centerpiece made out of evergreen leaves, where the Grinch’s hand is picking a Christmas ornament that says, “Choose kindness.”

15. A Town in Winter

This bulletin board was created as a collaborative winter art project with the students of a class. It is a winter scene in a town, and it looks both cozy and festive at the same time.

Would you consider doing something like this for your own class?

16. The Tree Farm

Here’s another fun idea to try for your own bulletin board this season. Cut out some tree shapes and set them on a background of poster paper depicting a winter scene.

Decorate the trees with sparkly and colorful elements, such as pompoms for Christmas lights and stars cut out from glitter paper.

17. Bright Wishes for the Holidays

This bulletin board features Cricut lettering and other art elements created out of paper. Creating this type of bulletin board doesn’t take too much time, but the results can be stunning.

18. Santa Claus Cutouts

Here’s a Santa-themed bulletin board that’s oozing with charm. The Santa cutouts can be made with different facial expressions, making them more personalized.

19. Elf Glyph

This bulletin board decoration can be tied in with a lesson. In this example, the elves are used in a narrative writing lesson.

Each student colors his or her own elf and writes a story about it. Then all the elves are placed on a bulletin board as decoration for the rest of the season, as well as a visual aide for the lesson that the class just had.

20. Cool to Be Kind

Here is another bulletin board reminding everyone that this is one of the best seasons to show kindness to everyone.

The board features a snowman offering hot cocoa to a couple of his friends, with the slogan “Cool to Be Kind” as the header.

21. Snow Day

Although the concept of this vision board is quite simple, the way it is set up makes for a stunning display. It features a snowy scene with some 3D design elements created out of recycled materials.

22. Winter Shapes

This bulletin board consists entirely of students’ creations from one of their lessons. You can see cutouts of different shapes that were laid out to create an adorable winter scene.

23. Trapped in a Snow Globe

This bulletin board also incorporates students’ work in the overall design. Personalized snow globes and themed stories are the highlight of the class’s winter bulletin board.

24. Winter Van Gogh

The standard winter wonderland bulletin board is leveled up with this display. The creator of this board takes a wintry scene and gives it an amazing twist by transforming the night sky into an interpretation of Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night.

25. Vintage Winter Car

Here’s a kitschy design featuring a vintage truck hauling a Christmas tree. Other types of vintage cars are drawn in bold colors on cardstock and clipped on a clothesline, giving it a festive air.

26. Our Work Sparkles

Here is another bulletin board with students’ artwork incorporated into the overall design. According to the creator of this board, this was the first time that students used paint for their artwork.

Displaying their work like this gives students a sense of pride in what they’ve accomplished and motivates them to participate more in other classroom activities.

27. Joy Board

This interactive bulletin board encourages a sense of gratitude and mindfulness during the winter season. It features a giant cutout of the word “JOY” where everyone can write something about what brings them happiness.

28. Snowmen on -30 Degree Weather

Here is another example featuring snowmen in different forms. I’s perfect for cold weather.

These images can be printed out in full color from a template, or the students can create them during an arts and crafts session.

29. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

This bulletin board features several cards with an illustration of a mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows on them.

According to the owner of this bulletin board, they asked the children to write what makes them feel warm inside.

This activity promotes a habit of gratitude, which is a wonderful habit to develop in children while they’re still young.

These cards were then posted on the bulletin board as part of the winter season’s decorations.

30. Mugs of Hot Cocoa

This next bulletin board also features mugs of hot cocoa. However, the theme of this bulletin board is mathematics, and the lesson is simple addition.

The children were encouraged to color and draw on the mug printouts. The “marshmallows” are the visual aids used for solving simple addition problems.

31. We Love Winter

Looking for a simple bulletin board layout? This minimalist bulletin board design for winter was created by using three main colors (white, teal, and blue) that represent winter, with some brown added for accent.

32. Winter Is Coming

The Game of Thrones TV series was very popular a few years back, and this board features a quote taken from the show. This bulletin board also features cutouts of winter animals, snowflakes, and other design elements for winter.

33. Christmas Fireplace

This bulletin board depicts a heartwarming winter scene featuring a blazing fire and a window where children can be seen playing in the snow.

A great deal of preparation has gone into creating this bulletin board. The awesome results are worth it.

34. Snowball Fight

Here is a simple yet unique vision board that you might want to try. It features pictures of the kids in the class holding snowballs and preparing for a snowball fight.

35. The Gift of Kindness Challenge

Most of the holidays that fall during the winter season encourage kindness and generosity. This bulletin board is part of a school-wide challenge where kids are encouraged to do an act of kindness each day.

The specific acts of kindness are written on the presents and revealed each morning. This challenge goes on for 14 days. [Check out this post for some ideas for random acts of kindness you can do every day.]

Final Thoughts about Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are an indispensable tool in the classroom that are used not only to relay information, but also to promote communication, motivate, showcase skills, and unleash the creativity of students and teachers alike.

The winter season is full of great themes for creating an eye-catching bulletin board. We hope you’ve found inspiration from the collection of boards featured in today’s post.

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