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With fall just right around the corner, it’s time for a fun change to your classroom bulletin board. This season has plenty of wonderful themes you can mine for ideas.

Today’s article features eye-catching and creative fall bulletin board examples to give you some inspiring ideas for putting together a board rich with the symbols associated with autumn.

When we talk about this time of the year, some of the most popular things that come to mind include:

  • The colors black and orange
  • Falling leaves
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkins
  • Apples

Below, you’ll discover creative ways of incorporating these themes and more into an awesome bulletin board.

1. Triple Autumn Ideas

This example features three types of bulletin boards. Whichever design you choose, the basic materials for setting up these boards include:

  • Printouts of fall-themed symbols (scarecrow, turkeys, acorns)
  • Letter cutouts from colored construction paper
  • Fallen leaves in various autumn colors
  • Decorative paper
  • Brown board paper

2. Apple Pickin' Time

Here’s another display that incorporates lessons and a seasonal theme. Most of the elements found in this bulletin board have been printed out and colored by the students.

3. Fall Harvest

Here is another example of incorporating an apple theme into a bulletin board display. This time, the creator of the board used apples cut out from green and red construction paper and stuck pictures of every student in the class on them. Then the names of the students were written using glitter glue under each picture, giving the bulletin board a sparkly effect.

4. Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch

This board was created using letter cutouts printed on colored paper. The pumpkin heads at the bottom of the board have funny expressions to convey a fun-loving class.

This project can be accomplished with the help of students. Let them decorate their own pumpkin heads and display them on the board.

5. Cranky Monsters

Monsters and other spooky creatures are always a hit during fall season. Another thing to take note of is that most kids love activities that allow them to practice their visual arts skills in class.

In this example, the teacher incorporates a craft activity into their writing class, which features the creation of their own monsters to go with the lesson theme.

6. Gratitude in Autumn

This bulletin board has a meaningful message for the class: the importance of gratitude. In addition, the decorations can come from activities students have completed and photos featuring members of the class.

7. Our Reading Patch

Here is a creative example for your writing class’s bulletin board. It features pumpkin flip books that help develop learners’ love for reading.

8. Unbeleafable Writing

Meanwhile, here’s a bulletin board example for a writing class. It features students’ works embellished in a way that maintains continuity in the color scheme.

9. Hello Fall

If you’re looking for a very simple setup, why not try something like this? It evokes simplicity and a touch of elegance. The only supplies you’ll need are colored paper and markers.

10. The Best Pumpkins in the Patch

Fall colors take center stage and bring this bulletin board to life. You can use decorative paper from the same color family.

The effect is stunning!

11. Your Fall Bucket List

This bulletin board makes creative use of wire mesh. For this project, photos and a list of things to do during the season are clipped on a framed mesh with the use of wooden clothespins.

For added charm, felted pumpkins adorn the upper portion of the board.

12. We Are a Sweet Bunch

Apples are often associated with fall, and this bulletin board incorporates them to create a cute display featuring students’ works.

13. We Are the Pick of the Crop

If you’re looking for a Halloween-themed bulletin board, here’s an eye-catching display to try.

It features brown Kraft paper and fall leaves for the tree, as well as assorted colored paper cutouts for the rest of the items on the board.

14. Art Is a Hoot!

If you’re looking for a quick and simple design for your fall classroom display, here’s one to try. It features the text, “Art is a Hoot!” and an artistic owl.

As this example demonstrates, you only need colored paper cutouts and some adhesive to create an eye-catching bulletin board for this season.

15. Acorns Instead of Pumpkins

Not keen on using pumpkins as the central element for your fall bulletin board? How about featuring acorns instead?

This display uses acorn printouts set against a monochromatic backdrop. The effect is both sublime and eye-catching.

16. All About Fall

Check out this example of a simple bulletin board display. It uses students’ written works as the central element.

To harmonize the overall design, the teacher uses straw to adorn the header. A portion of a wooden pallet serves as a backdrop.

17. Hey Pumpkin

Here is another cute example that uses pumpkins for the central theme. You can use a template to print out some pumpkins onto colored paper, then use the pumpkins as borders or other elements for your bulletin board.

18. Welcome Fall

This simple board is a perfect backdrop for displaying students’ work this season. It features leaf cutouts and some black-and-white decorative paper used as a border.

19. Fall Boho Bulletin Board

Oranges and reds are the predominant colors in nature during this season. You can incorporate them into your bulletin board through cut-out shapes and letters, similar to this example.

20. Grateful and Blessed

Designing a bulletin board is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of recycling to students.

To create this Thanksgiving-themed bulletin board, the creator and her class utilized materials that were already on hand, such as butcher paper and cardboard boxes used for packages.

21. Show Gratitude

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here is another bulletin board example featuring a gratitude theme.

For this board, the creator used blue fabric as the backdrop. Different types of paper were used to create the other components, such as the leaves and the trees.

The leaves contain a list of things that the students in this class are thankful for.

[Check out this post for over 200 examples of things we can be thankful for in life.]

22. Bookish Bats

Need some inspiration for a fall bulletin board that does not feature pumpkins or the colors orange and black? If so, we’ve got just the thing. It’s spooky enough for a fall display, but uses an unconventional color scheme (for fall, at least) to create a unique bulletin board.

23. Turkey Squad

If you’re searching for a Thanksgiving-themed fall bulletin display, you might want to try something similar to this example.

It features turkeys against a black backdrop. You can use paper cutouts or printouts to create this type of bulletin board display.

24. Overflow With Hope

Here is another bulletin board with a black backdrop. Real autumn leaves and a paper bag are used to create a three-dimensional effect for this seasonal display.

25. Monster Math

Incorporate lessons into your bulletin board display. This board is an example of how you can do so.

Monsters are great for a spooky theme. They’re cute and fun to add to any autumn bulletin board display.

26. Jumping Into Fall

This bulletin board features individual pictures of all the students in a class, jumping on a pile of “fallen leaves.”

The pile of leaves consists of colored paper leaf cutouts. Crepe paper strips serve as the border for this display.

27. Pumpkin Art

Various individuals were invited to draw their own interpretations of embellished pumpkins for this display. Once done, these drawings were cut out and glued to a sheet of black cardstock.

Once the drawings are in place on a wooden backdrop, the entire display serves as an eye-catching focal point in any room.

28. A Latte Learning Happens Here

This display was created using a bulletin board set featuring the text “A latte learning happens here.” It’s surrounded by paper cutouts shaped like coffee cups.

The earth-toned color scheme is appropriate for a fall display. Moreover, pumpkin streamers are used for the border, keeping the theme intact.

29. Fall in Love With a Good Book

This display promotes a love for reading and is in keeping with the fall theme. It features booklets of stories written by the students themselves.

[Check out this post for awesome tips on how to build a lifelong reading habit.]

30. Batik Art

This bulletin board incorporates students’ batik paintings into its overall layout. When teachers include students’ works in a bulletin board display, the students know that they are appreciated and their work is valued.

31. Study Things

This bulletin board takes inspiration from one of the iconic scenes from the horror series Stranger Things. For this display, encouraging phrases surround the focus phrase “Study Things,” stylized similar to the series’ text logo.

32. Paper Bag Scarecrows

This fun display takes brown paper bags to another level. Students will enjoy customizing their scarecrows. You can display their work on a clothesline, using wooden clothespins to secure each paper bag scarecrow.

33. This Class Is Sweet

A bulletin board kit has the advantage of being quick and easy to put up, especially if you don’t have time to brainstorm for an appropriate design for the season. This bulletin board kit provides everything you need for an eye-catching display.

34. A Collaborative Pumpkin Patch

This bulletin board was a collaborative project among the students of the class. Each of them created a component that eventually adorned this fall-themed board.

When students are encouraged to participate in the creation of classroom bulletin boards, they develop a sense of ownership for the space. They become more committed to their class, knowing that their contributions matter.

35. Preschool Art Bulletin Board

This cute display was created for preschool students. It features paper scarecrows assembled by the students themselves, some scrunched-up brown and green paper for the tree, and letter cutouts from colored paper.

Other works created by the students are prominently displayed as well.

36. Reading Is Spooktacular

This final example utilizes a Halloween theme to promote reading. Bulletin board paper in assorted colors is used to create the main components of the board, such as the three witches, the cauldron, and the cat.

Polka-dotted paper is used for the letter cutouts for the phrase “Reading is spooktacular.

37. Thankful

In the US, one of the holidays that people celebrate during this season is Thanksgiving. This sample bulletin board uses the word “Thankful” as its focal point.

As the season progresses, this board can display students’ work revolving around the theme of gratitude.

Check out this post that contains wonderful suggestions on how to cultivate the daily habit of gratitude in your life.

38. We're Nuts About Fall

This colorful display features kindergarten pupils’ craft work.

The students embellished the tails of squirrel cutouts, then placed them next to acorn cutouts filled with their answers from an in-classroom writing activity.

To bring attention to the display, the cutouts are placed against a wooden backdrop.

39. Lunchtime Leaves You Smiling

This bulletin board was originally designed for use in a cafeteria. However, the elements found here can easily be adopted for use in the classroom.

The creator used cut-out paper for the autumn leaves and pumpkins, as well as the lettering for the board. Meanwhile, the scarecrow was made using mainly dried straw and old clothes.

40. Harvest Healthy Habits

Fall is also a harvest season. In this example, the harvest theme is used to encourage kids to adopt or “harvest” healthy habits.

Not sure how to start harvesting healthier habits? You might want to check out this post that features nearly 200 examples of healthy habits to promote a healthier lifestyle.

41. Who Ya Gonna Call?

Looking for an awesome way to incorporate spookiness into your bulletin board? You might want to try ghostbusting as a theme, as it may be a needed skill during spook season.

Here is an example featuring a very iconic logo from the hit 1980s movie Ghostbusters.

42. Owl Tree

The tree and the moon featured in this bulletin board were drawn directly on the backdrop with the use of soft pastels. Then, cutouts of owls and fallen leaves were added to complete this autumn nighttime scene.

43. What If I Fall?

This bulletin board was made using uncommon materials, such as tulle ribbons and string art framed in metal hoops.

There are also cutouts from gradient paper, with an empowering quote about not being afraid to fall, which is a fun pun for the season.

The overall effect is artsy and elegant.

44. Be-Leaf in Yourselves

Looking for additional ideas for an elegant fall bulletin board? Here’s one featuring a monochromatic brown theme.

Some of the components of this board were ready-made, such as the leaves and the border.

This is a great time-saver if you want to put up a board appropriate for the season but don’t have time to cut out the paper decor yourself.

45. Fall Poetry Board

Orange, yellow, and crimson are the main colors of this eye-catching bulletin board that was put up during Thanksgiving.

The bulletin board features an introduction to the different types of poetry.

In addition to introducing different types of poetry, this bulletin board also displays poems that students wrote about what they are grateful for.

46. Patch Perfect

Here is another fun way to incorporate pumpkins into your bulletin board this fall. Cutouts of paper pumpkins fill the bottom part of the board, creating an “abundant” pumpkin patch.

Crumpled manila paper is shaped into a tree. Dried leaves add a touch of realia for a season-appropriate bulletin board.

47. Faboolous

Need some inspiration for a spooky bulletin board this fall? Here’s one featuring ghosts and spider webs. You can incorporate these into your board’s design for a spooky, eye-catching effect.

48. A Majestic Welcome

Need something impressive to welcome students to the new school year this fall?

Here’s an example of a bulletin board that not only welcomes students back to school, but also reflects the major theme of the season in an elegant way.

49. Scarecrows Greet You This Season

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Scarecrows are one of the most popular symbols of fall. This bulletin board features several scarecrows cut out from paper and decorated by hand.

Corrugated cardboard in different colors serves as the border, with several artificial vines and paper cutouts of other popular fall symbols, such as corn and pumpkins. It’s a simple but elegant design.

50. Spooky in Black and White

Looking for ideas for a unique bulletin board? How about using black and white for your color scheme, instead of the usual orange and brown hues?

This bulletin board catches the eye with its black-and-white theme. Students’ handprints are included in the overall design, which provides a personalized and somewhat chilling effect.

51. Cute and Spooky

If you’re looking for something spooky but still cute, check out this example. It is a bulletin board kit featuring cute ghosts, colorful pennants, and an equally colorful border.

Final Thoughts on Fall Bulletin Board Designs

The fall season can inspire you to create fun, eye-catching themes for your bulletin board.

We hope that the 51 examples featured today can help you choose the most appropriate design for your classroom.

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