11 SMART Goals Examples for Your Accounting Career

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Goals can motivate you to stand out and become the best accountant you can be. Using a SMART goal framework, you’ll have measurable objectives that systematically help you increase your chances of achieving them. For any goal for career enhancement, SMART goals can help get you there. Read on for eleven accounting smart goals examples … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Maintenance Workers

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examples of smart goals for maintenance workers | performance goals for employees examples | sample goals for employees

Maintenance workers face many challenges on the job, including, but not limited to, finding a steady position, dealing with unplanned and unscheduled maintenance, and being familiar with various aspects of care, budget issues, and time constraints. SMART is a goal-setting methodology that tells you how to set goals for the highest chance of success. This … Read more

13 SMART Goals Examples for Weight Loss in 2023

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smart goals for diet and exercise | s m a r t goals for health examples | setting weight loss goals worksheet

Due to 2020’s overwhelming global theme of COVID-19, people want to regain authority over their lives, and especially their health. It’s safe to say that most people are craving for a sense of control over their circumstances. However, with COVID trailing along, it will take a little longer until we get back to normal. And, … Read more

11 SMART Goal Examples to Practice Daily Self-Care

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self care smart goals examples | personal smart goals for self care | what are some self care smart goals

Practicing daily self-care is extremely important in maintaining a good outlook on life and good mental health. Being happy and well-rounded starts with being able to take care of yourself. However, there are challenges faced when practicing daily self-care, and this is where SMART goals play an important role. SMART goals allow you to set … Read more

21 SMART Goals Examples for Your Small Business Development

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smart goals for business | smart goals examples | examples of smart goals for increasing sales

Starting a business isn’t easy, and running it is even more challenging. New entrepreneurs often feel fear and a lack of motivation, not knowing how to act. Even experienced business owners may be hesitant about their business development. Some may say, “if it works, don’t fix it,” but this isn’t a universal rule. That’s why … Read more

25 Goals All 18-Year Olds Should Set to Become an Adult

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goals for 18 year olds | life goals for 18 year olds | goals to have at 18

Help, I’m becoming an adult! Many an 18-year-old has found themselves floundering like a duckling that can’t swim once they realized they were no longer teenagers and were about to enter adulthood soon. What do you do when you realize you are fast leaving childhood behind and adulthood is lying ahead of you like a … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Improving Your Writing Skills

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smart goals for writing skills | goals to improve writing skills | writing goals examples

Good writing skills are becoming more critical, particularly in finding and maintaining a good job. As a writer, you are faced with several challenges. This has to do with your overall writing skills, not just with the profession in general. A lack of vocabulary, issues with plagiarism, insufficient reasoning and cognitive skills, a lack of … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Creatives & Artistic People

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smart goals for creatives | goals for creatives examples | smart goals for artistic people

Being an artist or a creative person allows you a great deal of freedom in your daily life. It’s a great way to make a living while also being able to enjoy your time and portray your skills to the world. This is however not to say that creatives and artistic people don’t face certain … Read more

17 SMART Goals Examples for Teachers in 2023

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professional practice smart goal examples for teachers | smart goals for teachers classroom management | technology smart goals for teachers examples

In March of 2020, the world flipped upside down when the novel coronavirus outbreak turned into the Covid-19 pandemic.  Schools closed, thereby requiring their students to begin distance learning. Some teachers lost their footing, as well as the sight of their goals. What could they do to achieve the goals they had for their students, … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Improving Your Listening Skills

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smart goals for listening skills | goals to improve listening skills | smart goals examples

When we talk to someone, it’s easy to prepare ourselves to respond immediately tr other person’s words way before they have completed their statement. We listen, but only to respond and hardly listen to understand. That’s why it’s important to develop the habit of active listening. Active listening means giving the speaker undivided attention and … Read more