Good Habits to Lead a More Productive Life

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Today we have a guest post from author Jamie Hill discussing some productive habits to help you live a better life. Without further ado, take it away Jamie. Having good habits in your life is extremely important if you are to make the most of your day, if you have to many bad habits your … Read more

Going Through the Motions (The Secret of Successful Habit Building)

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going through the motions

In today’s post, Nick shares his thoughts on “going through the motions” and why it is the secret of successful habit building. “Why are you putting yourself through that? Are you nuts?” We had hardly sat down and ordered our drinks before my friend ushered his question with an incredulous look in his eyes. I … Read more

Grains of Sand Method (Do Productive Work in Free Time)

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Sand Castle-Productivity

Today I’m pleased to announce the first guest post on Develop Good Habits.  The following article is written by Michal Stawicki who recently published the book Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day (which is free for the next few days.)  The habit that Michal is about to discuss can have an amazing impact … Read more