205 Questions to Ask a New Friend to Quickly Get to Know Them

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In the vast landscape of social connections, finding the right “questions to ask a new friend” can be the golden key to unlocking a meaningful relationship. Whether you’re looking to deepen existing bonds or sow the seeds of new friendships, the art of conversation is your most reliable tool. But what exactly are the “questions … Read more

101 Romantic Questions for Couples to Deepen Your Connection

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Falling in love reshapes your entire perspective. Love engulfs our whole essence and you likely feel as if you cannot get enough of your partner… and want to learn everything you can about them.  If so, there are plenty of romantic ways to get to know your partner. And asking questions is one of them. … Read more

125 Fun (and Clean) Would You Rather Questions for Kids

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Have you ever played “would you rather” with a friend? Depending on the theme, it can make for a lot of laughs… but can also serve as a way to get to know someone better. When it comes to would you rather questions for kids, they can be super silly or even slightly inappropriate. Regardless … Read more

45 Team Building Questions to Use as Icebreakers at Work

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Having employees who know how to work together as a team is an important part of your company’s success. When you have employees who are able to collaborate on projects or cooperate on a day-to-day basis, this helps boost employee morale overall. Team building questions offer an effective way to help your employees get to … Read more

35 Self-Reflection Questions to Understand Yourself Better

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One personal trait that I pride myself on is being mindful of having self-awareness. Now, why am I not claiming to actually have self-awareness? Research shows that even though 95% of people think they have self-awareness, only 10-15% of the population is actually self-aware. And the truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know, … Read more

107 Funny Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends and Family

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If you are looking for a way to get to know people better, then one of the top ways to get to the bottom of the issue is to ask yes or no questions. The point of asking these questions is to force people to provide succinct answers. That way, you can clearly tell where … Read more

171 Random Questions to Ask People Throughout Your Life

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As you go through life, you’ll meet a lot of different people. Talking with others can help you grow as a person. Equipping yourself with an arsenal of random questions to ask people is a great way to spark interesting and enlightening conversations. They can also help you with personal and professional success. What is … Read more

151 This or That Questions to Start a Fun Conversation

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What is your favorite way of starting a fun conversation? Maybe you aren’t as good as starting good conversations. It is also possible that you might have found yourself in a situation where you find it challenging to start a conversation.  You should know that conversations play a significant role in allowing us to know other … Read more

43 End of Year Reflection Questions to Review Your 2023

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As we are coming up on the end of another unique year in history, you’re probably looking forward to post-pandemic life and wishing to leave the past behind you. I think we are all ready for that. But, putting worldly crises aside, it’s still important to reflect on your experiences so you can analyze what’s … Read more

81 Clean Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

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If you are looking for a way to help kids get to know each other and bond just a little bit more, then you may have heard about “never have I ever” questions for kids. But what are these questions and why should you use them?  In this article, we will talk about how these … Read more