11 Active Listening Exercises to Become A Better Listener

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Have you ever witnessed a conversation in which one person is constantly interrupting or talking over the speaker? How well was the speaker’s message being understood by the listener? How much of the message do you think the listener retained after walking away? Not only does this common listening error convolute the speaker’s message for … Read more

171 Deep Would You Rather Questions to Know Someone Better

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would you rather questions for couples | emotional would you rather questions | would you rather quiz

If you are meeting someone for the first time, you might be wondering how you can get to know them better. While there are generic questions you can ask them, you might be looking for ways to get to know that person on a deeper level. That’s why in this post, I will share a … Read more

Small Minds Discuss People: 5 Lessons from This Quote

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Think for a second about how many conversations you have every day. Whether it’s a professional exchange with someone at work or you’re making small talk with someone on the subway, it’s hard to go a day without having a conversation. In fact, one study found that the average person has 27 conversations per day, … Read more

101 Conversation Starters for Texting to Spark a Connection

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Imagine this for a second…  You found someone that you’re interested in.  You want to get to know this person, but you don’t know what to talk about.  Believe me:  We’ve all been there.  Fortunately, one quick strategy that can help is to try to a few conversation starters by text that can spark that … Read more

115 Fun Conversation Starters for Kids to Get Them Talking

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Conversation starters for students | Kid friendly topics | Discussion topics for kids

Do you always have a decent conversation with your child, or do you receive that one-word answer or that nasty grunt as a response? This can be utterly frustrating, especially for a parent who is looking to engage and connect with their kids. However, it all boils down to the type of conversation starters you use to … Read more

101 Positive Words That Start with the Letter A

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positive words that start with a | what is a good word for the letter a | positive words that start with a to describe a person

Do you ever struggle with finding the right words to describe yourself or someone else? You want to be precise, yet encouragingly present them. You rack your brain and the words are just out of reach. Trust me, the struggle is real.  Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle any longer. In this post, we’ve listed … Read more

325 Personal Questions to Ask a Guy to Start a Deep Conversation

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personal questions to ask a guy | deep personal questions to ask a guy | personal questions to ask a guy to get to know him

As you’re getting to know someone who you are seriously interested in, it’s a good idea to have some “go-to” personal questions to ask a guy.  These inquiries can be exciting, deep, sexy, but they should all be asked in an effort to get to know him better. So it’s important that you know what … Read more

10 Key Elements of the Communication Process

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Opportunities to improve communication exist, from learning to be a better listener to being assertive in your communication. But understanding the key elements of communication is sure to help you improve communication skills. Plus, you’ll be able to see a greater impact on your relationships, than simply brushing up on those skills alone. What happens … Read more

11 Steps to Keep a Conversation Going w/ Someone You Just Met

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how to keep a conversation going | how to keep a conversation going with a stranger | examples of how to keep a conversation going

Have you ever met someone with the gift of gab?  They know how to say all the right things and have a charisma about them, as if they’ve never met a stranger. Furthermore, they appear to know how to keep a conversation going and avoid awkward silences. Not everyone is built that way naturally, but we … Read more

71 Open Ended Questions Examples for an Engaging Conversation

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Meeting a stranger for the first time can be awkward. Yet, we are all strangers until we really get to know each other better. Sometimes, the only way to really get to know someone is to ask questions. That said, knowing which questions are appropriate and which will give you some insight into the other … Read more