Dreams vs. Goals: 9 Major Differences

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If you’re like me, you dream of one day lying on a beach somewhere without any texts or emails waiting for a response and without anyone on standby, expecting you to fulfill some type of responsibility any time soon. And, if you’re like me, you don’t have a written plan that you’re following in order … Read more

74 Fear Quotes for When You’re Scared of the Unknown

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Fear quotes show the bad side of fear and how it can affect people.

In this collection of quotes about fear we will look into the darkest recesses of our minds. We will look at the things that truly scare us, and see why they often don’t matter. These fear quotes will help us face our fears and vanquish them. Let’s get to it… Fear. It is human nature … Read more

20 Success Habits to Start Before the Age of 25

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In this article, I go over 20 habits you should build before the age of 25.

Have you ever witnessed an older person who was stuck in their ways? It’s frustrating to watch when they repeat bad habits that are detrimental to their livelihood. However, the saying is true that old habits die hard. A Harvard study pointed out that “we’re motivated too often by a sense of guilt, fear, or … Read more