Do Successful People Watch TV Like Everyone Else?

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Who doesn’t want to be successful?  I believe if we surveyed 1,000 people, every one of you would say that you want to be successful.  So, if someone offered you the blueprint to success, you would gladly take it and apply the principles needed to achieve the prosperity you seek.  Do you ever wonder what … Read more

135 Soft Skills List to Stand Out on a Resume or Job Application

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Here are some soft skills examples and other basic soft skills that you can put in your resume to make it stand out.

Want to stand out in your career? The truth is, most job seekers exclusively focus on showcasing their education, degree, certifications, and technical skills. But what they don’t do is demonstrate what are commonly known as their “soft skills.” Soft skills are critical for landing your dream job and helping you stand out as an … Read more

9 Successful People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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successful people with ocd | geniuses with ocd | historical figures with ocd

Mental illness is shaking off its outdated stigma, and people are starting to have a dialogue about their struggles with these invisible disorders. Out of all of the mental illnesses, the most common fall under the category of anxiety disorders, which impacts 18.1% of the American population each year. This specific type of mental disorder … Read more

Intrinsic VS Extrinsic Goals: Which is Better for Your Success?

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intrinsic vs extrinsic goals | intrinsic and extrinsic goals examples | difference between intrinsic and extrinsic goals

Have you ever wanted to create a more successful life for yourself? One way to enhance your quality of life can be to know the differences between intrinsic vs extrinsic goals. In doing so, you will be able to better understand which one will help you improve your chances of having additional success in your life. Personally … Read more

Transactional VS Transformational Leadership: What’s Better?

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transactional vs transformational leadership | difference between transactional and transformational leadership | transactional and transformational leadership examples

You have just been given your first supervisor position and are excited about proving you deserve this great responsibility. Most likely, you have worked under different types of leaders in your life, borrowing something from each of them that helped get you to this place. You want to do your best, but aren’t sure which … Read more

9 Successful People with Dyslexia [Inspirational for 2024]

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successful people with dyslexia | famous people with dyslexia | famous historical figures with dyslexia

When you think of dyslexia, your mind may go to one’s tendency to write letters backwards or to switch the order of letters in a word. However, letter reversal–especially with children–isn’t a telltale sign of a dyslexia diagnosis. Dyslexia, a learning disability in reading, affects people in different ways. People with dyslexia struggle to read … Read more

How to Overcome Your Fear of Success: 7 Steps

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What is this feeling? You have thought about your dream job forever… worked your way up. You’ve gone through an interview or two and feel like you are close enough to reach out and grab that brass ring.  But as you approach the third and final interview, doubt enters your mind. Do you really want … Read more

235 Deep Philosophical Questions for A Thought-Provoking Conversation

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Before we start to look at philosophy in any way, I just want to put it out in the open that philosophy is complicated. If it weren’t, this search for answers to questions that people have been asking since the B.C. years wouldn’t still be going on. Someone would have found the answer to these … Read more

13 Important Traits of a High Value Woman

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If you’re not happy with the woman that you are, or the direction your life is heading… it’s not too late to change for the better and become whoever you want to be. You can become a high value woman.  Women come in all colors, shapes, and sizes… but if you’re interested in becoming the … Read more

30 Growth Mindset Phrases to Encourage Children

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When a child is born, they have a clean slate ahead of them. While they don’t know it yet, they’re faced with years of opportunity to create a life that’s fitting and unique for them. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize until much later in life just how much control we have over the directions … Read more