39 Best Movies About Self-Discovery & Finding Yourself

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Looking for movies about self-discovery? At some point in our lives, we are all compelled to embark on a journey to find ourselves. We desire the following: To discover our highest potential To determine our life’s purpose To find opportunities where we can best use our abilities During this period, we also begin the gentle … Read more

9 Steps to Believe in Yourself to Succeed in Life

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I don’t really like to admit it, but I do struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. While I still exude a certain amount of confidence, I often can’t help but think that I would have a better quality of life- both personally and professionally – if I could believe in myself more. In this post, I will address … Read more

257 Good Words to Describe Yourself in EVERY Situation

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Between resumes, dating sites, and platforms like LinkedIn… we’re often pressured to present a quickly painted picture of ourselves.  It’s just a snapshot of who we are, but it’s so important. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” And if you’re like me, you’ve had times when you wished you had the perfect … Read more

How To Be Yourself: 12 Ideas To Feel Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations

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​How important is it to be yourself? Quick answer: Very, very important. Being who you truly are and living authentically is one of the best ways to achieve happiness in life. Self-awareness, or the ability to discern your own strengths and weaknesses, your personal beliefs, and your motivations, is the key to truly knowing precisely … Read more

How to Stop Being Shy: 9 Guaranteed Ways To Overcome Shyness

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Do you struggle with shyness in social situations? For a shy person, small talk can be agonizing. You become racked with fear thinking of possible ways to answer a simple question about the weather. Some shy folks would rather have a root canal than speak in front of a large crowd or approach a stranger … Read more

95 Be Yourself Quotes to Stay True Your Values

Looking for some encouragement? Here are 85 Quotes About Being Yourself

Looking for great quotes about being yourself? It’s easy to follow the herd and give in to peer pressure and demand for conformity. It is a lot more difficult to strike out on your own and truly be yourself. But being true to yourself is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to the world. … Read more