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Who doesn’t want to be successful?  I believe if we surveyed 1,000 people, every one of you would say that you want to be successful.  So, if someone offered you the blueprint to success, you would gladly take it and apply the principles needed to achieve the prosperity you seek. 

Do you ever wonder what habits successful people have that other people may not?  What do they do that is different than the average person?

Do they spend their time reading, strategizing, and burning the candle at both ends?  Perhaps, successful people spend the majority of their time in board meetings and business luncheons to network.  On the contrary, what things do successful people refrain from? 

Let’s get started and get you on the path to success.

Do Successful People Watch TV Like Everyone Else? 

Yes, they do.  To prove this, watch an episode of “Inside the NBA” on TNT during a basketball game.  In the show's segments, people tweet into the show to make comments about things that are discussed.  Many highly successful people send their tweets live, and the show's producers display them on the air.    

Many successful people use TV time as a reward at the end of a workweek or to unwind after a stressful workday.  Furthermore, accomplished people use television time to keep up with the latest current events going on in the world. 

That said, they don’t make a habit of spending hours a day in front of the television watching the news and other shows… but, instead, work to make their own news.  They are go-getters and doers.

Common Habits of the Most Successful People

This goes without saying, but some degree of luck comes with being wildly successful in life.  Many successful people will tell you that they were simply in the “right place at the right time” or stumbled into great opportunities.  However, there was still a degree of sweat equity and good habits that played a part in their success as well. 

Here are some everyday practices of the most successful people.

Be a person of action.

Successful people act; they put their legs and feet to the plans and visions that they have to accomplish their dreams.  In addition, they realize that no one will do it for them.  They are going to have to make it happen for themselves. 

Unsuccessful people make excuses, while successful people keep pushing and doing, unwilling to live with excuses.

Successful people make plans.

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Successful people have many things they desire to accomplish; however, it takes setting goals and priorities to be successful personally and in business. 

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It takes setting goals and priorities to be successful personally and in business. 

If you are a person who has a habit of making to-do lists, you are more than likely someone who succeeds in many projects you take on.  It helps you prioritize from the beginning, and you'll become less distracted in the process.

A positive attitude leads to success.

Successful people aren't optimistic because of their accomplishments, but they achieve great things because of their positive attitude.  A positive attitude not only keeps you going when times get tough and you experience periods of adversity in a goal.  But it also helps you keep an attitude of gratitude as you navigate your way to success.   

For instance, in the book of Genesis in the bible, God created the Heavens and the earth.  After each day of work, the bible says that God “Saw that it (His work) was good.”  So, no matter where you are in achieving your goals, remain positive and celebrate small victories along the way.

They make connections with other successful people.

Successful people network with others to exchange ideas or collaborate on projects.  They realize they may need the help of others to assist with vital parts of the project.  Collaborating with others offers constructive criticism and experienced advice and connects them with others who may help take their projects to the next level. 

Thomas Corley, a well-known author, and businessperson, spent years studying the behaviors of the rich and the poor in our society.  During his years of observation, he noticed that 79% of the wealthy people he studied spent at least five hours a month networking.  Thomas Corley has many excellent books on the habits of the rich and the poor on

Successful people are thrifty.

Successful people are economical with their money and resources, not wasteful.  They are careful not to overspend, but they use negotiation and comparison shopping before spending. 

Still, their frugality should not be confused with them being stingy.  It isn't the same thing.  However, successful people simply save more money than they spend.

They are early birds.

Have you heard the saying, “It is the early bird that gets the worm?”  Many successful people are that way because they have been known to get an early start on their days.  Furthermore, they live by the motto of getting the most out of each day, starting at the earliest moments. 

This is widely known as one of the top things successful people do.  Therefore, it is beneficial to be an early riser.

Successful people value personal care.

Accomplished and successful people develop the habit of maintaining good hygiene, diet, or exercise regimen.   In addition, it is a sign of a person having a disciplined lifestyle conducive to achieving success. 

For example, Elon Musk is Tesla's CEO and a billionaire who just purchased Twitter.  When asked about his habits that led to his success, he once stated that his most successful practice contributing to his overall success was taking daily showers.

Successful people have a love for reading.

Successful people read for insight, knowledge, hobbies, and pleasure – they just love to read.  Reading gives you a higher level of concentration and focus.  In addition, it helps you sort things out in your mind as you read, sharpening your mind and critical thinking skills.  Lastly, reading stimulates your imagination, relaxes your emotions, and strengthens you mentally.

Final Thoughts on Do Successful People Watch TV like Everyone Else?

One thing is for sure, if we desire to be successful, we must get out of our comfort zones. This may mean stepping away from the television for hours each day.  The average person may do many of the same things that successful people do, but on a smaller scale. 

We have the power to change this… anybody with drive and desire can change their course in life. It starts with purposefully incorporating practical habits into our daily regimen, which can can help us intentionally and consciously achieve anything we set our minds to. 

Remember, forming good habits and pathways to success takes no more effort than developing bad ones and falling short of our goals.  So, establish a life plan that your future self will thank you for later because no one wants to live a life of regret.  Just don't forget to celebrate progress along the way. 

We can't wait to hear from you and how you achieved life-changing success by developing good habits that stick.

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